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The Last Bastion

Author File Description
Great Emperor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This scenario was originally designed in German by Great Emperor in 2004. I have translated it and nothing more; all of the work otherwise is his.

Within 700 years, the Ottoman Empire forced one country after another to their knees. Constantinople, the center of Christianity fell, and the Turks invaded Europe.
After centuries of bloody fighting in the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire was ready to penetrate deeper into Europe. Hungary and Austria took over the defense of Christianity after the fall of Byzantium.
Finally, in 1683, the Turkish empire had passed the peak of power. Yet one last time it gathered all his strength. An army of immense size set off to conquer the capital of Austria ...

You take the role of the young knight Hermann von Dorn, who was called to Vienna for the defense, however, he shows up too late, because the city was already surrounded.
He must not only find a way in, but also carry out attacks, but their success hangs in the balance. And finally, you have to face the concentrated power of the Turkish army, in the hope that help arrives soon ...

This scenario was created for the Design Contest with the given topic of the siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683.

This scenario has a soundtrack, to hear it properly, you have to change the sound volume to the maximum in the options tab, and the game music set to the minimum.
All the sound effects and voice switches were recorded for the speed setting "fast", therefore it is recommended that the scenario is also played on "fast" speed (also setting in Options).

UPDATE: A new, Userpatch-friendly version has been included with this download. If you are using Userpatch on your game, it will help avoid some bugs.
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Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Somehow it crashes each time when the countdown for the defense of the city for 30 minutes starts. Does anyone else face the same problem?

EDIT: Apparently this due a bug in the patrol effect in both v1.0c and Userpatch v1.2. If one of the selected units no longer exists at the time that the patrol effect executes (unit was killed or in this case self-destructed since the patrol was for some petards/saboteurs), the effect doesn't consider this and sends the original number of units to patrol.

This means that some of the units in the patrol list are just random memory. If you get lucky, that random memory may have been set to some real unit from a previous trigger effect, but otherwise, it will crash.

I wonder if it can be resolved by altering the patrol triggers. Looking forward to an update!

[Edited on 06/06/13 @ 07:07 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
This is a great scenario worthy of much more recognition than it is currently getting! Time for a Blacksmith Feature perhaps? Panel? ;)
Kataphraktoi I also was unable to complete it due to the crash. Also would like to see the ability to silence the artillery batteries, i knocked out many of them but they just kept on firing. I spent 2 hours luring and killing the south, north-east and west turkish camps lol...
Official Reviewer
Guys, fyi I intend to remove the sabs and the effects pertaining to them asap, mostly due to the crashes but also due to the fact that the sabs are overall just not a good or fun gameplay mechanic (there's basically no way to stop them from tearing up a third of your city and sometimes destroying the cathedral).

@Mods: I'm not sure how you want me to go about this, since you switched the file ownership to Emperor. I could either send you guys the .zip or you could temporarily switch ownership back to me for the next week or so, that way I can update and then you can switch it back to Emperor. Whichever way works better for you ;)

Hopefully that will solve all of the crashing issues. It's a shame UserPatch has this issue- I first played this scenario on 1.0c and started the translation last November while still running 1.0c, having no issues throughout. It's a great scenario and Emperor deserves a ton of kudos for creating such a masterpiece!
Official Reviewer
Since file size is no longer a problem, we can include both the original and the new userpatch-friendly version in the upload. Feel free to send it to me when it's ready and I'll update the upload including it.
Official Reviewer
I really want to give this ago. But by the looks of it it seems to have some bugs. I think I'll wait for the update then I'll try and review it for you
Official Reviewer
If you don't have userpatch you might want to give it a go. If not, I'd suggest waiting.
Official Reviewer
Thanks to Panel, we're updated and back in business here!

As he aptly stated in the file description, I created a separate campaign file for UserPatch users that solves all issues that it has had, so now there are now two .cpx files included in the download. The rest should be self-explanatory- the file labeled "1.0c compatible" is to be played if you are running v1.0c or older of AoK:TC, and the file labeled "UserPatch v1.3 compatible" is to be played if you are running any version of the Xomicron UserPatch (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, or v1.3).

Enjoy all, and cheers!
Official Reviewer
This is a very interesting scenario, except for the fact that I can't get past the defending Vienna stage.

On moderate, the Turkish army just swamps me in around 10-15 min while I'm supposed to defend for 30. Reloaded multiple times, same result. It's too hard.

Still very good historical scenario. Very atmospheric, with the cannon fire and music track.

[Edited on 05/11/14 @ 08:48 AM]

Official Reviewer
Hey Jatayu, sorry I didn't see this until now.

I'm glad you liked the scenario- I also agree that it is a little too hard, but as I said in the file description, I only did the translation, and didn't tamper with any of the balance, except for removing many of the saboteurs in the UserPatch version because the patrol effects caused some crashes.

From what I came to understand, Emperor received feedback back in ~2004 that said that Dracula and TWoTW were not hard enough (quite shocking, I know, as those were both pretty difficult), and so he upped the average difficulty on all levels. It is possible to win on Hard (I have done it twice, but only after hours of frustration :p ), but Standard and Moderate are the most balanced levels.

My advice:

-Get blacksmith and university upgrades (only the university upgrades that affect units, which means Chemistry, as Siege Engineers is too costly imo). Conscription should be done asap.

-If you're facing saboteurs, build lots of ranged units to shoot them from afar before they reach your army.

-Build more of the knight-line (upgrading is a little costly) and keep as many of your mounted units alive as possible. You need them to take out trebs, cannons, and rams. If any get redlined, send them to the hospital for a bit.

-Get the halb upgrade asap and start pumping them out- the Turks come with lots of cavalry. Your ranges probably need to be on crossbows or cannoneers.

-Believe it or not, Heavy Scorpions are a good investment. You're fighting in the streets of a city, which means lots of chokepoints, so these and other ranged units are at a premium. Scorpions do that nice area piercing damage, so a group of them can annihilate scores of enemy troops.

-While your castles still stand, build a bunch of TKs. They're weak against Janissaries and HCAs, but they shred everything else the enemy throws at you. For 85 food and 40 gold, they're a rather good investment, especially considering that they'll last 5 times as long as any other soldier you build.

-Bottom line is to specialize. You want a combination of the strongest units that the Teuton civ has to offer, and the best counters for the Turkish troops.

It's fiendishly hard, I know. Good luck!
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