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General Qui Campaign

Author File Description
CM Punk PL
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Well, so this is my another Campaign. It's pure fiction, but it should be entertaining to play. You play as Korean General, Qui.

Check out my other campaigns (made by me, but uploaded on other account, SandowIsGod, to which I don't remember both passowrd and e-mail adress)
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
I will have to be honest, I found the game rather boring to play.

The enemies did NOTHING. They just stood there. There weren't any attack waves, there wasn't an enemy economy to compete with and so on. This took the fun out of playing because there was no strategy. It was just a game aimed at the total destruction of enemies that just stood there like sitting ducks.

In the first campaign, there is no way to "capture" the flag. Because it isn't even a flag.
To win you just simply deposit the relic in the allied monastery. But rather than winning right away, you still have to wait 300 years. I could have avoided all the trouble by putting the relic in my own monastery and waiting.

Balance: 1
Both games were massively unbalanced. You have a small handful of troops and you're expected to build up with low resources and zero wood. Meanwhile the enemies in both games have massive armies, fortified walls, towers and way too many castles.

Creativity: 1
There was no background history.
Several parts of the campaign didn't make sense. The random "cursed" graveyard for example, served no purpose.
the game style is good - capture the flag - but it doesn't work because you can't capture the "flag" since it wasn't controlled by Gala, so there was no way to change ownership of it.

The triggers needed much more work. For example, depositing the relic into the allied monastery could have easily won the game there and then rather than having to wait the 300 years.

The enemy villagers just wander around doing nothing. I presume this might be because they have all building technologies disabled. So they just wander around until they get killed by me. *Yawn*.

Map Design: 2
In general, the layout of the map was good.
But the placement of things on the actual map was, well, it felt cramped and rushed.

Bamboo was spammed absolutely everywhere - it was not creatively placed and was more of a nuisance than eye candy. Fish was also spammed everywhere rather than being strategically placed - there was far too much of it.
There was a "wall" of sea rocks too that just looked incredibly out of place in the first map - there was no creativity with it, it was just spammed.

A minor point - in the first map, one of the bridges didn't end on land, but ended in the water. I know that's a minor detail slip but to some people like me, it's bothersome. It shows there was no creative double-checking of the map design.

The Korean enemies also had Mongol troops. No. Just no.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was no story. No background. No history. No clues as to why we were playing the game or why the character wanted to do what he was doing.

The hints were terrible "use tons of trebuchets to kill enemy's" (note the spelling error) ... where's the strategy in that? AOE is a strategy game not a total destruction game.

The grammar was terrible in places. here are some of the spelling errors that annoyed me the most:
- Rebeliants (there is no such word)

- Rebelians (again, there is no such word. The correct word is "rebels")

- Enemy's (an apostrophe means a possession. It would have been fine if the sentence was "this is the enemy's gate!". But it is not fine how it is used in the game, "the enemy's are there". The correct spelling is "enemies")

- Report's (see above. The correct word is "reports")

Additional Comments:
The concept and idea is great, but the map, triggers and game itself need massive amounts of re-working. I would suggest in the future to ask for beta testers from this community to test your campaign first before you upload a game file.
I had high hopes for the game, but they were smashed. Sorry.

[Edited on 11/14/13 @ 07:30 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I found the experience of playing this campaign enjoyable. The AOE1 styled campaign of this was, in short fun. Basic triggerwork, so not much to pick on at that point. Maybe you should try adding an A.I to this campaign, to make it more difficult?

Balance: 3
Basic enemy starts out superior campaign, which in itself isn't a problem, it's just that even though they are superior, they're easy to beat. See my A.I point from before, that would improve these scenarios alot.

Creativity: 2
Although I found the style to be fun, it's nothing more basic than what you can find in AOEI ES campaigns. It was very to the point and do this and do that. maybe too much.

Map Design: 3
A strong 3. There's potential here. I suggest you play around with the editor a bit more, and try to mix up your terrains further, and not just place bamboo as your primary wood type. Download some scenarios off of the blacksmith and get inspired.

Story/Instructions: 1
This definitely is the weakest of the scores, because there simply is no story nor any good instructions. It's very vague about where you have to go, or where you're supposed to bring anything. And for being a fictional campaign, in my opinion, you should have written some sort of back story.

Additional Comments: All in all, my opinion is you should keep on making scenarios. You don't have to release everything, just practice. Download something from others and get inspired by their tricks and their eye-candy.

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Map Design2.5
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