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MFI 1.42 (beta)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is my first AI , so all suggestions and feedback is welcome. I basically used Leif Ericson's guide but then also used BeartheGreat's Training AI and some improvisation.
It will not rush and usually won't attack until late castle age.(early castle age for goths)

Strategy : Fast castle(except Goths)
Civ : any civ that gets paladins or goths(except Huns)
Map : any land map (no docks or Scandinavia)
Mode : conquest
Population cap : 200
UP compatible only.

MFI 1.41 (beta)

Some minor improvements. A new strategy for Goths. Better TSA as well.

All suggestions and feedback is welcome.
If you find a bug or a mistake, please comment.
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jrmost Hi dead_knight.

Your feudal & castle army in version 1.3 is better. I can't write good scripts, but I have one suggestion - make larger army in feudal&castle, and do basic discoveries only in this time. Boomerang by BearTheGreat is very good for studying. Average enemy has 3 rams and 20-30 army units after 30 minute - don't ignore it. Fervor (0 monks !) etc. is useless here.

Sorry for my English.

Good luck.

[Edited on 01/25/14 @ 01:37 AM]

File Author
Hi jrmost.
Thanks for testing my ai. I have played lynx as well and really liked it. I thought fervor was better before creating monks but actually it now seems foolish. Thanks for the suggestion.
By the way your ai is really good. It is damn fast. I've seen it reach Imperial at 32:46 on arena map. It beat my AI after a tough match.
Thanks for the advice again. I will be implementing it ASAP.
II2N Hi!

I ran a couple of tests against standard AI, and here are some notes:

You should prioritise researches and buildings especially earlier better. In a test MFI built 2 barrackses at feudal age, took m@a, tracking and blacksmith upgrades without but didn't train any men-at-arms, making all those upgrades unnecessary. Generally nothing should be built/researched if it isn't needed for anything.

MFI doesn't train enough villagers at castle/imperial age. At castle age the cap is 50, whereas a good number would be 100-130 for population cap 200.

(housing-headroom less-than 4) is a good requirement for building houses at dark age, but after you're training army/villagers from multiple town centers, building a new house only when the difference between population and maximum supported gets less than 4 is too strict requirement.

General performance at imperial age was good, getting a nice amount of paladins, siege and some support units. MFI defeated the standard AI.

It's nice to see new AI scripters. If you're more interested in AI scripting, I suggest joining the AI scripters forum:

Most active AI scripters are there, and people are willing to give feedback.
jrmost Hi.

Thank you, but I am know, Lynx is too bad against flush. I am researching Sanctity in early castle-age too, but it is good for big monk group immediately afterwards. I do most research in late castle or imperial - with army and especially with many villagers. It is then very fast. II2N said it well.

I solved the houses in this way (with advice from UnfairestEel). :

(housing-headroom < 4)
(can-build house)
(build house)

(current-age == castle-age)
(wood-amount > 150)
(population-headroom > 0)
(build house)

(current-age == imperial-age)
(wood-amount > 150)
(population-headroom > 0)
(build house)

UnfairestEel I noticed you don't use can-build for farms.
Basically you should always use can-build when building a building.

For an explanation read my post here:

It's at the bottom
File Author
@ II2N
Thanks for your advice. I have increased the population cap as you said but I have a query. I have noticed advanced AIs such as your Barbarian or Promi etc. have villager high of 130-140 but also an army of more than 100 at highest. How am I supposed to delete my extra villagers in late imperial age?
I have incorporated the other suggestions as well and would be updating my AI as soon as I get some time to make some minor changes.

Thanks for pointing out that mistake. I will make sure that it is removed.

[Edited on 01/31/14 @ 05:50 AM]

UnfairestEel You can delete excess villagers using
(delete-unit villager)

be cautious using this though, you don't want to delete villagers before your sure you have every research you want and you should only be deleting them when your reaching the pop-cap.
bob1789 hi how use it in multiplayer?
File Author
Hi bob1789

Well I am not aware of multiplayer features as I have never played a multiplayer game. Assuming you are talking about playing with other humans in team games, I would not recommend using MFI as it is a very basic AI and cannot communicate with other players or coordinate attacks, tribute resources etc.
I don't think MFI would be an ideal choice for such games.
By the way thanks for downloading, suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
II2N To use AIs in multiplayer, you need to download the UserPatch:
It makes AIs normally selectable in multiplayer games, and allows AIs to do quite a few things previously impossible (to take real advantage of UP, AI has to be use UP commands, standard AI/1.0c AIs only benefit from the bug fixes and such).

It doesn't work with HD version, though.

[Edited on 02/10/14 @ 04:52 AM]

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