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A Game of Thrones

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is a Complete Conversion Mod. It's still in beta stage, as it lacks a trully developed AI, graphics and more data editing, and yet a demo campaign. I've made all the data editing, but i've dragged many graphics from many people, and it's a long list of credits. But more of them are for Jorgito_aqua for his excellent graphics, and the creators of Age of Chivalry, Tales from Middle Earth and Age of Sherwood.
Mahazona and many others have contributed involuntarily in the units graphics, and it's a long list of credits yet, but I'm afraid that i've forgotted many of them (yet, i've changed the vast majority of the graphics bit by bit).

Remember: it's a BETA demo, there is yet a lot of work to do. I Highly recommend to play with Riverlands (Tierras de los RĂ­os) or the Dothrakhi, as they are the most developed civilizations, but if you want, play with any other. All of them are more or less modified.

I've not idea how to make an install program, so maybe you have to do it manually. Instructions in english in the adjointed .txt in the zip file.

Enjoy, thanks to all the people I shamelessly stealed, and every help is still welcomed.

The Oficial Topic: [url=,41228,0,30]A Song of Ice and Fire Mod[/url]
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Khan Ivayl
Usefulness/Novelty: 5

Reviewing unfinished projects is tricky, but important if it can motivate the author to get back to his creepy basement and nerd the hell out of their project. One reason to get Erechiel's hands to massage the data and graphics a bit more is bluntly speaking the demand. People who play with pixelated knights and castles in their free time cannot not love G.R.R. Martin's world. And the second reason is that this humble demonstration speaks volumes about how right Erechiel is for the job of translating the impressions from books and screen to the medium of RTS games. I am no expert-level fan of GoT (for what it's worth I finished the first 5 seasons in less than two weeks), but I do recognize great design when I see it and for those who do not trust my taste is the following in-depth analysis of this work's (potential) quality.

Quality/Instructions: 3

I cannot give more than a 3 for potentials only, but the quality thus far implies the missing 2 points very strongly. Rightaway the structure and gameplay changes promise in-depth explorations of the material. When playing as the North for instance you get to choose between building up the Boltons or the Starks, which to GoT-naive audience is best translated with "you get to choose between chaotic evil and lawful good(?)" ...and that after you have already started building huts and cutting trees! Needless to warn, the decisions do not end there!!

Alot of effort has gone into small details. Banners that change to signal the house you've chosen to support, icons and unique objects inspired by events in the books/series and/or the lore of Westeros and Essos. As it is the demo-version already offers plenty of easter-eggs, eye-candy and logical translations from GoT events to gameplay. With the Dothraki you can train horses and sacrifise them, meanwhile setting up tents with wild-nomadic flair; as Quarth you get to set some majestic examples of slavery-financed monumental architecture; with the Starks you can either seed holy forests for the old gods or concentrate on newer problems. Particularly impressive are the Dothraki buildings, with a few exceptions they all re-create the atmosphere of the TV adaptation to the point. Last, but not least, you progress with (political) influence and not resources alone. The size of your dominion, your military success and number of techologies researched feed into that influence and is required for more technologies and units. This feature alone captures so much of GoT's essence!

The flaws are few and mostly consist of the project not being finished, such that they are hardly worth mentioning. I did feel like even-so some 'mistakes' were more avoidable than others, like the horrible anchoring of the dark-age TC or the attack-graphic of the warg. These details are worth polishing even for a demo-version. That being said, the overall concept of the warg unit was excellent, only using the animal he controls as a missile makes it look less like he is mind-controlling an animal and more like "angry "birds"". This will inevitably sound more harsh than I mean it, but it's because I adore the banner-circled TC and the warg-unit, that I cannot oversee\ignore the little rough on the edges.

Additional Comments:

All in all this is a mod worth the effort and the attention. As a work-in-progress it could have had more publicity so far and I am surprised I have only seen a reference outside this download page in the archives of the 'university'. The language is a challenge, but also somewhat charming to practice your Spanish with GoT :D :) I sincerely hope the author and the community will one day enjoy the final version of 'A song of Ice and Fire mod'!

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