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Trade Goods, Weapons and Gardens

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I have here, trade goods of various types, weapons and garden patches for use as eye-candy to embellish and enliven your cities and villages. Images come from old city-builder games like Caesar III, Pharaoh, Zeus and Emperor as well as from Stronghold.

The number of frames for each slp is indicated in the file name so it should be relatively simple to add them to your game. Just copy something like a boulder/rock in AGE3 and then replace graphics and frames with required files.
Images on suggestions how to use these units in-game can be seen in the download.
Tell me how you find it. I am hoping to make this more dynamic in the future by adding them to trade carts such that trade carts will be able to have the goods they carry visible on them to simulate trading missions. I would be happy to talk to you if you can. Email is in profile and please credit me when using these files. Thanks!

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Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
"Trade Goods, Weapons and Gardens" by Charging_Knight is a pack of SLPs which contain eye-candy objects converted from other games such as Caesar 3, Stronghold, Zeus, etc.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5

Units, buildings and objects have since long been converted from other games to AOK, but I have to admit that this is the first modpack I have ever seen that combines so many graphics from a variety of games.
However, the usefulness of this mod eclipses its novelty. The different objects are immensely useful in almost all situations. Whether it is about decorating a garden, filling up a market, giving a realistic look to an armory, or creating a realistic construction scene, this mod can be used everywhere!

Quality/Instructions: 5

The quality of almost all graphics is extremely good, and next to nothing is lost in the conversion. Most of the graphics fit in well with the Age of Kings environment, and work towards embellishing it. My only gripe is that the objects from Pharaoh have an unrealistic white flooring. Also the objects from Stronghold and Pharaoh are placed significantly lower than the other objects, which makes them hard to use with objects from other games.
The instructions were clear enough, but could a little more precise and clear. The author has arranged the SLPs according to the games they are taken from, making the user's job significantly easier. The author has also provided PNG files on how to use the objects in-game, again sorted by the game they are taken from.

Additional Comments:

This is by far the most complete and useful eye-candy mod after the 'New Units and New Objects' template by Enrique Orduno. I personally recommend this to anyone who wants to make his scenario a little more filled and realistic. A few suggestions:

Can the flooring for the Pharaoh objects be made transparent? If yes, I would recommend doing so. Also I would suggest going through a little more pain and editing in the objects from Stronghold and Pharaoh on top of an upraised frame like that from Caesar.
Official Reviewer
"Trade Goods, Weapons and Gardens" by Charging_Knight is a pack of SLPs which contain eye-candy objects such as Trade Good & Weapon Stacks, which are converted from other games such as Caesar 3, Stronghold, Zeus, etc.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
These new eye-candy objects are really useful for any Modder or Map Designer who wish to add more atmosphere and eye-candy into their scenarios or expansions. There are hundred of different graphics from a variety of different games, and they all work really well together, and fit in with the other AOK graphics decently. The weapon stacks will give a military base more atmosphere, and the trade good will add variety to your typical harbour scenes. Overall this mod is incredibly useful and add so much variety and atmosphere to your game.

Quality/Instructions: 4.5
As I said before there are hundreds of new graphics that come with this mod pack, all of them adding variety and atmosphere to the game. Most of the graphics are of good quality and blend into the AOK surrounds naturally, and very well. However, I do find that a couple of the graphics are slightly more cartoonish and don't fit in as well. I'm also not a fan of the high decks that the trade good from Ceaser 3 are on, or the white floor of the trade goods from Pharaoh. However, overall this Mod is of brilliant quality and well worth downloading for a more varied AOK environment.
The Instructions that come with the mod were clear enough for regular modders but could probably be a bit more clear for a new modder. The SLPs are all ordered in a systematic way according to the games they were taken from, and then what they are. Some SLPs even have the amount of frames in their titles.

Additional Comments:
Overall a brilliant Mod pack that is well worth downloading.

Well Done

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