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Juggernaut 1.5

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

;About this ai:

;Map: any land maps, preferably non-walled
;UserPatch: Compatible and Compulsery
;Starting Resources: Low resources
;Starting Age: Dark age
;AOFE: Both AoFE and AoC compatible
;Civ: Any
;Tournament civ: Huns
;Random map only
;Victory condition: Standard or Conquest
;Difficulty: Hard
;Population cap: 200 or greater

;Other information:
;This ai is versatile, able to play well with a team or by itself. It destroys wonders when needed and relies on heavy trade in TGs

For those who want to get the UserPatch (non-steam):
First get the 1.0c official patch from one of the links on this page:

and then visit this page for the UserPatch v1.3:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5

The current version of Juggernaut is 1.4 and a lot has happened since the initial krush-only version was released. By now this AI is able to utilize any civ (including the Forgotten Empires ones) and multiple strategies.
Imo the best thing about this AI is its 1vs1 strength and its krush. The krush isn't completely suicidal (to its economy) but still produces more knights in a short time than most people would expect by an AI - try it out yourself with a hun/etc Juggernaut as enemy pocket. And it's definitely not just the krush which is strong, all strategies have a high overall quality.
The author is also an active member of the scripting community who is frequently releasing updates to his AI's => improving them further and further.
In the process of creating this AI the author was also partially inspired by some other AI' / AI scripters which also improved the end result which is in turn good for players who seek a strong AI to play with / against.
If asked about the downsides of this AI it would probably be that interaction with humans isn't as good it could be yet and that it also can't play water maps. But as i already pointed out: The author of this AI releases updates frequently and i'm very sure that he will resolve any remaining weaknesses or simply add stuff that will further improve the AI.

Additional Comments:

I'm giving this AI 5 out of 5 stars since its strength is on an absolute top level and is definitely one of the best AI's out there in general.
As mentioned in the description: This AI naturally requires the awesome Userpatch which you should have downloaded and installed already - if not: Shame on you. ;p
This AI will beat any and every 1.0c AI in 99.99% of the games (if not 100%) and almost every UP AI most of the time (on land maps).

[Edited on 02/26/14 @ 02:50 PM]

Rating: 5

This AI is too strong and can beat "The Horde" (tried it in 1v1 Arabia) easily with very strong strategies. Some amazing things in this AI are grabbing the deer animals to the Town Center by the Scout + boar hunting, and it keeps the resources balanced as well as the army.

Additional Comments:

This AI sometimes upgrades some units such as Knights>Cavalier but rarely train them, he does Light Cavalry in some cases. If the AI trains a lot of them it will be the best! Good work man :D

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