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Fernao I

Author File Description
R Troitski
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
My third upload.

The following campaign's story is set in a fictional and historical timeline in Spain, Portugal, North Africa, primarily during the Granada War in 1482-1492. The characters, protagonists, antagonists are purely fictional, events may be inaccurate, and locations aswell.

Fernao is a mercenary enlisted by the Knights of Santiago, who earned a fortune mining gold in his home country. Eager to make even more funds for his daughter Bianca, he does every dirty job the Order has to offer him. Bianca's mother died when she was younger, killed by raiding pirates. Fernao hopes that this war ends as soon as possible, so he can return home to see his child, Bianca is taken care of by an old Moorish friend of Fernao's, imam Aybak. Fernao Afonso's about to find what it takes to win a war.

18+ Recommended (Mature language)

Version: The Conquerors Expansion

Additional notes: 6 scenarios - 1 prologue and 5 parts. The epilogue will be added to the last chapter.

The roman numeral behind "Fernao" of the campaign's title stands for the first chapter.

Finished it in 6 weeks or so. I wanted to make this campaign because I think we have too much violence in this milennia, like in the Middle-East, and there is also a lot of stress and agression between people in everyday life.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Wailan Waillace
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
I am really sorry to say,but this game did not entertained me.First of all,the prologue is bigger than the last scenario if you don't cheat.Second,most scenarios are just boring long walks,with some little fight here and there.The 3rd scenario(the number II) was the only one with some fight,but I encountered a bug: the persian mercenaries became neutral to me and started fighting ceuta(and ceuta fighting the persians).After all,I didn't trained a sigle military unit in that scenario,just got the elephants and the ships reinforcements.

Balance: 2
As said before,almost all scenarios were way too easy,with little fight or challenge.The only fight was in the third scenario,which makes the balance go to 2.

Creativity: 2
There isn't much to say here.The game don't give a good impression at all,as most things were just like: "Go there","come back","Talk to someone",etc.What keeps this scenario from getting a 1 here,is that the granada's war isn't a common theme here in blacksmith,(at least I believe so)and many units were renamed, so it gets a 2.

Map Design: 2+
As said before,the campaign is pretty straight-forward,with very wasted space and narrow places to walk.Really,there was a lot of wasted space.I suggest reducing the map size,or,even better: using that space.However,the cities and camps looked nice,so it stays at 2 as well(a 2+,its like, 2.5)

Story/Instructions: 2
Well,I must say: The Story was kinda poor.Fernao is a mercenary that for some reason changes his well-payed job to serve the army,promising his daugher he will come back,and after several battles,he just disappear beyond the castle in granada.We know granada was conquered,but nothing about fernao's destiny.The instructions were pretty vague,there was no secondary objectives,and who was that mounted dude in the mines(scenario IV[5th])?And it don't ends here: the author said that he wanted to do this because "we have too much violence in this milennia" and even says: "18+ Recommended (Mature language)". Hum,so,you just added 2 unnecessary lines of name-calling,each in the last two scenarios.

Additional Comments:
With all due respect,but this scenario have many flaws to be corrected.Again: Try add some more fighting,defend-the-spot or B&D.And other thing: the player is not supposed to cheat in a scenario where they want to know the plot(but now I know it,it would be better to cheat).The knights should arrive sooner,or just make the prologue a cutscene.(and cutt off that dammit rock on the farms).
I hope you do more stuff in the future,but try to make them better.As they always say:"Have a look on the best files at blacksmith" to gather inspiration. ;)

[Edited on 01/09/14 @ 09:35 AM]

Wailan Waillace I already sended my review,just waiting a moderator see it.But,in few words about this campaign,it wasn't very fun.The problems basically were: almost all scenarios were short,with long walkings without a real challenge.Fernao never got really in death danger.The only scenario that provided a real fight was the third one(II).I run into a bug in the first time i played,but in the second one it was all normal.So,for new-experienced players,this campaign may be of your taste.For the advanced ones,however,you should try only the II scenario,or another campaign.

Sorry if I was a bit rude.
R Troitski
File Author
It's alright, I made the campaign in a hurry, could you tell me how to fix the diplomacy bug, the one you mentioned in the no-reply email (where the Persians in "provide and conquer" turn on their allies).

I need you to be honest so I know what to pay attention to next time and what needs to be fixed.

Felipe Vidal ¡Wow! 1.6 is the lowest grade I've seen. I haven't downloaded the file, nevertheless...
GranCalabaza I will review it shortly. I already played the first three campaigns including the prologue, and my first impression is all in all positive and am not fully supporting the previous review.

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Map Design2.0
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