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Tsar Simeon the Great

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 7

It will back you in the time of the Golden Age of the Bulgarian Empire, the time when Bulgaria become a cultural, literary and spiritual centre of the Slavic Europe, and the time when the Bulgars are dominating in the SouthEast...

For the best experience Follow the history and do not use cheats.

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File Author
I'm sorry for the size of the "Campaign" but my Video Compressor doesn't work and the video file is big...
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
"Tsar Simeon the Great" is a 7-scenario build-and-destroy campaign from Vaskots, depicting the rule of arguably the most important medieval ruler of the Bulgars. As a historical campaign, it is pretty similar in visual and gameplay style to the Ensemble Studios campaigns. Unfortunately it runs a little short on the entertainment factor.

The seven scenarios don't show much variation at all as far as objectives are concerned. Mostly you are going to raze down buildings such as castles or town centers in order to win the game. The enemy doesn't build up either, which makes the tasks all the more easy. The maps, though decent, are very limited as far as their explorable area goes. All in all this is an average build-and-destroy setup with no real surprises for the player.

Balance: 3
The first scenario is, weirdly, the most challenging one. The enemies come at you with mangonels and pikes (which are effective given that you mostly have cavalry). One of the signatures of the campaign are the waves of enemies that attack in formation, but once the player starts to get an economical advantage everything is over. The small amounts of mining resources does make the game a little harder, but most of the scenarios give the player a big resource stack from the very beginnning. A few of the scenarios are really pointlessly easy though, and the last scenario doesn't even involve fighting. I believe the game would've been much more entertaining if the designer would have saved the challenging moments for the latter scenarios, right now it's the total opposite of that.

Creativity: 3
There are a few attempts from the designer to add creativity to the game, such as renaming some units and an obvious care given to the map design (at least the visible part). THe cinematic in the beginning is very nice also, and it's a big plus given the very few AOK campaigns that have ever used that option. However, there is not much creativity at all as far as the gameplay itself is concerned. As I said, objectives are pretty much identical in all scenarios , and the few optional objectives are not too interesting (protect a monastery, kill a spy), and they don't offer the player anything.

Map Design: 3
THe map looks similar in style to the Ensemble Studios campaigns, or to Celebi Megatron's Ottoman Empire campaign, but less detailed than the latter and not allowing a bigger rating. That's not to say it looks bad. Elevation is particularly used to good effect but terrain mixing is lacking. Eye candy is sparse and not used to the best effect. The biggest problem for me is the limited nature of the maps, you don't get much space to explore and it doesn't look realistic either, making them a little less impressive than the Ensemble Studios maps. Most of the maps have been dug out from forest only enough to include your camp, the enemy camp and the road in between.

Story/Instructions: 3
A historical campaign is always nice, but this one could have used more detail as far as story is concerned. The history details are accurate but not too in-depth. It would have been nice to have the characters more involved with the story through dialogue, interactions etc. There is little to no dialogue and the hero Simeon's presence goes unnoticed most of the time.

There are some spelling errors but nothing major.

Additional Comments:

This is a decent historical campaign but it could have been much better. I can't recommend it to everyone, but build and destroy fans might enjoy it.

[Edited on 05/12/13 @ 01:33 AM]

Leif Ericson
I was just about to review this one as well, but Panel kind of took my thunder. My comments would have been quite similar.
maxthethrax Whoa.That is a great campaign!
ThisIsTangra �ного доб�а �або�а.�ано п�ави�е о�е �акива иг�и.

Translation, courtesy of Google Translate:
Very good job. I hope you make more
such games

[Edited on 09/01/13 @ 06:11 AM]

I have edited your comment with a English translation of your post. Please note that this is in fact an American website and that the official language is English. You are permitted to post in another language as long as you provide a 100% accurate translation with your post.
- Blacksmith Administrator

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Map Design3.0
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