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Castle Rush Michi

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
It all started with me thinking - geez wouldn't it be cool to have a Michi with gold instead of forests? So I went in and changed a Michi to have a have a river of gold separating players. And it did look cool, especially on the mini-map. So I also tried out a Stone Michi and a Forage Michi. But I quickly realized a major issue with all of these - unlike the standard (wood) Michi, with all the other resources, there was no way to get through them except by harvesting or mining them, while trees can by felled by siege onagers in the Imperial age. So games would be long and there would be too few chokepoints. Also, who would actually want to play on a map like this? It would be boring, and the resources would be excessive. (I've included them anyway, just for fun).

So I had another idea: I made Relic Michi where the players were separated by a wall of relics. This might actually be playable, because once the castle age was reached, you can pick up relics and move them away using monks (which every civilization has - unlike siege onagers). Anyway, there were still some major issues. Besides the fact that the overwhelming number of relics turned the AI into knots because they only collected 10, I saw two other problems. 1 - Unlimited amounts of relic gold would adversely affect game play and 2 - the possibility of building relic walls and relic chokepoints through the strategic re-positioning of relics which, while being an interesting and new idea would at the same time shift way too much emphasis onto monks and ruin normal gameplay.

That's when I had another idea. Piece_of_the_true_cross is an object that looks like a relic, except that it vanishes when picked up by a monk, and provides no bonus to player who picks it up. So this could create a barrier, without messing with the resources or allowing strategic relic-walling.

So, without further ado, I present: Castle Rush Michi (and also Berry Michi, Gold Michi and Stone Michi)

You are safe from flushes (feudal rushes), but once a player reaches the castle age, that barrier of pieces of the true cross is can be taken down. Every civ gets monks (unlike siege onagers for the normal Michi) so anyone can break through once they reach the castle age.

The resources are the same as on Michi clean v2

The AI will attempt to pick up a piece of the true cross, but when it vanishes, the monk freezes in place and does not know what to do. So consequently, the AI cannot break the barrier on its own, so be aware of this if you want to play with AIs.

This map basically started as me wanting to have a bit of fun with Michi maps and test the capabilities of random map scripting. It was not originally intended for actual game play, but it might potentially be interesting.

Steam Workshop:

To play choose the following when setting up a match:
Map style: custom
Location: Castle Rush Michi

Maybe people will actually play this map, or maybe it will just remain a novelty item- I just thought I would post it and see what happens!
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Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal4.0
Castle Rush Michi is a Random Map pack by Zetnus which includes various different Michi style random maps.

Theme: 4
A Michi map is characterised by the separation of each team involved in a game. Typically this is done through the use of dense forests surrounding each team so the only way to attack any enemy is by cutting through the woods first. These maps are designed for players who prefer slower gameplay rather than rush tactics, as you can safely build up your forces before action begins. In this pack Zetnus has created different michi styles, separating teams through other means beyond the traditional forests. The different random maps include Berry Michi (Teams separated by a wall of forage bushes), Gold Michi (Teams separated by a wall of gold mines), Stone Michi (Teams separated by a wall of stone mines), and Castle Rush Michi (Teams separated by a wall of relics). All of these take the same standard rules and theme of the traditional michi map, apart from the Castle Rush Michi. This one was designed to be a Michi for players who prefer a Castle Age Rush, as the wall of relics can be moved. This means that the first to the Castle Age will be the first to break through the wall and attack.

Visual Appeal: 4
This is the area where I feel the map is at it's weakest. I have played many of Zetnus' Random Maps before and her had shown himself to be one of the greatest random map scripters working today. However, I feel as though these maps are not as visually stunning as others I have played. Areas of the map can feel a bit bland at times with large blank spaces between the small clumps of forest. There isn't too much variety in the use of terrains and more mixing could have been incorporated. Whilst the walls of resources do look really cool on the mini-map they do spoil some of the aesthetic of the actual map and the gold one especially can be a bit sore of the eyes. I think a great mix of terrains to add more colour and a bit of eye candy could help improve the score here.

Playability: 4
The resource Michi maps, gold, berry and stone, create a very long game and slow buildup as you have to wait and age for your villagers to harvest the resources before you can get through the walls. I for one love long buildups and much prefer a slow game to a rush, but I do know that many people don't and therefore might not enjoy these maps so much. The huge amount of resource available can hinder gameplay as you will always have enough resource to keep building soldiers until the end. There are far more resource on this map than you will find in any other even when they're not part of the walls. These maps create a long game with a slow buildup but once the actions does start its non stop as you can just keep building units to constantly attack the enemy. When I played the Gold Wall Michi I discovered that over the course of the game I had mined 400,000 gold which I could then use to buy stone to build castles and wood to train archers who could then just shoot the enemy villagers mining gold at the other end of the wall. Once you are through the walls the tight gaps that are map can be an issue for pathfinding at times as well.

The Relic Michi creates a different type of gameplay and is much more recommended for people who prefer a rush. This map resolves some of the playabilty issues from the resource Michis such as the pathfiniding issues and slower gameplay, but it still has vast amounts of resources, and the amount of gold you will receive from all those relics is ridiculous.

Additional Comments:
Overall these are some unique random maps which do have a few issues but create some novel and fun gameplay. Your prefered playing style will determine whether you like these random maps or not.


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Visual Appeal4.0
Favorites: [Who?]0
Size:9.98 KB