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ES campaign AIs

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Den cekke
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
with trigger studios I was able to extract all the .per files from the original campaigns. I think people can use them as a reference for their own scenarios or if they want to edit the original campaigns for their mods.

Don't forget to add an .AI file when using these AIs.

Have fun
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TuranianGhazi Heya Den Cekkes! You're 1302 from Steam, right? Wow, those original AIs are a godsend! Thank you so much!

I was tinkering around with FE AIs like (defensive+lots of monks) or Castle BLOOD (very very aggressive) and those two work ok. Also, works good as well. Both ImmobileAIGOLD and work as well as rh_idle, yet the immobiles/idles aren't optimal. doesn't work at all.

Anyways, how do I get these .per files to get activated as an AI Personality in FE Scenario Editor? I've mostly modded AoE with buildings and units, rather than AI scripts. Does one combine these .per files into an .ai file for scenario and assign to each computer player?

So I've read over:

This seems easy enough, since I'm a C++, Java, and Ruby on Rails coder.

Well, now the same AI file in Notepad++ can and SHOULD be saved as BOTH .PER and .AI

So for example, for Mongols-scn4 player2.per is actually Mongols-scn4 that could be assigned in Scenario Editor as the AI Personality of Player 2, right?

Now, I'm going ahead to try that. Next question is... all the other .PER files that are NOT tied to a player, where do those AIs end up in being activated or called in the Scenario Editor? For some missions, some computer players don't even have a PER/AI file to accompany them. It seems setting them to Immobile or None AI seems to do the trick.

Dark_Reign You are correct in that when you open the .per files, you must also save it as an .ai file too for it to show up in the editor.

To get them to show up in the FE version, you need to save them in the AI folder in the FE section. (Usually C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/Games/Forgotten Empires/Script.AI). Then it will be visable in your FE editor.

If you are running the HD Steam versions, it will be C:/Program Files/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Age2HD/AI

The reason the AI's are not tied to an individual player is because you don't need to. You can select the same AI for multiple players without any problems. So just a general .ai will suffice, rather than creating one for each player.

[Edited on 03/11/14 @ 07:10 AM]

Nabopolassar Hi there. I cannot understand how to make this work. Please help me and tell me step by step!! :(
And I don't know where to put this ".AI" in the files. Do we put ".AI" in each ".per" file or just extract?? Please make the details clearer.
Thank you.

[Edited on 03/11/14 @ 04:28 PM]

UnfairestEel extract both .ai and .per files into the "ai" folder
Nabopolassar @UnfairestEel: sorry my friend but there are only ".per" files. I couldn't see any files contain the ".ai" format. :((
UnfairestEel oh, in that case
1. open notepad
2. "save as" (exact name of .per file, but with .ai) into the ai folder.
3. Done, should now appear in the ai list.

The .ai file can be completely blank or it can be massive, it won't make any difference to anything as long as it's the same name as the .per file but with .ai
Nabopolassar @UnfairestEel: ohhh you are right now I know how to make the ".ai" files. But still one more step. I don't really know why the uploader made it too complicated. He only put folders and I see no ".per" files of those folders :( . The ".per" files are only inside these folders (ex. Saladin(folder), inside it 6 folders called scn1,scn2,scn3,scn4,scn5,scn6, inside these folders a couple of ".per" files). I don't think these are the ".per" files we meant. There should be a "Saladin.per" as well? Please if you know how to make the ".per" file of those folders I'm really thankful!! ^^
Nabopolassar Well, I tried the to make similar files to those ".per" files as ".ai" but it still didn't work. I'm actually going insane :/ . Can the uploader just tell me what exactly I can do about this??
UnfairestEel after downloading. I think the uploader did a good job organising so many ais

ok, first of all: if you want to use these ais in RM games they would be useless (if you didn't realise)
They are just scenario ais uploaded to give scenario creators ideas or just for people who are curious.

But if you want to be able to use the ais, you need to know what ai you want to use: there are heaps of scenarios and for each scenario there are multiple different ais. So if you know exactly which personality you want.... they are organised as follows:
each campaign is organised into a folder with it's campaign name
each scenario or each campaign then organised into folders like "scn1" "scn2" etc
Inside each of these folders there are .per files with their player numbers like "Saladin-sn6 player 2" and on top of files like this there are other .per files like "scenario difficulty"

So lets say you want to use player 3 of the first scenario of the saladin campaign:
1. go to saladin/scn1 and copy every file in the folder and paste it into the ai folder in c:/program files/microsoft games/age of empires 2 (obviously the path is different for different PCs)
You copy everything because the Saladin-sn1 player 3 loads some other files inside that folder. (in this particular example it only loads "scenario difficulty.per")
2. delete the players you don't want (or you can keep them) so in this case delete "saladin-scn1 player 2" since we only need player 3
3. Create a .ai file with the name "Saladin-scn1 player 3" (you can rename the .per file to something else like "cool ai.per", if you do: have a .ai file called "cool")
you only need the .ai file for that .per file because the other .per files are loaded internally from that 'main' .per file.

ok, now Saladin-sn1 player 3 should appear in the list and be playable/usable :)
Nabopolassar @UnfairestEel: OH!!! Love you buddy!! You saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
They are now appearing and yes!! Also, there is a Campaign Manager which makes the real campaigns as scenarios and you can use these AIs curiously, plus I can play real campaigns with friends and make the AIs play the same as organized in these files uploaded. Thanks to the uploader for the files and 'SPECIAL' thanks to my buddy UnfairestEel !!! ^_^

[Edited on 03/14/14 @ 11:17 AM]

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