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Downloads Home » Projects » Aerlium, The Rise of Aylum (RPG)

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Aerlium, The Rise of Aylum (RPG)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
Please note, this is only a taster of the full thing. I am releasing this for feedback to see if I should continue working on it. This is my FIRST scenario!

Play this scenario with the SPEED on FAST. MUSIC turned OFF and SOUND turned ON.

Aerlium, the rise of Aylum
You play as Aylum, a former lord and military tactician in a distant kingdom. Renowned by all as one of the most fierce fighters of his time. Aylum was sent to captain the great war, where many from his kingdom had previously failed. Of course, he returned victorious. This sparked nothing but jealousy within those holding a position of power. Unfortunate circumstances unfolded thereafter, it seemed as if the entire kingdom had turned their back on their glorious war hero within the month. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Despite his years of service, his fierce loyalty and unquestionable morales and duty to the crown, Aylum was sent into exile.

Known by those even in outlying lands, Aylum was rescued from certain death and sent on a carriage journey with nothing but a smile pile of gold and enough provisions to last him the night. What awaits him there, nobody knows but you'll soon find out. His future? What becomes of our great hero now? That's for you to decide.

Good luck in Aerlium, adventurer, you'll need it.

Read the hints or may god have mercy on your soul - if there even is a god here.

Aerlium contains loads of features, including:
-Jobs! Become a fisherman, miner and more!
-Raid shops and buildings
-Kill enemies for loot
-Embark on various quests and tasks
-Unfold an enticing storyline
-Feed your adventurer as part of the hunger system
-Level up your character
-So much more!

Please leave feedback and/or a review if you have the time. It would mean a lot and will eventually decide whether I continue to work on this :)

Bug Fixes/Updates since release
-Fixed a bug where all intro dialogue would appear at the same time.
-Pick Pockets will no longer steal gold while you're talking to Garry and can't move
-Hunger and Pickpocket alerts are now coloured and so can't be confused with regular dialogue.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I have moved the file to the Projects section as it is currently not completely finished.
- Blacksmith Administrator
Knaber Crashes at start!
(a few sec after that i start playing)
File Author
I don't have this issue... Are you playing with userpatch? If so try playing without it. (or vise verse)
Knaber Im not useing Upatch, ill try with it!


Without; CRASH

[Edited on 01/28/14 @ 06:04 AM]

File Author
The issue may be caused by the sound files I presume. Make sure you have them in the right location and if you do reextract them incase one is corrupt
Knaber Anyone else haveing this problem?
Wailan Waillace @Knaber

Hey,I'm having the same problem. :( just after the start it crashes!And I made sure the sounds were in the right place.
Knaber @Wailan Waillace

Then i dont need to feel lonely anymore ;)
Rewaider Well, the file isn't playable right now... You've put effects from AOKT wich does not even exists.
I've edited the scenario, deleting them and I could play it. But I must admit: The gameplay have not any sense... You arrive to Aerlium and a villager attack you by nothing, and after an archer...
Obs: the objectives section is not complete too (I guess). This scenario still needs much improvement.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
So far the project's playability is great. Player receives different tasks to do and interaction with surroundings is great. 5

Balance: 5
Balance was almost perfect, but maybe the player should start with slightly more HP and slightly more gold. Otherwise great! 5

Creativity: 4
Yet another RPG set in a world of author's imagination. So far author's idea is looking good, I like the idea of having different jobs. Just a bit more creativity with names (I counted dozens of names with first letter A => 2 in the title,...). 4

Map Design: 3
Map design was fairly good, but hopelessly overcrowded with Gaia paths and flowers. More elevation and enchant the terrain mixing. 3

Story/Instructions: 4
Detailed hint section, explaining mechanics was good, but the story wasn't. Tell us more about the world, the hero, his friends and foes,... 4

Additional Comments: This looks promising. Keep up the good work and this could get into Best of AoK in no time.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:2.06 MB