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The Last Bastion

Author File Description
Great Emperor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This scenario was originally designed in German by Great Emperor in 2004. I have translated it and nothing more; all of the work otherwise is his.

Within 700 years, the Ottoman Empire forced one country after another to their knees. Constantinople, the center of Christianity fell, and the Turks invaded Europe.
After centuries of bloody fighting in the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire was ready to penetrate deeper into Europe. Hungary and Austria took over the defense of Christianity after the fall of Byzantium.
Finally, in 1683, the Turkish empire had passed the peak of power. Yet one last time it gathered all his strength. An army of immense size set off to conquer the capital of Austria ...

You take the role of the young knight Hermann von Dorn, who was called to Vienna for the defense, however, he shows up too late, because the city was already surrounded.
He must not only find a way in, but also carry out attacks, but their success hangs in the balance. And finally, you have to face the concentrated power of the Turkish army, in the hope that help arrives soon ...

This scenario was created for the Design Contest with the given topic of the siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683.

This scenario has a soundtrack, to hear it properly, you have to change the sound volume to the maximum in the options tab, and the game music set to the minimum.
All the sound effects and voice switches were recorded for the speed setting "fast", therefore it is recommended that the scenario is also played on "fast" speed (also setting in Options).

UPDATE: A new, Userpatch-friendly version has been included with this download. If you are using Userpatch on your game, it will help avoid some bugs.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"The Last Bastion" is a scenario depicting one of the turning points in European history, the siege of Vienna. Its author is already well-known within the community for his historically inspired scenarios, such as "Vlad Dracula", and this one certainly lives up to the expectations.

Playability: 5-
Even though it focuses on a very well-known historical event, the game's main protagonist is a simple knight, who has left his own land to come to the rescue of the Viennese defendants. This helps immerse the player and also sets the stage for a bit of rpg/fixed force early in the game. Later, the scale of the battles becomes bigger, and by the end of the game, the player will control the entire city of Vienna against the Ottoman attacks. The game is highly enjoyable and the pace is very high throughout, even in the earlier more guerilla-like missions. The only letdown for me was the balance , which I'll get to in a second.

Balance: 3
This is the weak point of the scenario as far as I'm concerned. Having played on moderate, the first parts of the game were very easy and required little to no effort or tactical thought, while in the latter part of the game the player is plunged into an extremely demanding defend-the-spot situation, with limited resources, troops and technology, while the enemy gets the upper hand in basically everything. I love a good challenge, but this was more frustrating than challenging, especially due to the multitude of heroes that you need to protect and the two buildings that need to remain standing.

Creativity: 5
One of the best aspects of the game is the way in which the author has managed to create the atmosphere of a city under siege, using visual as well as sound effects for cannonfire, and excellent music. (I understand that the cannonfire also had a gameplay mechanic to them but I played the version in which that particular part was missing). The map design also contributes to the overall creativity, having been designed with tactical aspects in mind, and some of the missions in the first part of the game are very creative too.

Map Design: 5
A great design, reminiscent of Great Emperor's other works, and just as good. The landscape is great, using terrain mixing and eye candy to very good effect and without excess, and the city of Vienna is impressive, though I can't tell if it is historically accurate (it probably is, as much as AOK allows it to be).

Story/Instructions: 5
The game is more action than story, and the focus is not on characterisation, but the backstory provided serves well in helping the player empathise with the young knight Hermann von Dorn. It is great to feel as though you're taking part in such an important historical event, and as I pointed out previously in the creativity section, the atmosphere is certainly there. The history provided about the event is also extensive, and so are the instructions. I liked the idea of displaying objectives on the map with "flashing" map revealers, hadn't seen that one before.

HockeySam18's great job of translating and adapting the scenario from its original German version needs to also be aknowledged in this section.

Additional Comments:

A great fixed force/defend the spot scenario with some RPG elements. Highly recommended for anyone that is into AOK scenarios but has had enough of the run-of-the-mill Build and Destroys. If you're also excellent at micro-managing, you might enjoy its challenge even more than I did.

A great thank you to Great Emperor for creating this and to HockeySam for bringing it to a non-German speaking audience.

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]5
Size:4.02 MB