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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is my finished "EPIC WORLD MAP." Many improvements here, especially in the southern hemisphere.

I will tell you the worst thing about it. It is due to one of the good things about it. China is big. I had to make sure it was accurate and not compressed too much, or else it wouldn't be China. So Japan is not on this map. No space. I hate that it can't fit, but I see no way to do it without compromising China's size. But that's not too big a problem, since the Japanese can begin in Manchuria, the Philippines, Indonesia or SE Asia.

I listened to epic music while working on it. I listened to Orinoco Flow while doing the Orinoco, to Sa DingDing's Ha Li Li song while doing China, to Sirusho's PreGomesh while doing Armenia, and by the end of the OPUS, Bergersen's "Immortal," "Ocean Princess," "Aura" and more.

The best thing about this map is that everywhere looks like it's supposed to and every area is chock-full of history from the real world. What ifs can be played out with no end in sight on an epic scale.

I wish that among you there will be some who will share a video of their use of this map. I'd be thrilled. I'd love to see real players 4V4 with civs in accurate contexts going all out.

Please let me know what you think.

And anyone who can get me a better screenshot will be credited and given my sincere wololo.
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EPICUS MUNDI by WELM is a scenario featuring the recreation of the globe.
As requested by WELM, here is a screenshot/mapshot of the scenario:

Usefulness/Novelty: 4.5
This is a rather unique version of the globe designed in AoE's scenario editor. It is very well detailed and has little clues on the map to help identify countries.
This map could be used as a two or three player Risk-style game where each competes for global domination.

The problem I noticed however is that if you play or test the scenario, sometimes players will spawn very close to each other, the closest being two AI players who spawned their town centres 5 blocks from each other.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The scenario is very well designed. Rivers are in the right places, biomes are clearly identified, there are mountains (or elevations) where there should be, the correct trees were used in the correct continents and so on. Little details like these mean the most. It probably took many weeks, if not months, to design this scenario.
It is a shame that Japan is missing, but I agree with the author that not including Japan actually makes China/Asia look more realistic.

Additional Comments:
A thumbs up to the creator, one of the most detailed global maps I have come across.
Bala Arizalu WOW !!!! it's very nice!!
File Author
Thanks man.
File Author
Thank you very much for the review and the map picture. :-)
Regarding the random game problem you encountered, I should have expressed the purpose I had in mind for this map which is not random games though they can still be had of course. I had in mind scenarios using this map. Scenarios in which you establish the civs where you want them, and where you the player set it up yourself. That way you do what you want instead of have a noob like me determine that stuff for you, or even worse -have a computer put your Aztecs in Germany as their home base.

I forgot to credit dragonmcmx for his tutorial on how to do sailable elevated water.

[Edited on 12/14/13 @ 10:40 PM]

Official Reviewer
I'm glad that old video of mine was still of some use to you :)

The map looks great, a very well detailed piece of real world in AoK :)
General_Kenshin When I opened this file, I found two images. One I don't what it's for and the other is a map of another world. Please make a map of Weyard, I used to love traveling around it when I played GS2.
File Author
You got rick-rolled! lol

I thought about putting a link to the song, but it's too late now. Sigh.

Weyard I put to show inspiration for my world map love, and to confuse people, and because I could.

Recreating it sounds like a good idea, but alas, I would then have to be a modder to make the map come to life with lighthouses and magical beasts.
With all due respect, it seems like you simply took the already existing World Conquest map and added a ton of unnecessary rivers, thereby ruining the concept of an accurate world map.
File Author
Are you joking? Putting rivers where there were no rivers is called being accurate. I gave credit where it is due, so it's not like I'm plagiarizing. Most of EPICUS MUNDI is my work. The stuff that is Alexander's is the general proportions of the continents.

[Edited on 12/18/13 @ 03:32 AM]

Wailan Waillace Why put places like Brazil,antarctica and australia ?I think that england,france and spain could be bigger so it would make some more sense and be more accurate...How about cut all america continent?If done rigth,you could even place japan!
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