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The World Trip

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 11
Sieur Bertrand and Sieur de Metz have an assignment of King Alfonso to make a journey around the world. They have to spread the name of King Alfonso and to rescue some populations.
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Map Design2.0
A World Trip (AWT) is basically a series of scenarios that has King Alfonso's greatest generals -- Sieur de Metz and Sieur Bertrand -- sailing around the world, accomplishing various tasks. It's a bit like an AoK adaptation of Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days. Odd, but you're never told exactly why you have to do this.

Mixed feelings. Very mixed feelings. I enjoyed many of the scenarios, and the designer seems to be on the right track with some of them. However, all the maps are giant-sized -- even the cutscene ones at the beginning and end. Long walks from place to place are fun killers. The Poland Trouble and Venice Rescue scenarios were very fun to play, I could enjoy them as unadulterated B&Ds. I was sweating when my expansion was destroyed by Berlin, and as I realised I had used up my last gold mine. Playing on hard keeps the player on his toes.

However, beyond the good concept and premise there really isn't a lot going in this campaign's favour.

For a start, they all seem bland and pointless, basically remakes of each other. Once I completed the first couple of scenarios, I really had to fight back the temptation to use the I R WINNER cheat to end the scenarios. All of them play like random maps, build up, destroy your enemy. This wouldn't be so bad for just one scenario, but AWT has nine of them, all of which are the same. Sorry, but there is only a certain number of times building a base from scratch on a featureless map to destroy a weak computer enemy can be fun. 2

Play on Hard difficulty, it's the only level you'll get any challenge. Some scenarios provided me with a real nailbiter struggle and kept me on my toes, but they are few and far between. Most of the time you're fighting against an enemy that is weaker then you. You're given ample resources and troops, so that not even a terminally slow newbie can go wrong. Some scenarios you can immediately take your starting troops and run over to kill all the enemies on the map without needing to build a single villager. -2

Nil. Basically all random maps with large numbers of starting units. All of the scenarios are unoriginal and insipid. "Hun terror" and "Voodoo magic" are both on the same map, just with different starting units and civilisations. 1

All the maps are giant, and they don't have any detail. Vast expanses of dirt or grass, no eye-candy, gold and stone placed in massive clumps, huge cities covered in bombard towers. There isn't a complete lack of effort in this category, though. Small touches like paths running through cities can be seen, and many maps look at least aesthetically attractive. 2

There is a paper-thin plot told via the history section, but it isn't really an interesting one. You are never actually told why you are on this mission, and the ending is a tiresome cliche. There are hints, but they also need some work. Most of them are reliable, but some of them are just plain obvious, and others are completely inane (example: "there are wolves in the forest, so make lots of spearmen to kill them"). 4

The designer has talent, but this whole campaign just lacks cohesion and is, overall, pretty damn boring. You can't make up for low quality just with pure number of scenarios. As Greg Street (a.k.a. ES_Deathshrimp) once commented, "most of us would rather play a single good scenario that takes 30 minutes, then a bunch of crappy ones that take two days to wade through."


  • Premise was good
  • Some scenarios were challenging -- and even fun


  • All scenarios feel like repeats of each other
  • Map design was well below average
  • Both story and hints need improving upon
  • Most scenarios are too easy

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Map Design2.0
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