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Rage of the Drunk Monk

Author File Description
AoK Punk Team
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
RofDF Teaser was originally intended to be a trick scenario in which all known RPG elements and scenario editing tricks would be put together, In process of making that scenario a little bit of story had been added (17 pages of action script, heh), and in some point It became RofDF teaser. Here`s some RPF elements and tricks you will see inside this map:

RPG elements:
-Speak with every human character on the map, just click on him/her to start talking
-All dialogs are cycling
-Click on any building to use it
-Use market to buy food
-Need to have food for yourself and also for guys following you
-Up to 8 man can follow you at the same time, All of them CPU controlled
-Garrison inside any tower or castle to speak with the master of that tower/castle
-Use CPU controlled Baclsmith to upgrade your armor
-You can click on every house to speak with the tenant.
-You can hire mercenaries from houses(You`ll have to feed them)
-Multiple solutions for every problem
-Get, Drop item ability
-Chop trees and sell them on the market to get some food

Scenario Tricks used:
-Changing color flags, buildings (original idea by Yogurt)
-Neutral boats (boat given to you then you board it and they taken form you after you exit the boat)
-Water Gates Trick (original idea by Park or/and DSC)
-Damaged walls and Buildings tricks
-Animal fight tricks
-Cheat control
-Build in mini game(AoK PUNK massacre)
-Creating Buildings and Bridges (original trick by Rasher)
-Click = Talk RPG trick(original idea by Dl - aka Magnus)

Some info about this map (designers stuff):
-575 triggers used(That`s right, half of thousand triggers)
.1824 effects
.211 conditions
-Use of all known RPG elements
-Use of all known triggers tricks
-Very detailed terrain
-8 pages of dialog’s scripts(506 lines)
-1 sound track, 1 background sounds composition, other mp3s
-2 Ai scripts used
-Modifications of lungage.dll(full version)
-Replacing one of ES campaigns (full version)

Featured included in full installation.

-Non stop Brave Heart Music
-Non stop sound of ‘nature and human activity’
-replace of Joan of Ark campaign file
-2 full sound slideshows, before and after the map
-renaming Joan of Ark to RofDF and mission 1 of Joan of Ark to RofDM (RofDF teaser)


Full and Small version (5,2 mb Zip)
-Unzip RofDM(full).zip to your AoK folder. (Zip will add sounds and Ai, and IT WILL REPLACE YOU JOAN OF ARK CAMPAING AND YOUR LAUNGAGE.DLL FILE.)
- If you wanna to uninstall RofDM you`ll have to back up your laungege.dll file and Cam 1 to Cam 8 in your campaigns folder.
-Don`t forget to set your AoK Music to none (Full Version only)
-To start playing the map, run Joan of Ark campaign, mission 1.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rodrigo This is a masterpiece of triggerwork. And I hate those guys that say it sucks. I think they're just angry because they can't make something extraordinary like this. But Punk team I wanna ask you something. Could you download my Guy Josselyne Campaign BETA? It's in the blacksmith, single player. I must say I used some of your ideas but I've put a lot of new trigger effects in that might interrest you. It's an Rpg scenario with more than 500 triggers! Please test it and place comments and bugs in my desc.(my email doesn't work, so I posted this message here). Thanks anyway for making such a good scenario!
Emperor Jonte Coooool scenario, I like the beavis and butthead sounds included. The triggers are cool too, but it's not so fun to wait for the scenario to get downloaded. 7,6 megs thats a lot.
Guardian of Darkness I just recently downloaded this zip file and then, i saw and hope that the scencario (i think i got my spelling wrong) could be good BUT when i play that scencario, it came crash down...

You called that "Rage of the Drunk Monk" is the Best of AoK, eh ?....I give this my marks...

1 out of 5 - It is worst scencario i ever seen in my life.
The Beer Baron I thought it was really cool if i had gotten through it the first time i got stuck in a tower cause i had too many body guards and now i cant find that blasted relic and dont know what to do. Anyway its pretty cool.
Shadows This is truely is a great scenario. But like every scenario, it has its drawbacks.
Map design was great. The detailed forest and caslte area are great examples where its map design forishes. With the path and small ruins, it really makes this scn stand out in map design.
Creavity was above average. The watergate, castle conversation, the weriod guards and other things added to the interest I had for this scn.
Story was not so good. FOr there really wasn't one, you were just a guy who was the "chosen one" who walks around and is insulted at almost every corner. Which I think isn't the way to go. I know this scn was suppose to be humorous, but when the creators insulted the player, I got a tad mad.
Balance, isn't so good. The guards that follow you, eat a extreme amount of food, to quickly, therefore causing you player to die. EVerything else was ok.
Plabilty, well I only played this scn about three times, since I was killed two times for not supplying food to the guards.

The place for improvement to me would have to be in the balance and story/ should NEVER insult the person who is playing your scn, since it makes you look rather bad.
Very good scn Punks. :-)
Insane Fireball
Map Design4.0
Sometimes some of the best scenarios never get reviewed. This is an example of one. The story is great, replacing one of ES's campaigns, and adding a slideshow at the beginning, and the RPG-type feel was one of the best. The only thing that lacks in this scenario are:

1. Map Design. Most of the map is total forest, which I think was not good. In the hints there was something about a deer celebration place, a Year 2000 celebration place, and something else, but I extracted this scenario and looked at the triggers, and guess what? There was noting about a deer celebration place or a Y2000 celebration.

