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Dante's Revenge (v1.)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This an RPGish campaign.

You play Sir Dante. Upon returning to his home village after sent away to 7 years of war, you find your village in ruins and your wife murdered. The people who did this? The Gorillan King. You must journey to the mountain he lives on and kill him to avenge your wife and possibly save your country, Seroc, from total destruction.
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File Author
Please submit a player comment after you've played the campaign. It would be appreciated.
File Author
A second version has been submitted that add new features.
File Author
Thanks for your comment Chris! First one! Oh, and I intended it to be really hard. I think it makes a game more fun ( Though) Many would disagree with me. I'm currently working on another RPG right now but I will improve Dante's Revenge in the future.
Chris_novais I liked your campaign, full of eye candies and all but it's too dificult man, could you give Dante some more hp and atk power ?
Rhombus the 2nd
Map Design4.0
Dantes Revenge – By ZVDickens

This campaign consists of 2 scenarios. The first is a short cutscene, which is quite disappointing. But the main scenario makes up for that.

Author's Description:
This an RPGish campaign.

You play Sir Dante. Upon returning to his home village after sent away to 7 years of war, you find your village in ruins and your wife murdered. The people who did this? The Gorillan King. You must journey to the mountain he lives on and kill him to avenge your wife and possibly save your country, Seroc, from total destruction.

Playability - 4

For this campaign, I found rating the playability area particularly hard. The game was designed and the triggers that were there worked well, yet the lack of any objectives really annoyed me and took most of the fun out of the game for me. There were plenty of side – quests to do, too many perhaps, as I spent most of the time playing the game trying to remember all the different things I had to do. I really do advise using objectives for this, so that I can keep my memory for other things.

On the other hand, disregarding this the game was solid. The levelling up system is always fun to play, and the food system implemented kept me on my toes throughout. Overall, a fun game to play with few (but annoying) aspects that made it frustrating and took some of the fun out of it.

Ways to improve – Objectives!

Balance – 3

The campaigns biggest questionable aspect. It is mentioned in the instructions that the game is hard, but it really is hard. Its not impossible, but it takes a long time to build your character up to be strong enough to face most of the opponents on the roads. The first half of the time I spent playing was spent side-stepping through forests or running away to avoid enemies I clearly could never beat. This seriously hampered the levelling up system, as you need kills to level up. Therefore I found myself spending a long time drawing one enemy away at a time, dealing with him, then healing and going back for the next. Main problem; to many enemies on the map.

Ways to improve – Either less enemies, weaker enemies, or a stronger playable character. Or possibly create other ways to level up

Creativity – 3

The game uses many of the traditional RPG tricks such as the previously mentioned levelling up system and food/starvation system. Along with these, there are many side-quests to complete and various places to buy upgrades for armour and weapons with the money you gain from completing side-quests.

The story however is fairly weak, and not at all creative. Killing an evil King for revenge. This lets the campaign down a fair bit I think.

Ways to improve – Add some plot twists, other characters. Maybe even alternate endings.

Map Design – 4

The map is possibly the best feature of the campaign. The map is well designed, using many Gaia features, decent terrain mixing and towns that are alive (Patrolling Guards, Farmers, Lumberjacks etc).

However, the map has limited elevation, and even though the terrain mixing is good, it could do with a bit more variation.

Ways to improve – Use more elevation and mix terrains more. Look at some of the main design teams (Woad, DGDN) web sites for articles on this.

Story/Instructions – 2

By far the weakest area of the game. No objectives as stated before, a weak story, no history and limited hints.

I feel harsh giving a two, but this area really was quite frustrating.

Ways to improve – Set objectives for each task you are given, side tasks or main objectives. Its nice to keep a record of what you’ve done or have to do. Improve story as stated in creativity section. Give a history to the game, nothing fancy, just something setting it up. It helps to create the atmosphere.


Not a bad campaign. Worth the download if you are an RPG lover, but if not, then I wouldn’t recommend it as one of the greats.
Medieval Warfare
Map Design4.0
Hallo! This is Medieval Warfare reporting again for another review. Dante's Revenge was a 2 scenario campaign, with a short playable cutscene and a longer scenario. It talks about Sir Dante's journey to avenge his wife's death with the Orcs. Well, let's get started.

Hmm, this is where the player will think hard of what the author wants him or her to do. There are no objectives, thus creating confusion of what to do. Several times, I had to restart the scenario because I did thingy out of order, according to the author's wanting. Otherwise, the RPG-like aspect, levels, food, manuscripts, were widely enjoyed in Dante's quest. There were aspects that turned to be caustic. An example is the elves/dwarf text talk that continued even after you brought him. Another included the "murder" of the "gaurd". Even if you didn't murder him, but an Orc did, the town rebelled against you. That caused some distress, and the text time needs to be lengthened. I suggest 6 seconds per line, as a rule of thumb. 3

This campaign was hard. Very hard. Dante is so weak compared to the Orcs and other units. Many times I was down to 2-3 health with a small band of Orcs chasing me. I could not face them, but had to run. Eventually, your levels and the items help you to defeat the Orcs, but that took more time than expected. Maybe create units that befriend Dante and help him on the quest, or remove some of the Orcs roaming around the countryside. 3

Many of the intersting points of this campaign had been previously discovered, morale,levels,etc and nicely used. However, the basic storyline of "revenge" is an overused cliche. Otherwise, it is pretty good. 3

Map Designs
Good terrain mixing, well full landscape for its map size. However, watch out for sloppy cliffwork and mountains. I would point out that the map was nearly flat, as it needs more elevation, especially around mountains. Good use of gaia to create an adventure and good placement of buildings to create towns. 4

No Objectives
Brittle Story
Grammar errors (Gaurd -->Guard, etc.) 2

A good decent RPG campaign that can be improved by:

More history behind the story
Better cutscene
Bitmap is preferable, but not necessary
Stronger "Dante" or less Orcs
Fixed landscape (cliffs, mountains, terrain mixing)

Seruk Hi, loved your map! Still, it's a bit too hard.. However, I just wonder one thing.. How did you do to make the villagers stand still? I'm working on a map, and I realy would like to know! Thanks
File Author
Thanks for your comment Seruk. You get the villagers to stand still by using immobile units ai gold, which you can download at the blacksmith
laz123 Er, nice try.

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Map Design4.0
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