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Imperium units

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The units in this zip are from Imperium 3, Great Battles of Rome and are listed below:

Valkirye: Missing death animation by some errors in the extractor (replaces the true valkirye's ones with woman warrior's ones)

Teuton archer: The ATTACK word is replaced with FIGTH word, 100% extracted, it's a epic unit if you ask me :)

Teuton rider: Just like his brother the teuton archer, but has some blank spaces where gold armor goes, you're going to refill it by yourself.

Gaul Horseman: A viking - like rider, very good looking one :)

Osiris Chariot: Egyptian-like chariot, awesome horses.

Wolf: The imperium version of the average ol' wolf :)

Boar: A gracious animal :)

Viking Lord: He smashes things away with his big hammer. Nice to turn this into a slp...

Trade Cart: A trade cart.

CHERO1, 2, 3 and 4: Carthaginian heroes from the game.

Lybian footman: Thin warrior who use a spear, also has turban :)

Carthaginian Maceman: I don't think this unit is very nice... but well.

Anubis warrior: Nice and epic unit.

Egyptian Archer: This unit may replace the standar archer for the middle eastern civs :)

Egyptian Axe Thrower: I couldn't find the flying axe...

Carthaginian Shaman: This rickety old man may replace the monk for the ME civs, however, there's no a graph of him carrying relics or
something like that, however, pros like you shouldn't have troubles doing it :)

Berber Assasin: Big, muscly, shiny and ruthless two sworded warrior... reminds me that song of Rihanna: "Shine bright like a diamond" :D

Carthaginian female and male peasants: Those guys doesn't have the working abilities of the AOE peasants. I wonder if they may be of
any use...

Carthaginian Noble: As big as the viking lord, this infantry unit looks very nice while playing imperium.

Crow: Who knows, maybe someone may give a use for this little fella :)

Bronze Sperman: Good looking spearman, with a shield too.

Bear: Another gracious animal :)

British Heroes 1,2 3 and red,blue and deer horns: A variety of old britain heroes who fight bravely against Rome.

High lander: Two sworded - redhead fighter.

Javelineer: a brit javelin thrower. A fair looking unit...

Brit female and male peasants: Just as above, they wear other clothing too...

Swordsman: a brit swordsman.

Shield bearer: Another brit unit, this guy carries a nice looking shield :)

Egyptian Guardian 1 and 2: I particulary don't like this unit, but well...

Egyptian Hero 1, 2 and 3: Egyptian Heroes, good looking ones :)

Horus Warrior: Another crazy two sworded fighter...

Egyptian Priest: It's Imhotep! Hail! XD

Egytpian Swordsman: A very arabic looking swordsman.

Egyptian female and male peasants: The girl is Anksunamun :D the guy is a thin slave :(

Gaul Archer: A not so good looking archer.

Gaul Axeman: EPIC unit, no more to say :)

Gaul Druid: Fair looking unit, however i don't think he may fit with AOE...

Gaul Ghost: Yewww is a zombie...

Gaul Male Heroes: Those guys are nice units too.

Gaul Female Hero: The only leader girl in the game, a fair unit i guess.

Gaul female and male peasants: Just average ol' plain peasants. Both of them...

Gaul Woman Warrior: another epic unit, AOE lacks of girls so she may be a good addition.

Gaul Trident Warrior: The replacement of the Viking Lord for the gauls after the 2nd game, this is a great unit too.

Gaul Swordsman: A barbaric looking swordsman.

Gaul Spearman: Fairly average looking spearman, a bit poor however...

Hen: This domestic bird comes even with his own egg. Now the farms will be complete with this unit, even she doesn't have any death animation...

Iberian Archer: Our spanish ancestors are present with their old armies. This bandit - looking archer looks very nice to me :)

Iberian Catapult: I'm not sure why this isn't in structures as the other siege weapons. This makes my work easier.

Iberian Slinger: The ugly guy in the iberian army...

Iberian Mountaineer: Wow, this is the European Shinobi!! XD EPIC unit with EPIC attack :D

Iberian Militiaman: The standard swordsman, a fair looking unit.

Iberian female and male peasants: Just average ol' peasants.

Iberian Heroes: Heroes who fought bravely against Rome.

Iberian Enchantress: Retro-Old fashioned Astarté cultist females, may replace the monk.

Iberian Elite Guard: This axeman is fairly good looking...

Iberian Defender: The heart of the army, fairly good looking too...

