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The Bloodied Throne

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
The Bloodied Throne

About The Campaign
The Bloodied Throne is a fictional campaign set in Japanese and Asian environments. It tells the story of family, betrayal and greed as three brothers fight each other and even murder their own people in a feud over the Japanese throne.

There are three scenarios in this campaign with an unexpected twist at the end.

(UPDATED: 5th December 2013)


The Story
The Japanese Emperor, Tabishu Tengan, is dead. He was found bloodily murdered, stabbed multiple times with a Samurai sword, while he slept in his bed. He had not yet chosen who will take the throne after him.
One of the royal guards swore that he saw someone wearing the royal prince's uniform entering the Emperor's room earlier that fateful night.

For the full story, you will have to play this campaign and read the histories and victory screens.


My Notes
-- Read the history before the game begins, the victory screens when you win and the defeat screens if you happen to lose. They all tell the story of this campaign, so you will understand more of it, as it unravels.

-- Signs contain hints. Sometimes.

-- Use the environments around you to win. Chokepoints and elevated areas exist for a reason. This is a strategy game after all.

-- The game is intended to be played on moderate difficulty. Pansies can lower the difficulty if they like but the game won't be as fun.

-- Thank you for downloading this.

-- This is the first campaign I have released.

-- This campaign has been beta tested, the beta test changelog is below if you're the type who reads those.


Beta testing changelog/fixes (before release)
- Scenario 1 -
V1.1: Fixed cyan player attacking yellow player dock as soon as the game starts.
V1.2: Fixed tribute trigger errors.
V1.3: Fixed yellow player spam-creating rams (which it doesn't need).
V1.3: Fixed red player spam-creating unnecessary infantry.
V1.3: Added tower to player village to assist with first attack wave from cyan.
V1.3: Removed some towers from yellow player's city due to being too overpowered.

- Scenario 2 -
V1.1: Fixed a trigger issue causing an objective to appear twice.
V1.2: Edited (lowered) tribute timer trigger and (raised) automatic tribute totals.
V1.2: Dramatically reduced red player's population capacity to resolve overbuilding of farms.

- Scenario 3 -
V1.1: Fixed a typo.
V1.1: Fixed an issue where a triggered unit simply ran into a building and stared at it.

(UPDATED: 5th December 2013)

Changelog/fixes (after release)
- Scenario 1 -
V1.4: Fixed trigger issue which eventually broke the freeze trigger for cyan's hero.

- Scenario 2 -
V1.3: Fixed the gold tribute trigger which somehow broke (thanks Wailan Waillace for reporting)

- General -
V1.4: Added immobile units AI into pack (Credit goes to Zanzard Lothar).
V1.4: Updated readme..

I would appreciate a review. Be gentle, it's my first release.
Remember to read the stories if you wish to understand where the campaign is going.

And please, have fun.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Wailan Waillace
Map Design5.0
PLEASE,TAKE NOTE: This is my first review.I may sound too lame,or the review analysis may be considered poor.Feel free to add something I may have forgot or to correct me.

Playability: 3
This was a nice campaign,with some jokes here and there.I must say I dont liked the first scenario very much,for some reasons listed on the balance review.However,the second scenario was quite entertaining,with skirmishes against canibals and the siege to yellow base.However,because the problems listed on balance,I couldn't raise a real army.What saved this from 2 was the "Sudden cliff drop ahead!" and the "You're not supposed to see this."

Balance: 3
In the first scenario,as soon you get a base,Josuke strikes.And,when you manage to kill his soldiers,blue become your ally,because you killed josuke.I think he should have stayed on his base,but still ok.After all,you only need to kill josuke. ;) The mongols were easy to wipe.The yellow navy was a challenge,i had to adquire the cannon galleons to clean their docks,but ok.However,there was only a few weak points in josuke city,and they always had a enormous force to throw at my army.I had to breake the north walls and pass my soldiers there to protect my treb and my cannons.I think it would be better be allowed to train some trebuchet or bombard cannons/galleons.
The Second scenario looked nice,until I noticed i wasn't receivin any gold from the red ones.Dont know if it was a bug or what,but a relic and a trade car cannot support gold for an army.Market negotiantions cant be used forever.Would give a 4 if it wasn't this second scenario flaw.

Creativity: 4
Well,there was some dialog,and the story was nice and detailed.I missed some tricky triggers,however.

