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U Da Prey Escape The Forest

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8
Scenario Name : UDP Escape The Forest v1.39
Creator : KakiharaBeast

Map Description :
A huge u da prey map with a lot of fun added to it.

Hunter is always Green.

Online Settings :
Game Speed : Fast*
Reveal Map : Normal or Explorer
Starting Age : Standard
Victory : Standard
>Team Together
>Lock Teams

(Always go with no teams when inside lobby)

First thing when the game starts host must choose a difficulty.

there are 5 difficulties to choose from :

Easiest : It will give preys a Saboteur +500 hp, 100 ap, all preys units will get +500 hp , +50 ap at start, the hunter will only get 2000 gold per 5 minutes as max at his goldshop, the hunter base will be closed for 16 minutes, his ice power will open after 30 minutes.

Easy : Gives hunter no range no armour no extra ap, the hunter will only get 3000 gold per 5 minutes as max at his goldshop, the hunter base will be closed for 12.5 minutes, his ice power will open after 21 minutes.

Medium : Gives hunter no range no armour no extra ap , his base will be open after 8 minutes, his ice power will open after 13 minutes.

Hard : Gives hunter more range and armour and ap , his base will be open after 4 minutes, his ice power will open after only 5 minutes, Hunter gets +1500 Gold.

Super Hard : Gives hunter more range and armour and ap , his base will be open immediately including his ice power up, Preys population will be reduced to 50 pop, hunter will have bombard towers on all preys bonus areas, hunter gets +3000 Gold.

All civilizations have a unique bonus for preys, you can read all inside the zip file attached.

Shops locations :
The Goldshop is in the East you can buy different units there.
The Foodshop is in the North you can buy 100 hp, 50 ap for all units, buildings.

Preys can win after 3:00 hours is gone from the beginning of the game (Press F11 when playing to show timer)

Preys hints :
Hint 1 : You only have one hero in the harald's group called as "Prey" if he died you lose the match.

Hint 2 : There are 14 Gaias (grey units) in this map, you have to go near a Gaia to get him.

Hint 3 : Getting villager is the best solution to either camp or to attack hunter's middle base after you get a huge army.


The first version of this map was created in 22 September 2013.

If you found a bug, unbalanced bonus, please report to me. I always update my maps.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
vvv yank The best AOE game ever made, thanks beast!
Rewaider Love your UDP maps! Played these ones countless times back in the days..

[Edited on 07/01/18 @ 08:28 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
UDP - Escape the Forest is a multiplayer U Da Prey scenario by KakiharaBeast. The idea of the scenario is that you have 7 players who are the Prey and 1 hunter. The Hunter has an unbelievably large army of over 300 unit covering the entire map, whilst the prey start with 2 super units which constantly power-up, and have the option to buy more units for gold they earn for gaining kills. The prey's objective is to survive for 3 hours, whilst the hunter's objective is to kill all of the prey.

Playability: 4
Escape the forest is a very well made and entertaining UDP. It brings hours of joy and entertainment as the preys taunt the hunter with non-stop movement, and the hunter tactically ties to surround the prey with their mass numbers of soldiers. This UDP is like many others that I have played but still adds its own unique twists and creative concepts. I had a great time playing this scenario and would highly recommend it to any other UDP fans. The scenario itself is very well designed and I didn't encounter and bugs with the extensive trigger work. Also, with over 3000 units on the map, I never really encountered any lag with this scenario.

Balance: 4
For a game which involved one team with 3 starting units and another with over 3000, the scenario is very balanced, and thats the idea of the scenario. To have one team survive wave after wave of hunter attacks. The Prey's units gain power-ups for each kill they make, and can find a number of ice pads throughout the map which gift them extra power-ups the longer they stay on them. This allows for a perfect balance, and even though the hunter greatly outnumbers the Prey, the Prey can kill the hunters units in one hit. The prey are also gifted additional rewards such as extra units and hp/ap upgrades as well. Both the Prey and the Hunter have shops which they can use to weaken their opponents. The prey can buy additional units and ships with their gold, whilst the hunter can use his gold to close the prey's shops and buy technologies such as spies. However, in comparison to other UDPs I have played I found this one slightly easier as a Prey. You start off with an additional unit than traditional UDPs and the Hunters units seem to bit a little more spread out and his base it not so heavily fortified.

Creativity: 5
UDP scenarios are an incredibly creative concept that require alot of work and many many triggers. This scenario has clearly taken inspiration from many others that have come before it but there are still many original concepts. The clever bonuses that can be found lying around are very clever, and require some technical trigger work to activate. The prey's unit rewards are great and nice surprises for the prey as they work hard to keep building their army in order to survive the hunter.

Map Design: 4
Despite it's theme - Escape the Forest, the map design of this scenario doesn't really reflect the theme too much. While the map is designed to look like a forest, and there is plenty of woodland around, I feel that it is far too open to actually represent this theme of escaping a forest.
The design is quite good though, and you can tell a great deal of effort has gone into it, with a suitably designed base for the hunter and interconnecting roads around the map to give the prey an idea of his whereabout. There isn't much in terms of terrain mixing or eye-candy but that's not really the point of the scenario. There's just too much going on for you to notice it anyway, and it'll more than likely get in the way of the action.

Story/Instructions: 4
As with most multiplayer scenario, there's not much of a story to this scenario. It's all about the gameplay rather than the story, but the instructions are splendid. The scenario follows a theme which entails the hunter searching the forest for his prey whilst the prey are trying to escape and survive. The instructions on how the play the game and survive are clear and well-written and there is a helpful hints section to give the players details and some of the random events and gameplay aspects of this particular scenario. Overall, it's a very easy game for a newcomer to play.

Additional Comments:
Overall I nice UDP made that is worth checking out.


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Map Design4.0
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