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Downloads Home » Mod Packs » +3 New Units: Mongol Keshik, Woman Elephant Archer and Big Cannon

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+3 New Units: Mongol Keshik, Woman Elephant Archer and Big Cannon

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Hi people:

I'm here submitting another file, this time i guess i have fixed the slp extension, just in case it doesn't work (I don't why this happened before, and why should happen again) just type .slp at the end of each file and then you'll have the units i made.

First one: The mongol Keshik: I searched on wikipedia and that was the name some of the most elite and imperial guards from the mongol empire received. This guy was made from the Hussar's horse, he has the mangudai face and uses two swords to attack. His horse has a metal horse mask :P I was inspired after watching the movie Mongol.
Second one: Girl on elephant: The same elephant archer from Forgotten Empires, just changed the old mahout and tower for this fancy, girlish looking one.
Third one: Big Cannon: A cannon bigger than the standard one, made out with the War Chariot wheels and cannon galleon top gun.

Thanks for this awesome site and please rate my work as you please. I did with with all my hearth just to contribute with something because all tools i found out here are really great. I'm looking to do a medieval rider who fights whit a mace now. I want it to be very good so it may take a while to complete. If anyone has a idea about making a unit with a medieval mace it would be very nice, so please mail me or give me your email so we can work out something.

Sorry couldn't upload gif from the other units, you'll have to look it when you download it.
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danielpereira Nice units!
Also btw, do you allow me to use your cannon in a thing I'm working on? I'll surely credit you!
And, a tip for the medieval mace: Furik91, from the forums, made some mace units. Maybe you could ask his help ....
File Author
Of course there's no problem at all! :)

I'm more than glad other people likes my work. Use the cannon and all other units i may upload as you wish.

Thanks for your tip, i'll look for those maces right away :)
Balaaoe Can you give value to advanced genie frame editor, so I'm easy to make it in the form of a new unit. sorry my bad english
Balaaoe Its good mod pack.

[Edited on 07/20/13 @ 02:53 PM]

DerWerwolf I like the horse and the animation a lot, but the rider needs more shadows. The same for the woman archer.
On the other hand, I just loved your cannon.
Keep improving ;)
Mahazona The unit looks good but something dosent right
Balaaoe how to determine your frame graphics for this mod?
File Author
Well, to have the exact frame count for all graphics you must divide by 5 the total ammount of frams that a single SLP contains:


Mangudai has 65 frames in attacking sequence (all sides)

So, 65 / 5 = 13. The right frame count in Advanced genie editor is 13

Cataphract has 50 frames in moving sequence.

So, 50 / 5 = 10. The right frame count is 10.

This is the graphic info i got for the big cannon to be added in my game.

Basilisk (That's the name i put to it)

Mirroring mode:6
Sequence type:3
Frame Count: 28 = My cannon attack has 140 frames in attack sequence: 140 / 5 = 28
Frame rate: 0.0899999961 ( I'm not sure if there's a exact formula here, i just set this value after trial and error XD)
Sound: -1 (none) the sound goes for the cannonball
Replay delay: 0
New Speed: 0
Mirroring mode:6
Sequence type:3
Frame count: 10
Frame rate: 0.0697500035
Sound: -1
Replay: 1
Replay delay: 0
New speed: 1
Mirroring mode: 6
Sequence type: 7
Layer: 20
Frame count: 1 (again the same: 5 / 5 = 1)
Frame rate: 0.0500000007
Sound: -1
Replay: 1
Replay Delay: 1
New speed: 0
Mirroring mode: 6
Sequence type: 11
Layer: 20
Frame count: 14
Frame rate: 0.195000008
Sound: 293 (Onager dying)
Replay: 1
Replay Delay: 0
New speed: 0
My decaying graphic isn't nice. It just sat lying there with it's wheels broken until dissapears. I'll later update this by adding the wheels of the war wagon while decaying.
This is the data anyway:
Mirroring mode: 6
Sequence type: 11
Layer: 10 (it's the same for all decayings)
Frame count: 5
Frame rate: 6
Sound: -1
Replay: 1
Replay Delay: 0
New speed: 0

I hope have helped with this, if you have any issues please mail me or post here.

I use Advanced Genie Editor 3, the greatest one :D

[Edited on 07/13/13 @ 09:36 AM]

File Author
Oh also the reload time also is very related in the attack graphic:

This is the big cannon data for that:

Delay: 7 (In AGE editor, it's a little pop up that explains this value: 7 is for bombard cannon and scorpion)
Reload time 1: 6.5
Reload time 2: 6
Balaaoe For Graphic Mongol Keshik I also had difficulty because there are many graphic errors. Please give details of the Mongolian keshik graphic. I apologize if my english bad because my Indonesian citizens
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