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Mongol Houses as Yurts

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 1
Age of Empires II HD

Now, Mongols houses are replaced with the Yurt graphic.

Dark Age: Thatched Yurt facing LEFT
Feudal Age: Thatched Yurt CENTERED/LARGE
Castle Age: Felt Yurt facing RIGHT
Imperial Age: Felt Yurt CENTERED/LARGE

1) Backup the DAT FILE: "empires2_x1_p1.dat" file in LOCATION: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\Data\empires2_x1_p1.dat
2) Overwrite the vanilla "empires2_x1_p1.dat" file with the one from this mod's zipped folder
3) Done!

Experienced modders please assist me in completing this mod to completion.

At present there are no yurt variants possible. However, for each age, I'd like to make sure that there are 3 variants.

This is what I'd like to achieve:

Dark Age: 3 variants of Thatched Yurt
#1. Thatched Yurt facing LEFT
#2. Thatched Yurt facing RIGHT
#3. Thatched Yurt facing AWAY

Feudal Age: Thatched Yurt CENTERED/LARGE. Only one model signifying the achievement of entering Feudal Age

Castle Age: 3 variants of Felt Yurt
#1. Felt Yurt facing LEFT
#2. Felt Yurt facing RIGHT
#3. Felt Yurt facing AWAY

Imperial Age: Felt Yurt CENTERED/LARGE> Only one model signifying the achievement of entering into Imperial Age

I intend to use Mongols as I learn AGE3 and other AoK/AoC modding tools. My end goal however is to create a more truly NOMADIC civilization called the Turanians (an amalgam of Huns, Turks, and Mongols, while also incorporating some Magyar and Slavs elements). THis civilization will have no Barracks, instead start out with an Horse Archery Stables and a Scout Cavalry Archer. I'm planning more things for this civilization as well. However, I'm testing my concepts first on the Mongols.

First order of business was getting the Houses to use the Yurt graphic. Second goal is to make those Yurts garrisonable and healable inside. Third, was to make that Yurt able to produce only one (per yurt) cart named Nomad. This Nomad can then assemble/build into another Yurt.

Similarly I would like to add to EVERY Turanian building the option to create this Nomad Cart (Trade Cart look but later would like a unique look). So Horse Archery Stables could train once Nomad Cart (Horse Archery Stables). Similarly for other buildings.

Also, I know that overwriting the "empires2_x1_p1" DAT file is not the best modding etiquette since it will conflict with any and all mods changing/editing the same file.

Please somebody out there who is more experienced with AGE3, could you please help me MODify this PATCHesque mod.
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Mahazona your idea sounds interesting good luck with it.
File Author
Thanks Mahazona!

I'll need all the luck I can get haha. Yet, I think I'll be needing more than luck, but expert AoK2HD modder assistance and support in realizing this project to full fruition. Here's to hoping someone of them responds to my call for help and I can get onto this project in earnest.
Rageofempires I've not been on the forums and blacksmiths for a long time, I remember joining in late December of 2012. I've gotten *way* more experienced at graphic modding, from using Paint, to Adobe Photoshop. I'd be interested in helping you change the graphics. Send me a PM.
Mahazona post your idea in the forum and many will help you.
Ilya Kaudzi Sorry, but there will somehow change the castle of Mongolia? Judge for yourself Japanese castle of Mongolia's not funny?
File Author
@Rageofempires: Awesome! Thank you so much for offering your assistance. I emailed you at your hotmail account. Hopefully I've reached you.

@Mahazona: Yep, will do. Actually I should have went there first. Yet, as a modder, I like to have some foundational base to show my involvement and at least trying to tinker with things.

@Ilya: Totally agree. It really really annoys me that Mongols have a completely Daimyo Castle (actually that castle graphic doesn't make much sense for Chinese or Koreans either - just lazy Asian template for all). Most of Mongol structures should actually be more Turkic Feudal Age style, imho, only the Temple being a Buddhist Monastery since most Mongols left in Mongolia were Buddhist. Yet most Mongols over all the conquests were Muslim. My Naiman ancestors were Nestorian Christian originally, but latest generations, including myself Muslim.

Yeah, I will definitely change the graphic for Mongol Castle. I was thinking a live Mangudai Horde moving continuously in a Cantabrian Circle, either with some palisade oppidium walls for protection or better yet none.

[Edited on 11/27/13 @ 03:12 PM]

sindragoon I would love to download this mod but I already have another mod that modified the empires2_x1_d1.dat file so are there anyway i can keep both mods without replacing one with another?
farasat1000 At present there are no yurt variants possible. However, for each age, I'd like to make sure that there are 3 variants.

This is what I'd like to achieve:

Dark Age: 3 variants of Thatched Yurt
#1. Thatched Yurt facing LEFT
#2. Thatched Yurt facing RIGHT
#3. Thatched Yurt facing AWAY



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