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Unit Graphics:Noblewoman

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This is a finished unit which appeared in the graphic pack "Age of Sherwood" as unfinished graphics. Originally it was going to be the character maid Marian, but might just be suitable for any other Noblewoman characters as well.

In this file, there are the .slp files and an icon.

Thanks for downloading, and Reviews and comments are much welcomed!!

UPDATED:An close rendered icon is added!!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
(This is very usefull graphic for scenario makers to have additional female hero. The idea is new and i haven't seen such a western looking woman unit(the only another female unit i have seen is the amazon). Kind of reminds me of the female villager but it's blond and looks better, so i give 5 points for that.)

Quality/Instructions: 5
(The graphics are perfect, no glitches and the unit is moving correctly. Also it's fitting with the western looking medieval style of the game. The instructions are fine and i give full 5 points.)

Additional Comments:
This unit is a must for most of the scenarios/mods here, who always use joan the maid for the female heroes. Also this unit is the finest, that's uploaded for a long time. That's why i didn't gave for example 4.5 points and the people should see it at list of the tops ratings.
With that all said here is my opinion for the author how to make even better units(than 5 points rating :D). They shouldn't be that slim, even the females, and the dress should be in player color maybe with ornameting, to look more noble.
Official Reviewer
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
Very rarely have there been attempts made to create a noblewoman unit for the game, thus most scenario designers are forced to use the Joan units for female characters. This unit satisfies the needs of designers, especially those wishing to make cutscenes where both a king and his queen are present. Thus, this unit is both incredibly useful and new/novel.

Quality/Instructions: 4
For the most part, the quality of the unit is quite good and represents the excellent work of an experienced modder. However, the a small deduction comes from the lighting and colors on the unit being slightly different than the other AOK units, potentially making it a bit awkward ingame. A self-explanatory readme file is included in the download with a basic description of the contents of the file. Achesun also compiled the unit into its appropriately named .slps, saving modders that extra work.

Additional Comments:
An incredibly useful unit and a recommended download!
Official Reviewer
This Noblewoman Unit was originally created by Achesun for the Age if Sherwood mod pack. The plan was for it to add a new hero, Maid Marian into the fame, whilst also being a generic noblewoman as well.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
The usefulness of this unit is without a doubt its biggest selling point. AOK’s scenario editor it renowned for its severe lack of female characters, with most designers using either the Joan the Maid or female villager units to represent their female hero’s and characters. This unit adds an additional female into the editor which also has a more noble look than that if the villager or Maid characters. This adds loads of uses for the unit, which can be used a rich woman, merchants wives, noble ladies, and even queens and princesses. There is also a lack of female units in the Blacksmith, and those that are available are either female knights or royal queens, so this unit is defiantly a welcome addition. The unit itself comes with attacking graphics also, which makes it useable as a main character in scenarios and also has its own custom icon.

Quality/Instructions: 4.5
The quality of the unit is superb. The unit looks very realistic and you can clearly tell that it represents exactly what it was designed to be: a noblewoman. The animations of the unit run smoothly and it blends in very well with the rest of the in-game graphics. The unit is beautifully designed and a very welcome add-on to the scenario editor. There are however, a couple of downsides to the unit. The first is that the unit does look slightly skinny in comparison to the other units in the games. Whilst this doesn’t make the unit unusable it can sometime effect the visibility of the unit’s arms, especially of some terrains such a desert and dirt. The second complaint is that there is a severe lack of player colour on the unit. It would have been better us the woman’s dress was player colour or she had some defining feature that added team colour to it.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is an absolute fantastic unit and a highly useful additions to the AOK editor. A must download!


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