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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track (pt2)

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Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track (pt2)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Xanowa's Track

This campaign is a sequel to mine other campaign Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom, wich starts on Country of Hinnegard - Prologue. And continues in Country of Hinnegard - The Last Struggle


This campaign is not as long as the first, but it have (almost) no bugs, a lot of sound effects, good grammar (I don't speak English). I couldn't achieve my promess (of having 500 triggers), but it's not a campaign, this is a one halfed cinematic scenario, explaining how the heroes reach Western-Xanowa, giving continuity to the history.
I guess I made a lot more efficient triggers and cut-scenes, without having to use thousands of triggers to make just one minute.


After the victory against the both opressors, the people from Hinnegard had a time to rest and celebrate.

However, the things weren't so good at South Xanowa. The Eastern part of the country has already fallen, surviving only their king, who's fled with the help of his loyal servants.

Charles Blingen has taken the whole empire of his brother, and now with the new project of Chermical weapons, nothing could stop him.

The western group is in mission to bring the Xanowa's general to its rightful place. Western Xanowa will can last no longer without a good king and a general to lead them.


  • Side-Quests, as the usual.
  • Dinamic difficulties (all possible to pass).
  • Pretty scenario design (I guess).
  • "Select Talking" units.
  • Creative missions.
  • Pretty sound effects.
  • A shortly, but a quite hard gameplay (on the hardest difficulty).
  • A plenty of cut-scenes.
  • Hollow atmosphere.

    Obs - Sequel to the campaign already in work (The Last Struggle). To see more details, visite the thread.


    1.1 (New)
  • Spelling check
  • Bug fixies
  • Trigger improvements
    1.0 (Old)
  • Release

    Comments and reviews are always welcome!

    Steam version - Xanowa's Track
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design3.0
    "Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track" is the second scenario in a campaign, apparently delivered as a string of scenarios. This particular is half cutscene, half playable FF adventure. Unfortunately basic trigger functionality is broken in several ways midway through, with units being deselected at one point, a further cutscene not showing correctly, and finally an automatic loss despite succeeding to follow objectives. This was quite disappointing as the campaign certainly shows great promise.

    Playability 1

    Due to being broken and unplayable, the score sank to a 1. However before that, it was a normal scenario with a bit too much walking and easy fights, even on hard. The big problem here is the player is given a pack of units, with one teutonic knight hero. This makes the walks across the map take a long time, making it tedious and boring. On top of that, the player was forced to walk back and fourth between several points to advance the story. Try to plan carefully ahead to reduce this issue, and give some gameplay inbetween, for example when arriving at the enemy fortress on the roads we could have some combat first and only then the heroes realize we cannot break through.

    The game certainly communicates an epic, grandiose story unfolding. After fixing the bugs, speeding up the gameplay and combining all the scenarios into one campaign, the author could certainly expect to have a nice campaign.

    Balance 2

    The fights were quite easy on Hard, with few units and not being particularly tough with our three heroes having a high strength. The challenges issues to the player were fairly simple, just kill some bandits.

    Creativity 4

    The author is certainly ambitious. There is plenty to show off the authors creativity, but somehow it all comes across as half baked. The story with its cast of characters lends an epic vibe to the playthrough, making the player feel as though he might be stepping into a new great campaign that went undiscovered;the reality of the gameplay is a harsh awakening from this. The music selection is quite good, with a nice bitmap. The cutscene part delivered a good amount of story without being boring, and the gameplay did show signs of how the author wanted to throw various challenges into the players way, but they didn't have much complexity, for example stealing the gunpowder went off too smoothly.

    Map Design 3+

    Desert terrain has always been a tough one for designers, and the map pulls it off fairly well. Traveling down a road with the widening desert expanse to either side feeling as though it might swallow you up, gave a very nice impression. The terrain mixing itself could stand to be a bit smoother, and perhaps just boldly leave some larger areas without swirling in more dirt or desert. Gaia objects are used far to frequently, as if to cover up the barrenness of the desert. I would use them extremely sparingly, leaving them for usage in important places. Maybe just some rock1-5 and pile of rocks with the odd cactus would be plenty. It looks quite cluttered and overdone at the moment, though I did find it aesthetically appealing on the whole.

    Story\Objectives 4-

    There is a good amount of story in here, though its plagued by the authors lack of spelling and grammar. Events revolve around the journey of our three heroes and their attempts to traverse the land. Since the scenario was disconnected, left on its own, I wasn't entirely sure what was going on that lead to this. The objectives, hints, scouts reports, and pregame history were left quite lacking. Dialogue drove the gameplay forward at all times, narrating events as they unfolded;this style of story is dependent on the character of the heroes to provide interest, which were adequate to hold my attention.

    Final Thoughts:Due to trigger errors breaking the game and slowpaced gameplay, I wouldn't recommend downloading it. If the author makes an update and releases a full campaign however, I would definitely check that out.

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    Map Design3.0
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    Size:5.58 MB