Iberian Cavalry: He reminds me the AOE Huskarl, but he's on horseback. Fairly good looking too.

Carthaginian Jav Thrower: Ajá, another jav thrower.

Deer: An ugly deer.

Lleldoryn: A druid hero.

Eagle: Rivalizes with AOE eagle.

Fish: Sea fish, isn't like AOE fish, quite useless but well...

Keltill: Gaul Hero, a nice cavalry unit

Larax: Star character from Celtic Kings, a fairly good looking cavalry.

Lioness: The male lion couldn't be extracted. An average looking predator.

NHERO1: He's no other than Mildred (or Milred) the enemy of Larax. Good looking cavalry unit.

Oldmen: Old gramps from Africa and Europe, respectively.

Roman Archer: The old Rome is here! Plated armor archer, average looking one.

Roman Chariot: Not as nice as Osiris Chariot, but well it makes it's work...

Roman Gladiator: Epic warrior forever :D Forza,forza!!

Roman Hastatus: The famous legions that conquered the ancient world. Fairly good looking, even a bit outdated for AOE

Roman Heroes: Treacherous roman leaders that raise and then sank Rome :D

Roman Liberatus: Experienced Gladiators, may work as a savage unit for AOE...

Roman Praetorian: The big bro of the SPQR army, epic look, a bit outdated however...

Roman female and male peasants: mmm, peasants?

Roman Velit: Support unit, another jav thrower... is also the Tribune's sidekick XD

Roman Tribune: Wants to betray the Praetorian, yup another two sworded crazy warrior.

Roman Scout: This unit doesn't look so outdated as their mates, he may fit well with AOE.

Roman Principle: The Hastatus's best friend, looks a bit outdated...

Roman Priest: Old supersticious dudes who wrecked havoc in the past... may replace AOE monk for some civs...

Teuton female and male peasants: Just ol' plain peasants, some teuton graphs couldn't be extracted...

Teuton Ram (TTARAN): Some frames of the teuton ram, the others couldn't be extracted.

Teuton Enchantress: Beautiful blonde germanic sorceress, more femmes for AOE :)

Teuton Axeman: He wishes to be as epic as Gaul Axeman.

Teuton Archer(TARCHER): Damn it! The only female archer in game and can't be totally extracted :(

Teuton Huntress: Blonde girl full of javelins to throw away!

Teuton Swordsman: Teuton frontline, average looking one.

Trade cart: Carried by a donkey.

Trade mule: Gaul bearded man carrying goods in his mule.

What couldn't be extracted?:

Some units i'm not sure how many... (less than five) including the Teuton Maceman, a savage looking teuton carrying a big mace (a bit like Vik Lord)

Well, i hope some one makes nice units for AOE with this utilities.

I specially recommend you to make slps of the war elephant and camel rider i uploaded here: Please erase the mahout :D

These are the best units in my humble opinion.
I'm including a screenie too.
Have fun designers!
Cya! :)
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Official Reviewer
DonPisky, I've updated this utility to include all the four packs you have uploaded. There was no reason for them to be released separately, as my colleague has previously pointed out to you in an email.

Please feel free to update the file description in order to better describe this upload, add a screenshot, etc.

Blacksmith Administrator
DerWerwolf Nice units! I'm trying to make some slps right now. There is a big variety to choose; I like the animals specially.
PWNer of Souls This is like Christmas only I got everything I wanted on my list.
lunascii Some of these are pretty cool, some of the coolest ones are missing pixels so they will look bad unless each one is individually doctored. Certainly a starting point. The Egyptian hero looks usable so that at least is a nice unit for my scenario.
File Author
Glad to help as always.

Yup, the missing pixels in the units are because in these missing places goes the silver, copper and gold armor of the units to indicate their level. That feature isn't added in the basic mmp file or the bmp extraction. No idea how to add it too for the bmps. It's something like the building's shadows in AOC (for example, castle shadows)which are a very different slp and bitmap non related with the castle slp / bmp. So i guess people should fill the missing pixels with player color, that way strenghts up the unit's appeal...

(Note: Also, the shadows for all these units come in a different bmp pack, not as AOC)

nhinhonhinho Hey can you provide me the extractor of the Imperium III? I really need it. You can extract the units from there so I guest you have it

BTW good job XD
NinethSpartan Could sum1 tell me how to use this?
kurdishmafia1 can someone please explain how i can use this????

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