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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2


These are two stories set in the same land.

The first, "The Founding," follows a man whose name is Siegfried and who has lost his memory. He has a wife named Joan and a friend named Charles, but he remembers nothing else. But someone is out to get him.

"Fei Sun" takes place centuries later, but the capital has moved, the land turned into a desert. You follow the general Fei Sun on his quest to defeat rebels encroaching from the wasteland. But he has a secret that does not speak its name.


I did not make these scenarios.

They were made a year ago by a friend of mine (Dius Corvus, also a writer and poet). He agreed to let me submit them here, since he didn't want to. His interest, he said, was making a world come to life in this medium; he didn't care if nobody else played them.

I'm submitting these because I thought it would be a pity not to share them. They don't have the most intricate maps or the most epic gameplay, but I had never encountered the stories that they told. In my opinion, they're as much as a piece of art as cinema, except in this medium -- computer games, which impel the player to participate, breaking the "fourth wall."

The stories in these scenarios are dark. There is nothing explicitly R-rated, but people betray each other; unforgivable crimes are committed. There's much that goes unsaid, but that's not to say the stories are difficult to understand. They're simple, actually. They are also both, in a way, love stories -- which I think is unusual in this genre.

This is their first version, and Dius got rid of the bugs I ran into; that said, there might be others. I'll be happy to relay suggestions and fixes. (I wonder, though, if he'll come back to these two. I feel he has said what he wanted to say.) Hopefully others will enjoy these as much as I did.


- multidimensional characters

- compelling and unusual storylines

- a mix of gameplay (including build and destroy, rpg, fixed force, and cut-scenes)

- nearly 30 minutes of custom soundtrack

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
The game looks good.I've played the RPG part in the beginning and now I'm at the Build&destroy part. I'll probably review it when I'm done.

Your friend is definitely a talented designer. He would be welcome to our community ;)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Despite a couple of minor glitches (noted further below), this campaign was brilliant to play.
It was immensely fun and it can be a challenge, which is what strategy gaming is all about.
I'd normally subtract one rating for glitches, but because the rest of the campaign was brilliant it remains a 5.

Balance: 4
In the first game, the balance is just perfect. Provided that you follow the instructions, you'll have no trouble winning the game.

In the second game, the balance is good but not perfect. The rebels have far greater numbers than the player. The rebel camp to the east can easily be levelled if you use the east cliff as an ambush point, which is excellent strategy and works brilliantly. However when it comes to attacking the main rebel base, the rebels have far greater power than the player and there is very little way to adapt your strategy.

Creativity: 5
The triggers in both stories were amazing. From the spectacular events that occur to the carefully planned cut scenes.
The narrative and cut scenes were spectacular in both games.

Map Design: 5
I enjoyed the design of both maps. They both would have taken a very large amount of time to design and create.
I am still a little confused as to why there was bamboo and samurai in the first game which was dominantly a European-like setting, but whatever, the map still looked good. There were a couple of design glitches (noted below).

The second map was very difficult to find a flaw in. Trust me, I tried looking for design flaws. I didn't see any.
The Imperial Gardens were simply divine.

Story/Instructions: 5
The first story was very well written. Your character has amnesia and at the end of the game (as long as you followed the advice of the militia who joined you) you find out a secret!

The second story was also very well written. It has a sense of tragedy and in eh end keeps you wondering what actually happened. A good cliffhanger.

The hint screen/tab contained a LOT of spoilers before the game even began. The player already knew what to do in certain periods of the games before s/he even got to that part. The hints were helpful, but maybe there's a little TOO much just before the game starts. Maybe a better option would be to have the hints appear during gameplay rather than before it.

Because of the spoilers, this should really be rated a 4, but the stories were so amazingly written and engaging that It's impossible to go lower than 5.



The Founding
- The rocks in the river below the bandit town have two gaps in them that can easily squeeze a ship through. The first gap is above them where the shore is a bit of shallows. The second gap is right in the middle of them. This allows you to get Joan to Siegfried in a transport ship without any conflict.

- There is also a gap in the rocks in the secret forest path where Siegfried recovers a bit of his memory.

- You can easily advance to the post-Imperial Age with patience and become stronger than all your opponents then wipe them all out like a hot knife in butter. Being limited to the castle age would have made it better.

- When Sieur Bertrand flees after you attacked his town due to him betraying you, he runs straight into a wall when he reaches the eastern side of the map and just stands there staring at it, instead of going through the gate and standing by the Pavilion inside, which I presume he's supposed to do.

-- --

Fei Sun
- The governor/monk will occasionally convert a rebel spearman when they attack. Then he will spend the rest of the game trying to heal the spearmen, but unable to because his AI is set to stay in one spot. Because he's trying to heal the spearmen he converted, he ignores your troops which need healing.

- If you destroy the tower in the north-western village with the ram before Fei Sun visits it, the objective to destroy it will not complete or clear. I suggest moving the tower back and the town centre forward to avoid this.

- When you take over the northern village, the rebel trebuchet will almost immediately destroy your barracks, which is in its range. Maybe it's best to redesign the whole layout of this village?

- At first the end scene glitched and showed Fei Sun walking through the capital rather than a desert/oasis.


Additional Comments:
Despite the minor glitches, this campaign is a MUST DOWNLOAD. The storylines are so brilliant and the game itself is extremely fun.
Try it if you haven't already!

Official Reviewer
This campaign is overall good. But bugs and glitches drag it down.

In the first scenario I killed all of the orange army and everything, but was unable to get the scenario to progress. Change diplomacy triggers are anyway tricky.

Second scenario I have no idea how I'm supposed to kill Grey's base, as he has a castle with siege weapons and walls and I only have one battering ram and no reinforcements.

Some nice ideas and good story/narrative and map design is excellent, but not very playable. I'd rate it at 4, at best.

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Map Design5.0
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