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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » DtS13 - Ondaria Independence War V1.2

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DtS13 - Ondaria Independence War V1.2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other

~ The battle of Rabra ~



- Ondaria troops followed the trail of the army of the emperor during long leagues to travell the foothills of Mount Zion, to the cities of Deros and trafe, through the horn of Deros, to finally reach the plain of Rabra where hostilities begin, under the palisades Kadaria city.



  • Command regiments to defend the city of Kadaria

  • An envelope and promising story

  • A careful design of map

  • A spin off of the main campaign (in development)


    Features for version 1.2

  • Errors Spanish-English translation corrected

  • Sound Delay corrected

  • Fixed problem: In the midst of battle you declare loser for no reason

  • Fixed problem: The scene of reinforcements from the city and the lake provinientes hordes overlapped


    Note of the author

    Any problem with the game, please comment, in order to be solved, they are much appreciated your feedback, since I work in a version 2.1 of the game, and will be unpload when the game reaches 300 downloads, or in the August mounth, whichever comes first.

    Very Thanks!. By:VenGalen
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    Official Reviewer
    Map Design3.0
    "Ondaria Independence War" was an entree to the 2013 DtS contest, and like all too many scenarios on the blacksmith drops hints at an upcoming campaign that is nowhere to be found. Its very short, as the author couldn't finish all sections before the deadline. Expect a gameplay length of about 15 ingame minutes.

    Playability 3+

    I found the scenario enjoyable and entertaining despite its short length and easy gameplay. The enemy attacks give a great impression of menace and the intensity of the battles were very good. There is a excellent atmosphere here that you would come to expect out of the very finest scenarios the blacksmith can offer, which was getting me fired up for an amazing game, but unfortunately its quite simple without a great deal of replayability to it.

    Balance 3

    Although I played on Hard, I found it a complete cakewalk that can be beaten without much if any hands on control. At first the enemy looks pretty awesome with tons of cavalry including cataphracts, who strike fear into your mainly infantry force. They also come with infantry from both sides of your lines and apply pressure from all angles. However, the players infantry force has greatly increased HP and Attack far beyond any hero unit while the attacks are vanilla in strength, resulting in a one sided annihilation. The first game I tried putting my men on no attack stance between the palisades, which confused the AI as it bumped up against my men without attacking while getting mowed down by the allied longbowmen. On game two I just left my entire force on defensive near the friendly archers and easily won without doing a thing.

    The challenge presented is a bit boring, due to the short length and simplistic attacking nature of the enemy. The only real danger is from the heroes getting surrounded and cut down, so just stick them in the back somewhere.

    Creativity 4

    The scenario had signs of being highly creative, but its simple gameplay and short length undermined its full potential. The enemy attacks were the basic waves you would expect from any DtS scenario, with them escalating from different directions as time went on. The AI wasn't particularly clever and the attackers from the south could be attacked while they blindly moved into position. As far as storyline goes there was a good effort in writing and a goodly amount of cinematic materiel leading up to the battle. The highlight was the atmosphere;great usage of sounds and music created a superb environment which made the player feel both invigorated from the thrill of battle while creating some dread of the enemies overwhelming might. The gameplay certainly doesn't live up to the audio effects.

    Map Design 3

    The map looks good with no major technical drawbacks. An odd feature is the proximity of palm trees(which looks like jungle) and snow terrain. Terrain mixing is a bit overdone with many little splotches of terrain on their own. The lake looks nice, though I am not sure the gaia ice patches are needed and the sea rocks under the outpost look out of place. The roads are good but I would like to see a bit more dirt1 used with them, and sometimes it looks a little odd how cobblestones are missing with grass in between sections. The map also looks very pristine and peaceful for such a wartorn region. In summary a nice mapping effort.

    Story\Objectives 3

    There was quite a good amount of story present, possibly sufficient for a 5 rating normally. Unfortunately the english is about on the level of google translate, being even worse than any recent campaign I have reviewed lately. It made understanding what was being said a little tricky, and completely undermined the effort put into the opening instructions and history section.

    Final Thoughts:I would recommend a download and playthrough. Its a short but decent game and the atmosphere is worth the price of admission.

    [Edited on 09/07/17 @ 08:49 AM]

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    HGDL v0.8.0

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    Map Design3.0
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    Size:4.77 MB