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Downloads Home » Random Maps » Deepwood Forest v2.2

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Deepwood Forest v2.2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Deepwood forest is a random map script with a realistic distribution of forest trees. The forest is not impenetrable; instead there are lots of small passages snaking off into the trees. Those passages might lead to resources, or wolves, or other players, or dead ends. There are six different biomes each with different trees and terrains.

Resources are similar to the standard set, however some of them may be harder to find because they are hidden in the forest. AIs can play this map reasonably well.

To play, place the script in the random folder and then choose the following when setting up a match:
Map style - Custom
Location - ZN@Deepwood

More screenshots in the
Steam Workshop

Enjoy and tell me what you think!
Is there enough space to build? Is it causing any problems?


v1.1 fixed crashed by disabling biomes that crashed

v1.2 fully stable - Asian map now has bamboo, jungle has mostly oak to deal with map crashes

>LudiKRIS map-size support
>Jungle terrain should now load without crashing (crashes may still happen but are very rare now)
>Forest density reduced to provide additional building space

>Minor bugfixes
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Grii I think it's an excellent idea, because during middle age the forest were much more large than today, your map place us in a very important part of the medieval universe!
TheIronKnuckle Map is broken. You've set the percent chance for Tropical to 100%. I tried editing the map to 20% chance for each biome but now it crashes all the time :S

What I've seen so far has been pretty, but it's incomplete!
File Author
theironknuckle - I'm terribly sorry about this. I will do some troubleshooting to find out why it crashes the other biomes!
File Author
So it did some tests with different ratios of the biomes, and I was unable to get the map to crash.
The default should have been 15% chance for each one - which leaves 25% free for the "standard" forest. I've updated the file to fix this. (version 1.1)

About your issue though: try the new version please and tell me if it works, and if not - does it crash every time or only occasionally?
TheIronKnuckle Thanks so much for the swift response! :)

I'll give it a runthrough now
TheIronKnuckle I just gave it my usual stress test in the editor and it managed to successfully generate 17 times out of 20. Which is a similar ratio to before the hotfix. Nice to see the other biomes though! I swear I've only seen four though: Tropical, standard forest, alpine, and possibly frozen (I haven't yet investigated the difference). Assuming that you used bamboo for the forest, I definitely haven't seen Asian yet. And I don't recall seeing the desert one.

I'm not sure how you go about testing your maps (other than enjoying a good game on them :)), but the way I usually do it (which also helps immensely during the actual development) is to have the map editor permanently open. Every time I make a change, I can just save the file and then hammer the "generate map" button in the editor. You don't need to restart the game for the changes you made to your script to register. Feels much more streamlined than having to start up an actual game every time I want to test. This also picks up on potential crashes much faster.

Just a side note: I also get fairly frequent crashes on your stony shores map, which is annoying because that's such a brilliant rms script!

Thanks for all your maps! I've downloaded them all and have been thoroughly enjoying them (until they crash :P)
File Author
So you generate the maps in the editor - I guess I could do that too, since I installed the User-patch. What I usually do is start a random map game in single player, observe the map, alt tab out to make some changes, end the match and then start a new match.

Well, the way to see all versions is just to set one of them to 100 percent and then generate a match. But probably the reason why you haven't seen all the different ones is that some of them are similar. Frozen has snow, Standard uses oak forests, Alpine uses pine forests, Desert uses palm tress (when cut down, desert is below them), Tropical uses jungle, Asian also uses jungle (because in my opinion the bamboo is rather lame with little variation - it doesn't make a very nice forest. So Asian and Tropical are very similar - there are some slight differences in the base terrains.) I suppose I could look into using bamboo mixed with other trees - that might look ok...

About the crashes: 17/20 as a success ratio would explain why I didn't observe any crashes. I loaded a couple times randomly and then went through and set each theme to 100 percent, one after the other - and no single theme is causing a crash every time it is selected, as I suspected might have been the case. That makes things more complicated. I'm guessing that occasionally there are too many objects that can't be placed in a particular iteration of the map ... that could explain why stony shores was crashing for you as well - it's also a very full map. Anyway I've been planning to update that one to reduce clutter somewhat, so I guess I should really get around to doing that soon and see if that can get rid of crashes.

It's great to see that you enjoy my maps, I will see what I can do to make them better :)
File Author
So, using the UP scenario editor method to test for crashes was a great suggestion.

After some button smashing I have the following results (I set the percentage for each type to 100 first):

Theme Crash
Desert - No
Alpine - No but occasionally loads desert
Asian - crash
Frozen - No but occasional desert
Tropical - crash
Standard - No but occasional desert

for those that are listed as "crash" this does not happen every time, but it does crash from time to time.

"occasional desert" ??? This is incredibly weird.
On the maps that don't crash, it occasionally loads the desert map instead of the one it should !!!
What could possibly be causing this? a bug in my script? - I really don't see how. A glitch in the UP system? - possibly

Advice is greatly appreciated

One possible theory I have is that the crashes are due to the map trying to load "desert" and that is somehow not working on Asian and tropical ... maybe due to the Jungle terrain ...
I'll investigate, but I have the feeling I am going out on a limb here

Please, if you have any ideas, do tell me!!!

PS. The Stoney Shores RMS seems to be fully stable
File Author
It turns out that the Jungle terrain was causing the crashes. I've fixed that by giving the Asian map bamboo (which is fine), and by giving the Tropical map Oak forests with Juggle straggler trees (this is suboptimal, but it's the best I can do until I find out WHY the jungle terrain was causing problems) ... maybe something to do with constant declaration.

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