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Legendary League

Author File Description
Deadly Weed
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
this is my first real map I'm trying to make.

the purpose of the scenario is to destroy the enemy base, each team have 3 players, it is a 3v3 match, sort like Dota or League of Legends.

This map isnt completet yet but be free to take a look at it, but its not recommended to play it multiplayer yet.

im looking for someone that can help me with some triggers i have a problem with. if someone here can help me out, helping to finish the scenario please leave a comment bellow :)

Hope u like it already

Deadly Weed
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Official Reviewer
You have uploaded your project twice. In the future please refrain from uploading duplicate files. If you want to update it, wait until it is approved. Thanks.

Blacksmith admin
Lildbehr I've tried you age-version of "dota". Seems like a good start. Tried a couple of years ago to make something similar. (Total failure) You said you needed some help with triggers I've looked them over. And for starters, the "accumulate attribute" is set for a number of "kills". Clearly it would be better if it was set to "kill ratio" since, in real "dota" the opposing minions tend to take each other out at an even number. And one more thing, if you don't mind, your minions should of coarse target the enemy's towers instead of stopping at your own (first one). - Haven't played "dota" in many years now but should the minions even be yours? Aren't they controlled by the AI? A easy way would just to task the minions at the first tower in the way. When that tower is taken out task all minions to the next tower. (including the survivors.) And if the opposing teams minions gets in their range, add a trigger with these:
trigger 1:
objects in area (different zones on the road) = team 2 minions or Heroes

Stop units = team 1 Minions (will stop and attack the other teams minions or hero)

Similar conditions for all players. Team 7 and 8 would suit as minions (AI, with immobile units AI script) I presume?

The monster hideout (with wolves) should perhaps contain other gaia units as well. Perhaps Iron boars, deers and jaguars. Some other units like ordinary warriors are also quite possible to have there with a few tricks.
Thou I don't quite see how beating them would give you anything as you can't carry items in this game. (except villagers and monks). A work around would be giving you a tribute of resources, say 10 food for slaying a group.

Sorry maybe I'm beginning to sound a bit negative. But I'm a surely, if not excited, then at least looking forward of seeing more of your progress. /Lildbehr

Deadly Weed
File Author
Hey, thanks for solving my problem!
Actually I was about to make player 7 and 8 the minions
but I didn't knew how to work with that kind of trigger, thanks to you it is solved.

Im going to make a shop aswell, with upgrades you can buy, like healt upgrade, thats how I would do that with the wolves and the relics

Thanks for the usefull comment. Going to test it now. ^.^


I've tried to make the triggers for the minions for player 7 good, but i have still some troubles with it. When p7 seen enemy's in range the units will stop and the "champions" wont attack each other same when they see a tower in range. probably i did something wrong with the "stop unit" trigger, but i have no idea how to fix it. I have update my scenario on the page, if you have time you can take a look what i did wrong if you want.

Deadly Weed

[Edited on 06/12/13 @ 04:40 AM]

Lildbehr The trick with the stop units trigger is to end the "task object". But if the task object is always looping. Then the units want to attack/move on, in the same time. To fix this I think you need to put timers on all these "task objects" and "stop unit" triggers. Not sure however if that will solve the problem. The "task object" trigger shouldn't task the units anywhere except at the first enemy tower. When that is destroyed, disable that trigger and activate at "task object" targeting the next enemy tower.

And there is also a little problem with the stop units trigger (77). It's looping, meaning that if a enemy unit/minion is in "the zone" it's always triggers the trigger. Endlessly! I had some problems with this my self, how to stop them without stopping them all the time? (looping). I figured I make a series of triggers for every zone without loops:

condition: Object in area (player8)
Effect: Activate trigger 2
Effect: activate trigger 4 (task1 and task2)***

Condition: Timer (1 second)
effect: stop unit (player7)
effect: activate trigger 3

Condition: Timer (number of seconds? 30 perhaps?)
effect: activate trigger 1
effect: activate trigger 5

This the triggers are looping by them selves but only if the conditions are meet. In other word; you control them.

***= You will need to have a looping trigger that deactivates (task1 and 2) all the time.

Effect: deactivate trigger Task 1
effect: deactivate trigger task 2

condition: timer (number of seconds) 30 perhaps?
effect: Deactivate trigger 4
effect: activate trigger task1 and 2
I am not sure if this will work, I'm just giving suggestions. As I said earlier, I have tried to make my own "dota" before and failed. This is one of the reasons...

Hope you solve this problem, glad I could be of any help. /Lildbehr

[Edited on 06/12/13 @ 02:10 PM]

Deadly Weed
File Author
Thanks for the advice, I'm going to try it out.
I will let you know if it worked.

Deadly Weed
Deadly Weed
File Author
I don't work on the map anymore. If anyone wish to finish it, feel free to do it.

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