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Robin Hood: The Campaign

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File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 7
My first campaign ever!
Please try it!
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Map Design2.0
Robin Hood: The Campaign, by night_dragoon17, is a Fixed Force scenario that leads you through the legend of Robin hood and his band of men. The campaign shows promise, but overall could use a lot of work.

Playability: 2
The scenario isn't very fun. Your men walk around a forest most of the time, and you can simply use your archers to clear everything. At times you aren't given instructions on where to go, and at one point in the game you force the player to clear Palisade Walls with archers. There is a bug in which you can skip the entire first scenario by simply refusing to kill the deer.
Suggestions: Give the enemy more units, and give the player fewer archers. The occasional dialogue you added was good, but it was unwieldy and more space consuming than story enhancing. Make the scenario longer, too, and put in more opportunities for ambush, elevation, etc.

Balance: 1
Only the newest of players would have a hard time with this scenario. Only rarely do you see a force that is strong enough to do damage to you, let alone kill one of your men.
Suggestions: Add more archers to the enemy's side. This will ensure that the enemy at least does damage. You might also want to get rid of some of the player's units.

Creativity: 2
The story has been used several times over, and the author really didn't have much to the scenario beyond "reach a certain area of the map". However, I like the final scenario where you have to escort the ram inside the town.
Suggestions: It's all up to you. I don't like giving suggestions for creativity, because it takes away the creative challenge from the designer. :p However, a scenario does have to be more than killing a few weak troops, and you need to do something about the repetitiveness of the travel.

Map Design: 2
The map is less visually pleasing than a random map, although it does appear that the author at least tried to make some areas of the map look good. Most of the terrain is narrow strips of forest guiding you along a single path, however.
Suggestions: Remember that simply using a random map guarantees you a 3. Make your maps more open, and learn the art of terrain mixing. GAIA objects go a long way, too.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story was very iffy. There were several grammatical errors, and the story consisted of a 4-5 line dialogue in the scenario instruction screen. Good job with the hints, however much they were unneeded, but there was little work done to make an interesting story.

Overall: 1.8
This is the author's first scenario, and I must admit it is halfway decent as far as first scenarios go. The author could benefit greatly from spending some time at the AOKH Scenario Design Forum, but he obviously shows some talent. I hope the author attempts to create some better scenarios in the future.
MetalHeadMofia this was a fun campaign, but down to earth game play and storyline sucked, you could have done ALOT better on triggers, and the storyline was totally wrong..first it wasnt robin hood who shot the deer and made sherrifs men go after him, it was LittleJohns son, and Maid Merrian was not robinhoods Girl, robin hood was sworn to protect her, and if you really wanted an accurate storyline you should have began it with robin hood escapeing from jail, having his friend die, and having hazem becomeing his servant. the triggers are pretty bad, maid merrian is a female villager, and robin hood escapeing on a horse is a regular, low attacked, non hero cav archer, id say the only characters you had accurate were the sherrif and robin on foot...but thats because they were already in the game...better luck next time with the storyline and triggers

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Map Design2.0
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