2. Balance. Sometimes you get trapped into the towers, and you starve to death. This sometimes happens in $cott tower.

There is also something else, the stupid change view thing (which some people didn't realize) is a Marco-Polo anti cheat trigger, so you couldn't call this a bug. This will sometimes cause a crash. Tip: when you start playing the scenario, press F11 and it will display the game time. When this reaches 900, it will change view. (900 game seconds = 15 minutes)

All you have to do to improve this is to make a warning at the beggining of the scenario to scroll to the lower right part of the screen whenever 15 game minutes loom closer...

Other than that, this scenario just rocks!
DSC it doesnt suck

but it would be better without the retarted B&B stuff
Mr. X Awsome scenerio! The funniest one i ever played. It took me a while to figure out that insted of chopping wood and then trading it, to just like steal a farm or 2 to get food. There is a bug when you destroy the castle.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
RofDM is a teaser for RofDF, the campaign Ex-T, Park, Mark and $cott are working for, while you are playing RofDM. The word is well chosen for this campaign. It is a teaser in many senses this word has to offer. At first glance it means a promotion for the campaign to come. In this case it means also a teaser in the sense of being difficult to solve, a tormentor, a pest. The campaign is teasing in the sense of roguish, playful and funny.
For AoK Punk Team their campaign is a banter and they are kidding and they tease you. This scenario has 7655K, it replaces your Joan of Arc campaign and if you want to uninstall RofDM you have to back up your language .dll file and cam 1 to 8. This is what you read and here it begins, before you even play. Just d/l, play and if you want to play Joan of Arc again, delete cam 1-4 and 8 in your campaign file, uninstall and then reinstall AoK and you play your beloved Joan, it takes less than 5 minutes.

You are the "confused player", who runs errands for the AoK Punk Team. After being introduced as a "lame player", Ex-T sends you out to visit Park, Mark and $cott in their towers.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is entertaining, it is unique and interesting, because I never played a scenario like this before or after. You need to save your game often. Your two body-guards kill you, if you run out of food and you get stuck in the wood exploring the map or chopping wood. After the monk joins me, I am stuck in $cott's tower and I thought about the question: "Are all players as dumb as you?" and restarted from the beginning. After having found the boat and the relic, I went to Ex-T's castle with 450 food. Later I got stuck in front of the monks, Butthead commenting: ”Good one Beavis” and there is this view changing, in order that you do not Polo. Whenever you get stuck somewhere, keep in mind, that this is part of the game. Remember, that you are playing a teaser.
At the end the sentences of the drunk monk and the player, as well as the notation “castle destroyed” are repeating, while monks, wolves and more of your units are produced. Fortunately the cheat “I r winner” still worked.
The experience described above goes back quite some time and I replayed some days before posting this review. As I became an expert over the last eighteen months regarding RofDM, I had less food and took the shortest way, means tower, boat, tower, tower, relic, castle, cigarettes, tower, cigarettes, tower, monastery, they got the relic. Quote DeKonte 12/21/99: “ Hey David, There is only 1 bug, that relic. I had my keybord broken yesturday so I coudn`t fix it. New version of the map whihc have this bug fixed already uploaded to the Aok PUNK team website.” Now this is bad, because RofDM was submitted to the Blacksmith four days after that and the bug was not fixed. I do not know when the monks get cartography. From above we know that they do not have it, before you enter the castle. The bug still exists, when you do not enter $cott’s tower, like … boat, tower, relic, castle… and there it is gone. 3+
-The trigger for cartography should be placed at the monastery, when the monks explain the deal. I regret the rating for this category, but two bugs and too many reloads do not add to the overall fun.

BALANCE: In the beginning you do not have enemies, but the difficulty in avoiding being stuck and many reloads very well replace enemies. The balance is too hard in that part of the scenario, as described above. On the contrary in the AoK PUNK massacre both sides get unlimited units, but you win easy your final objective. 3
-To balance, the monk should get as many units as your player or the producing of a certain unit should stop when one of your military buildings is destroyed.

CREATIVITY: The creativity is awesome and the strongest part of this campaign. Many triggers, the first colour changing item, the first watergate, the first scenario with cheat controls, the first appearing of castle, towers, walls and gates out of ruins. Last not least the massacre, which also was a première in a scenario. 5+
-Congratulations, this was being far ahead in the beginning of AoK and you influenced generations of designers with your work. Undoubted worth more than 5, the best creativity seen so far.

MAP DESIGN: The map design is well above average, with a good use of eye-candy. Ex-T comments: “…it takes me 2 times less time to make a map than to write a e-mail…” I don’t believe that. 5-
-Even for the standards of that time, here were efforts missing.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story is apart from what I described in my introduction, all what happened around this scenario at its time. The topics in the forum about RofDM and RofDF, the demo of the last, the teasing even in the forum and you got instructions to help the designers. Unfortunately spelling errors do not allow a higher rating. 4

Overall: I recommend to download this campaign.
In general I think that swearing and course language should not be part of an AoK scenario or campaign. In this case it is acceptable, as it was meant to tease.
Lord_Dane The game has potential. The scenery was great, the story was incredibly funny, and there were no bugs. However, I found the food gathering process to time consuming. By the time you gatered your food, half of it was gone! As for the sound... well... it sucked. The beavis and butthead comments were incredibly annoying! They made no sence and contributed NOTHING to the game. Other than those, I loved the game. Nice job.
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