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Lynx 0.16b

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

AI is under construction, but is playable. All civs, land maps, victory-conquest, starting in dark age, pop 200. Latest update - 15.9.2014

Have fun !
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File Author
Sorry, AI starting in dark-age.
UnfairestEel Welcome to aiscripting!

I've done a couple of tests and have some critical tips to offer

tested aztecs
builds farms straight away, which caused it to get housed and also caused wood loss due to no lumber camp.
Farms should be built only after you have at least 10 or more villagers, and you should always have a lumber camp before building farms

I noticed you didn't use sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites (UserPatch Strategic number)
When it builds lumber camps I suggest you set sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites 1, and set it at 0 when building mining camps:
This makes it build lumber camps directly next to wood instead of leaving a tile between the wood and the camp.
For example:
(strategic-number sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites != 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites 0))
(up-pending-placement c: lumber-camp)
(set-strategic-number sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites 1))

In another game it stopped training villagers after it had 22 of them because it had > 450 food.
So I believe a rule like this would be more effective:

(current-age == dark-age)
(or (food-amount < 450)
(unit-type-count-total villager < 28))
(can-train villager)
(train villager)

upon reaching feudal age I noticed it built it's market and blacksmith far from the town center.
I suggest reducing the town-size to 10 so that these buildings are built closer, this is so that the builders don't have to walk so far.
After building them or if you can't build them because the map is cramped you can increase it again of course.
Note: it's best to build market before blacksmith because blacksmith is faster to build, leaving less idle TC

for it's eagle warrior strategy it would be wise to research scale mail right after clicking feudal (it's a cheap but valuable upgrade for infantry)
In castle age when it was training lots of units, it didn't have enough houses to keep up so a good idea would be to build more houses more quickly in castle age and imperial age
And don't forget (population-headroom > 0) Or else it will build houses even after reaching the population limit!
Despite all this, it didn't play badly. It has a clear strategy it's resources are well balanced in castle age. But Pre-castle-age it needs a lot of work

If you follow this advice this ai will get much better

For UserPatch reference:
File Author
Thank you UnfairestEel.

Farm bug fixed, I will put in the next update.

;farmy feudal a castle

(current-age >= feudal-age) ; previously (current-age < imperial-age) uff

(current-age < imperial-age)
(building-type-count farm < 44)
(resource-found food)
(can-build farm)
(idle-farm-count < 2)
(build farm)

;farmy imperial

(current-age == imperial-age)
(building-type-count farm < 44)
(resource-found food)
(can-build farm)
(build farm)

This is not clear, but I don't know how do I protect wood.

I'll test camps location, for better building I will use TSA366 by BTG, I think.
I train first infantry units in castle age, I am trying to discover scale-mail (axe, collar nad gold mining too) in castle research process.
I'm thinking about houses.

Sorry for my Google English.

[Edited on 01/26/14 @ 02:53 AM]

UnfairestEel It's not possible to specifically protect lumber camps without advanced code. But using sn-minimum-dropsite-buffer might help.

Anyway, I read the script and noticed something very wrong: You sometimes don't use (can-build building). This is a huge blunder, let me explain:

The ai can only build 1 building each pass, so if you use (build house) then you can't build another building until the next pass.
for example if you have something like
(build castle))
at the top of the script, then you can build nothing but castles.

But if you had
(can-build castle)
(build castle))
Then it would build castles whenever possible, but it wouldn't stop any other buildings from being built except for the few times (can-build castle) is true.

Basically, make sure you use (can-build ;)
This will probably solve some unexplained bugs as well :)
File Author
Thank you very much for your help UnfairestEel.

Yes, I can use sn-minimum-dropsite-buffer, but I do not know what I write. Scripting is my new great hobby, but I do not have enough time to study. My bad English is also an obstacle.

I wondered why it is written "can-build x". I'll fix it on the weekend, and it will be in the new update. Feudal town-size too.
dead_kniight @jrmost
I downloaded your AI and it is better than your previous one. I am a newbie myself but I have a suggestion:
setting sn-enable-patrol-attack to 1 makes an AI a lot better. It prevents your soldiers going to attack enemy town getting killed midway and can be a big difference sometimes
File Author

Thank you. This sn is in new version of my AI.
dead_kniight Hey jrmost
Waiting for you to update AI.
We started at almost the same time, hoping you continue scripting.
File Author
Hi dead_knight ! I want working on new update now. Time is my enemy :(

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