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Children of a Dying Sun

Author File Description
Al_Kharn the Great
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
15June2014: Tons of bug fixes and added scenario instruction bitmaps


It is the 1530's and the gods have forsaken the Empire of the Sun. It has been over a decade since painted warriors with obsidian claws and jaguar hides were subjugated by steel and the cross. A strange sickness afflicts the land as the pyramids of Tenochtitlan, once the focus of a civilization, are empty of priests, patrons, and sacrifices. Diligent missionaries tell tales of a God whose death was the final sacrifice and of a heaven that awaits the soldiers of Christ. The Mexica spirit, whose rays once shone from Lake Texcoco to the Lands of the Cloud People along the Great West Sea, is a dwindling flame before the winds of conquest and change. The sun rises each morning from the lands of the invaders but it is not the sun of Huitzilopochtli. The Mexica people are the children of a dying sun.

Play as Huemac, Luc, and Tenoch in an RPG/fixed force/build&destroy hybrid campaign spanning four scenarios and introducing new gameplay mechanics such as disease and logistics.

First, discover the ancient Toltec lands now occupied by the Mazahua. Explore hidden jungle paths, find an Aztec Jungle Warrior, hunt a stag, and liberate your enslaved brothers.

Then travel to Iztapalapa and the great city of Tenochtitlan. Stealthily avoid or bribe Spanish guards as you loot the city for weapons. Make ethical decisions with in-game consequences. Will you repair the troubled marriage? Will you give free medicine to the diseased people? Will you save a Spanish priest? Will you flood the city to aid your escape? Your decisions will determine if you will be viewed as a paragon of virtue or an amoral crusader for liberation.

Lead a small army and destroy your ancient enemies, the Tlaxcala and Totonac, while securing your lines of supply with your Tepanec and Mixtec allies. Fight the Spanish in a race against your Acolhua allies to get recognition as protectors of your people. Raid the Spanish hacienda but be warned: if your troops spend too much time in Spanish territory, they will contract disease. Only the blood of Spanish captives will sate the gods' anger.

Finally, wander the deserts of the Chichimecas and fend off the fierce Guachichil nomads who attack relentlessly at night before disappearing into the morning sands. Can you destroy their camps before you run out of precious water?


About the Author
Long-time AoE and AoK scenario designer returning from a 10-year hiatus thanks to AoKHDFE.

Previous creations:
The Dragon and the Raven rated: 4.4
In the Footsteps of the Huns rated: 4.0

The End of the Warring States rated: 4.2
Spartacus: Savior Among Slaves rated: 4.2
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JuanPaWw Where are the Incas? it says "empire of the sun"...
Al_Kharn the Great
File Author
This campaign is about the Mesoamerican peoples, not the Inca. The Aztec also worshiped a sun god, Huitzilopochtli.
Wailan Waillace (nevermind,just visited the thread in the forum and got my answer.Have a nice day. o/)

[Edited on 02/04/14 @ 08:15 PM]

Peter The Insane Can you help me? Whenever I open the campaign in the custom campaign menu, my game closes without any warning message or anything else. I have version 3.0 of AoKHD + The Forgotten too.

[Edited on 10/03/15 @ 10:44 AM]

Al_Kharn the Great
File Author
Hi Peter. Sorry for taking so long to respond. There was a big change this past summer in the file structure for aok hd campaigns. I updated my files to make them compatible with version 3.4 just this past week. Download again and tell me if it works.

Alternatively, you can subscribe on my steam workshop page.

Thank you.
Official Reviewer
Heya, when i opened it up the AI (temple ruins?) started spamming me with alliance offers and tribute demands, getting in the way of dialogue text. Guess a HD update messed something up since release
PeterN Yeah, same happened to me. I thought it's bugged or a random map. I don't even remember that this is your campaign so I thought it's something I downloaded.

When I saw the creator I was like 'how is this Al Kharn's campaign?'

Please update the file I can't wait to play.

[Edited on 11/27/17 @ 10:21 AM]

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