Map Design: 5-
In the 1st scenario,the designs were great.Even the gold and stone were mixed with those rocks.In the second scenario the terrain was good too,but I did not knew that ice,when melt,forms swamp,and there was some snow+dirt out of the road near yellow base that did not make much sense at all,but still remains at 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
The fictional story of the three brothers tengan(and their sister) was creative and detailed,leading to a "turn-of-the-table" ending.The objectives were a little vague,I had to find out where the sachi were in a really long siege,until I found out i was raiding in the wrong spot :S The road covered by snow in the 2 scenario left no doubt to where go.

Additional Comments:
The cities are well designed and the destroyed ones as well.In the overall,the bloodied throne is a nice campaign.Just add some siege on the first scenario and gold tribute on the second.
I hope you make other scenarios,maybe some sort of RPG,I dont know.

"Dude,all you had to do was watch the cinematic"
XD I saw that one.

"Sorry my bad english,I'm latin"
Vila Man, this campaing is freaking awesome, but I downloaded it and I only have the first scenario
File Author
Thank you. :)
When you download and place the file in the correct location, you go to "Custom Campaign" on the single player screen them choose The Bloodied Throne. The other two scenarios are unlocked when you complete the one before it, like an ordinary AoE campaign.

Fixed a trigger issue and added an AI file which was somehow forgotten in the first release. Please update your download.

Thanks! :)

-- NEWS --
The sequel to this campaign has been put on hold while I work on something completely different - an RPG/Adventure scenario.

[Edited on 12/05/13 @ 08:18 AM]

Official Reviewer
@Vila: AOK has a bug, sometimes in custom campaigns, the scenarios you unlock don't show up. You can remedy this by creating a different user in the options menu and replaying the campaign with the new user
File Author
Ahhh, thanks. I didn't even know that (hadn't experienced it with any custom campaigns myself).
Thanks for the info! :)
Official Reviewer
No problem.

By the way, there's many other useful info you can find on the forums, in the FAQ section. I'd also be delighted to have you among the thread reviewers (I've noticed you like to write reviews).

You can find the reviews thread here:,,0,30&st=350

(sorry for the offtopic on your own file, I'm a horrible moderator this time)
Wailan Waillace "The sequel to this campaign has been put on hold while I work on something completely different - an RPG/Adventure scenario."

Oh,yeah! :D Any prevision of when it will be ready?

NOTE:There was a bug in the second scenario where the AI don't send gold.
File Author
I have checked out the forum a few times, but I haven't contributed to it. Probably should though.
I would be delighted to be part of that reviewer thread. :) Reviewing gives me the opportunity to see how files work or don't work.
Tut tut, off-topicness. xD

@Wailan Waillace
RPG/Adventure fan eh? :P
No idea just yet, it's still in the "thinking" stage.

Thanks for reporting that bug! I'm pretty sure it worked fine when it was being tested. The trigger to activate the tribute cycle somehow reset after it was tested/before it was uploaded. Fixed it and updated the download. Thank you. :)
File Author
Thanks for the great review. :)
If I was reviewing it myself, I'd give it around a 3, because as the creator I know where I could have made little changes to improve it. :)

The first scenario is supposed to be difficult without advanced siege because your character has just been expelled from his powerful empire and left with a small unprepared rebel village, but you can capture some, acquiring them is easy or difficult depending on which strategy you choose (sea assault or direct land assault. Or both). The key is to always have villagers with you when you are laying the siege on Sachi so they can repair any damaged weapons quickly. :)
I'm glad you liked those signs. xD

There was a bug in the previous download where a trigger eventually cancelled Josuke's freeze trigger, so he attacked the player with his army and got killed easily, when he was supposed to stay in the base. That was fixed yesterday. :)
The missing gold was also fixed, that too was caused by a trigger issue which somehow broke after it was tested (my beta tester swore it worked before).

Google "Ice swamps". :P lol

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

[Edited on 12/06/13 @ 06:28 AM]

Wailan Waillace Now it got way more fun :D If at some point you want help to create the RPG,I have a abandoned book I was writing(give up easily) and I even drew the Map of the continent(!). But I was without ispiration,and stoped the whole thing(I only did one chapter :P)

If you become interested in some help,I may restart the undone job and give some new ideas to your (possible) campaign.

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