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Fall of Rome

Author File Description
Felipe Vidal
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
This is a multiplayer map representing the fall of the Roman Empire to North European barbarian tribes.

There are five barbarian players that may rely on their numbers to invade the provinces of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire is divided in three (West, Centre and East; just to keep game as fair as possible), each one controlling some major and minor regions:

a) The Western Roman Empire controls the major provinces of Britannia, Gallia Belgica, Hispania (Tarraconensis) and Mauretania; and the minor provinces of Germania, Gallia Aquitania, Lusitania and Africa.

b) The Central Region controls the major provinces of Dacia, Pannonia, Italia (not formally a province) and Creta et Cyrenaica; and the others are Dalmatia, Sicilia, Raetia and Achaia.

c) Finally, the Eastern Roman Empire controls the major provinces of Thracia, Macedonia, Galatia and Iudaea; and it's minor provinces are Moesia, Cappadocia, Asiana and Syria.

There are missing a lot of them (for example, all "Alpes" provinces and extreme eastern ones), but I think it will be enough with attacking-defending these... Victory conditions are standard.

Hope you've fun with the map. It's hard to beat the Roman Empire, especially as they control the Mediterranean Sea.

Any recommendations are welcome.
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Wailan Waillace Well,I'm not the kind who downloads multiplayer maps,but this one looks sweet!When I back home,I will take a closer look at it.(Question: Does any of the players start with a base and a few soldiers?And the romam empire have it's walls?)

[Edited on 01/06/14 @ 11:43 AM]

Knaber The scenario crashes, when i try to play and open in scenario editor. :/

EDIT: now it works! had something to do with a edited DATA file...

[Edited on 01/07/14 @ 07:42 AM]

Felipe Vidal
File Author
Barbarians start with a town center, a castle and six villagers.

The Roman Empire have all initial buildings, and six villagers, a monk and a relic per major region (there's an extra relic to the North). Provinces are represented by extra resistant castles.

Britannia is defended by walls to the north, Raetia is defended too, and Thracia is connected with Galatia by shallows. Except for them, there are no walls.

All players start in Castle Age, and may be able to advance to Imperial immediately.

About the crash thing, it was made in AOFE, but using only items of TCE. Possibly it is because there are Italian and Slavic players. I'll change the next update...
Wailan Waillace Downloaded!This looks awesome!It even remembers the game WAR: Romam Empire.Someone MUST place a recorded battle of this map in blacksmith.I must say,however,this map looks more fair if the more experienced players get the barbarians. :D And I suggest placing some soldiers to them,as they can be easily wiped off by the romans if they don't act fast enough.But the romans have so many things they will take a while thinking: "What I do now?",giving some time to the enemy. XD Great map.

EDIT: Oh,and how about adding cartography to the players?(although anyone can do that editing the triggers :P)

[Edited on 01/09/14 @ 10:41 AM]

Felipe Vidal
File Author
I will add some soldiers, as it's really hard to survive for Barbarian Western Players (the only way I've achieved victory is with a wonder, as Sea can be a real headache). I was thinking on some infantry, cavalry and a couple towers for protection.
..... However, I must admit I don't really get the "cartography" thing. Do you mean the technology? If so, they are in Castle Age... or maybe you mean that Barbarian Nations should be able to see all provinces?
Den cekke Hey Felipe. Someone is uploading your maps and claiming them to be his on steam. If you want you can fill in a Copyright Infringement form to prevent him from doing this. He has also stolen a map of mine and when confronted he persists in saying he has the right to claim our work. If you need to contact me for more information you can either do so on the forum (there's a sticky topic for this) or by mail.


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