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Pangea v2.3

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Pangea (or Pangaea) - the supercontinent of old ...
This new random map script features a huge continent covered mostly in forests. Each player starts in a small clearing with food, gold and stone, and with access to the sea. Usually it is not too difficult to cut your way through to neighboring clearings to expand into the forest, and you will need to, because the starting space if very limited! There are six different themes, each with different forest types and terrains - Standard, Alpine, Frozen, Asian, Jungle and Desert. They all have the same amount of forest, it just looks different.

You starting space will quickly fill up with buildings so start cutting your way through to neighboring clearings (which should often be quite close). Just make sure you do not establish a land connection to your enemies before you are ready!
It would be foolish to ignore the sea. There are fish to be caught, and you have lots of wood, so make sure you build a fleet - you don't want your enemies landing troops right in the middle of your town, just because you forgot to protect your seaport.
If you're short on gold, consider sending trade cogs to your allies or perhaps try to cut through the forest to establish a land connection.

The AI plays this map with some difficulty. Due to the space constraints in the starting clearing it will have trouble completing its build plan and will not do as well as well as usual, so consider using a harder difficulty level than you normally do.

Also, it can occur that players are connected by a canal instead of by the sea. If this happens, try using a larger map to reduce the likelihood of player to player waterways.

To play, place the script in the random folder and then choose the following when setting up a match:

Map style: custom
Location: ZN@Pangea

-clean version has no outlaws or rescueable gaia units.

This map is also in the Steam Workshop

I hope you enjoy the map, and thanks for all the support!
If you have any requests for a specific random map script, let me know, and I will see if I can make it happen : )

Watch some gameplay on this map on youtube

-LudiKRIS support added
-Bonus units added - siege onagers (good) and outlaws (bad)
-Cliffs removed
-Forest mixing and more resources added

-Rock placement increased

-wider connections to the sea
-rock placement further increased to improve balance

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal4.0
Pangea is a random map generator designed by Zetnus. The player is given a small clearing and a little bay in a huge forest to build their empire. The player will have to chop away a lot of wood (or research siege onager and target the trees with it) in order to acquire more space to build on. It is a race to gain more space than your enemies so you can raise an army before they do so and find a path to you.

Theme: 5
The theme of this random map fits the name and description really well. As described above, players are given a small clearing and a little bay in which they must expand to be able to build up.

Visual Appeal: 4
The map is very appealing but still has the general feel of an ordinary ES-generated map. Maybe if the creator could include some Gaia decoration objects or "lost" units that you can capture, it may be a bit more interesting.

Playability: 4
The maps are playable if you are patient. You need to do a lot of economical micromanaging to make sure your villagers cut the trees where you want to expand your clearing. It is a slow game due to the lack of building space at the start, but once paths begin connecting the battles can begin.

Sometimes I have noticed that your ally will not build a dock for you to trade with nor a navy unless you use the chat commands to order it to build a navy.
Sometimes the AI players will fail miserably expanding space properly or will place buildings in spots so that units created from the building become trapped between the forest and the building itself. They tend to use farmers more than lumberjacks, the resulting over-farming restricting their building space even more. This can be fixed with a pro-lumberjack custom AI.

Additional Comments:
A very interesting map. Good if you like long games that can take forever to finish or have a lot of time on your hands to micromanage lumberjacks. You should have plenty of experience to run your very own lumberjack company after playing this. :P

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Visual Appeal4.0
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