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AOV mercenary units

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Here is a graphic pack including several mercenary units design for Age of Voivods, uploaded for advanced designers to use or modify in their own projects(with proper credits).

The units included in are: Catalan almogaver, Serbian hajduk, Tatar raider and Samogitian clubman.

Thanks for downloading, and Reviews and comments are much welcomed!!

Updated: Unit icons added!
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Official Reviewer
This unit pack contains five novel units, all of which are very well made. Indeed, there are not many gripes to be had. The almogavor and the Hadjuk both have somewhat choppy attacking animations. These animations feel unnatural and look a little awkward. Otherwise, the animations are near perfect. There are even decay animations which are quite serviceable. The unit designs are crisp, detailed, and eye catching, with the single exception of the almogavor's shield, which flashes some black splotches in some frames. On the whole, I would say the other two units are basically perfect, and the Hadjuk and almogavor are more than serviceable.

As for the usefulness of the units in this pack, this is well deserving of a perfect rating. The units are detailed enough to look like what they are supposed to, and they represent warriors not really included in AoK, or even most mods for that matter. The one exception might be the tartar, which is a fairly generic cavalry archer (and even this unit is still somewhat original in design), but as a whole the units are very unique.

Overall, a very high quality set of units. A couple smoother animations would warrant a perfect score, and even without those, the mod is still definitely worth downloading. Great work.
Official Reviewer
These four new units were created by Achesun for the unreleased Age of Voivods total conversion mod pack. Age of Voivods focuses on Eastern European history and thus these units represent mercenaries from various Eastern European nations.

Usefulness/Novelty: 4.5
This unit pack introduces four new units into the scenario editor which can be used in various different capacities. Among these units you will find an Almoravid (a swordsman with a wooden shield), a Hadjuk (an archer unit), a clubman, and a Tartar (a Cavalry archer). These units fulfil there intended purposes very well but many of them can be used in a number of different capacities for those with a creative touch. As the title of this file suggests, probably one of their most common uses is that of Eastern European mercenaries. All of these units are completely unique, having been made by Achesun from scratch. The clubman in particular is the first of its kind, I don’t think I’ve seen a clubman unit before.

Quality/Instructions: 4.5
All of these units are made with a very high standard. Once again Achesun has delivered some realistic and high quality units that blend very well into the game. Next to original units they match almost perfectly, the Tartar in particularly blends well due already utilising the original Cavalry Archer’s horse. They all have smooth animations and come equip with custom icons and player colour. One critique that I do have is that I feel that the clubman and Hadjuk unit’s particularly seem to be much darker than most other units in game and can stand out in that respect. The attack SLP of the Almogavor is also a little strange as well.

Additional Comments:
Overall these units are a superb addition to your game and add much variety to your editor. In summary a highly recommended download.


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