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Flaming Moe's v2.2

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
-The problem with teutonic knights have been fixed-

This campaign is about hard times in highlands, about famine.
The main character is Aethelfirth, a village elder who travels south to reddem himself and help others.
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Medieval Warfare
Map Design4.0
Hi! This is Medieval Warfare. I picked up this campaign as an interest to the famines of the Medieval Eras. All I can say, is that Moe did a good job describing the fear of hunger.

There were no bugs, or lag or whatsoever. This made it a pleasure to play. Although there were some instructions issues, the player eventually will figure it out. This is known of the "Hints" section the author provides. There are several places where he can be more clear as to what you should do (Green Town Entrance, Slower Text Speed). I loved the part about food gathering (2000), that was a enjoyable challenge and it took some skills to achieve that.

For those reasons, I give a [4]

Hmm, this is were it needs a little work. I love how the units portray their character, but most of the time, my units outnumbered theirs. (When Purple Attack, and Grey Massacre). Here is where the beauty of the 2000 food gathering comes in. Perfectly balanced. The player actually has to scout and think within the time frame to achieve that. Even I had to save and restart several times.

For those reasons, I give a [3]

Again, the author uses the classic, "Your character must survive". It gets on your nerves a while, for unrealistic reasons, but makes you be on the edge more. Great. :)

For that I give a [4]

Map Design
The Map was throughly done with nice terrain mixes. However, I found one fault. That was the square tiles of hills. Otherwise, nice groups of forest, realistic river depths and cliffing were all good. The Storyline fit with the map. Excellent. :)

For that I give a [4]

Great story! Very realistic to medieval beliefs of famine. There were some nice twists in the story, especially when Guy shows up, while you are busy gathering food. There were little to no spelling errors in the campaign and I presume the author is not English, for his triggers were written in....(German?) However, there were several "Waiting" periods that were somewhat discouraging.

For that I give a [4]

Final Thoughts
All in all, a great scenario to play if you are bored. Suitable for all levels of playing. Easy, Medium, or Veteran player.

-Add Difficulty Levels
-Tweak several areas of map (round out the hills)
-Fix the Balance Issue (Unit vs Unit Ratio)
-Slower text speed

I look foward in seeing more of DuLax's work. :) Good work, mate.
Map Design5.0
The world feeds on blood...

I've never seen anything quite like this campaign. It takes place during the early 13th century, when famine strikes the Scottish highlands. It isn't about an epic war or clash between good and evil, but a story of terror and discord during hungry times, and of a man's search for redemption.

Right from the first few minutes, with Aethelfirth searching for food in the forest, I was totally hooked. There seemed to be a random bug that occurs when Aethelfirth finds the deer, as you used a Bring Object to Object effect, and Aethelfirth sometimes wouldn't be close enough after the fight. I played the beginning scene ten times, and it only happened to me once, so I think it is just random, and I won't make a deduction from the overall score. There are no other bugs in the campaign, and playing it was an incredible experience. It has none of Mechalpuco The Peasant's crash problems. The game really picks up speed when Aethelfirth journeys to Rabantia, in my opinion that scene redefines the Build and Destroy genre. The player must balance finding food for his people with fending off enemy raids. To make things more interesting, the player cannot construct any additional units nor build any additional buildings. While it was difficult, it is still possible to complete even without stealing the four sheep from the bandits. The campaign is evenly paced, and has a satisfactory conclusion. Flaming Moe's is an excellent campaign. 5

A campaign for veterens, Flaming Moe's takes many restarts to complete. Finding enough food is difficult, especially since your people rapidly consume food once you collect it. Once when I was playing it I managed to survive the Josselyne's attack with three half-dead units including my hero, and all of my villagers garrisoned in the town center. You need good multitasking skills to play the village scene, fighting, collecting food, and scouting for additional food sources all at once. Even if the situation becomes hopeless, the player still has some hidden aces to work with. Lure enemy units near the green monks and they will convert them, and you can activate the town center and fight off attacks from there. I recommend conserving the bulk of your forces for the attack of the teutonic knights, if you survive them you will not by bothered much in future. The journey to Huwer is equally challenging. 5

As far as I know of, the subject matter in this campaign has never been dealt with before. A highly creative plot is tempered by many different gameplay facets. You'll need RPG, B&D, and FF skills to play, as well as some puzzle-solving skills. The incredibly attention to detail is another point worth noting. In Rabantia, there is an insane villager running in circles. The only way to calm him down is to bring a monk to talk to him. At Huwer you can enlist local men to join your forces in rebellion against Gawain. Some creative eye-candy tricks are in evidence, e.g. a pumpkin farm like in The King's Best Men. There is also some humour, go the the inn at Rabantia and click the innkeeper to hear the hilarious "Flaming Moe's" song from the Simpson episode of the same name. Haha, it was nice to hear that again. I was humming "happiness is just a Flaming Moe's away..." for about an hour afterwards. :) 5

An appealing, well-designed map which, like the campaign in general, has a lot of detail and effort put into it. Forests are mixed realistically and there is plenty of eye-candy. While some aspects look out of place (dorado fish in the Scottish highlands), it is by and large an accurate depiction. Flowers and dirt paths are placed for a swampy effect, while bamboo is used for reeds along riversides. Flaming Moe's map is a pleasure to look at. 5

Flaming Moe's engrossing storyline is a unique, enthralling, and slightly chilling one. The gameplay follows the story well, and nothing seems out of place. The player has a sense of finality when he completes the campaign. Good hints are provided, and are bracketed into convenient sections. There are even spoilers if you really get stuck. The introduction was well-written, and the spelling all through the campaign was impeccable. But while the ending is a good one, I had a feeling that there were still some loose ends that needed to be tied up. I would really have liked to know who was that man Aethelfirth had killed in the forest at the beginning. There is a history section containing information on famines during the Middle Ages (it was a very interesting and informative read), but the problem is...the designer didn't write it. I found that the history section had been directy copy/pasted across from this site, which I stumbled upon a week later by chance. The review tutorial doesn't say whether a reviewer should make a deduction if it wasn't written by the designer, but I believe copying stuff off other people's sites doesn't deserve full marks, as it shows lack of effort on the part of the designer. You should have at least given credit for the history section, as it was their intellectual property you were using. For the unsatisfactory ending and copied history section, the score is a 4.

A masterpiece.

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Map Design4.5
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