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Tedo's Escape

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Tedo and his friend Zharbath have to escape from this enemy's area!

Make your way through the mountains and trees, near by the rivers, some outposts and the desert!

Two heroes are exploring, talking and fighting in hostile jungles and deserts. There are some monks also who would like to heal your heroes.

You have to explore? Yep.

Have fun

Update 1.1
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
I kind of was curious to play this. But it certainly didn't left me much impression. I like role playing, but this wasn't that fun.

Balance: 3
The scenario is difficult indeed. There were too much enemy soldiers though. I've played it on standart, kind of a challenge

Creativity: 2
Nothing too creative, except for names, which is a plus! Nothing else had any creative aspects.

Map Design: 1
The map didn't had any eye-candy or no terrain mixing. The whole map was just a desert, with jungle trees and a road in a certain point. Some elavations in some areas, but some areas aswell were lacking of it and just were flat.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was no story at all. The main objective is to keep the heroes alive and reach a certain area. Nothing more.

Additional Comments:
Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Tedo's Escape by onesubject is a single scenario in which the player takes control of Tedo and his friend Zharbath and guides them through a mostly open map away from the enemy.

Playability: 2
When I first downloaded this scenario, I felt it had a promise for an interesting RPG where the player would have to solve mazes and puzzles, adventure along the way, etc. But when I played it, I discovered that it was just a 'go from point A to point B while fighting the enemies' And for that matter, the author hadn't specified where we had to take the main characters to win, causing much frustration when you go to the wrong end of the map, wasting a lot of time doing so. There wasn't much fun in killing a few enemies, moving few steps, and killing more enemies. The story (if any!) did not engage the player enough to make this map fun to play.

Balance: 3
The scenario is challenging enough and pretty difficult the first time around, though not overly frustrating. I wonder why the longbowman wasn't able to regenerate like his friend. This caused me to take extreme care to protect him, and hence I was focusing more on protecting him than exploring the map, like the description suggests. Once I found the monk, though it was extremely easy to beat the map.

Creativity: 2
The story of the scenario was unimaginative, as was the dialogue. The same premise could have been used to create a much, much better scenario if there were more elements in the map than 'Find the exit' A few creative elements from the author were visible in the changed names, a few dialogues, the ever-useful monk and a mangonel we could find, but they didn't combine to create a greater effect. For example, when I ran into a lumberjack while exploring, I expected him to give me some directions or a quest. But all he says is 'Hello' If there were a few more things in the map to do, it would have been much better.

Map Design: 2
The map was mostly bland, and below ES-quality. The elevations were completely unrealistic, the road was clearly made with a blatantly square brush, and ran right through a solid wall without a gate. A small dirt path was visible throughout which had lots of jagged, unpleasant-to-the-eye, ends. Some effort of the author is visible though, like the monks being blocked off by natural obstructions and enemies, a proper lake and correct placement of palm trees near it. Even then, there were a lot of unrealistic stragglers.

Story/Instructions: 1
This is the area where this map scores the worst. There is no story whatsoever, and it is not explained who is Tedo, his friend, why are the enemies chasing him, why some monks are friendly to him, how he got into the desert, etc. All we are told is that he has to escape.

The instructions were confusing and unhelpful, and did not clarify which way the player had to go, or what would indicate that he has found an exit. The dialogues and victory/defeat messages were immature (victory message: 'wow nice ;) ), and had many grammatical mistakes. The victory is also instant and abrupt, and many players may find them accidentally winning while exploring.

Additional Comments:
I advise the author to play some of the higher rated files in the Blacksmith and learn from them. Additionally, it would probably be in his best interest to visit the scenario design section of the forums for help with future projects.

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Map Design1.5
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