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The Relics of Athalën

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7

This is the sequel to Gwyndlegard, its bastard child/spin-off The Epic Adventures of Marvin & Rob, and The Rockspring Revolution. If you haven't played either of them, you might still enjoy this campaign, but the story will make more sense if you play them in the right order!

• A 7 scenarios long campaign!
• Various gameplay styles: pure B&D, Fixed Force, one-on-one boss fights and stealth missions.
• Extensive modding: around 400 new units (soldiers, buildings, eye-candy and other stuff) made uniquely for this campaign.
• An epic in the literal sense of the word - quite likely bigger in gameplay hours than "Gwyndlegard" and "The Rockspring Revolution" combined!
• Emphasis, as usual, on the storyline, humour and atmosphere, although I try to spruce it up with new ideas for gameplay as well!
• A vastly expanded Gwyndlegard universe,
• Music from a wide range of composers, including Ramin Djawadi, Howard Shore, Russell Shaw and Kevin MacLeod.
• A grand conclusion to the Gwyndlegard trilogy!
• Insivible flying bananas!

This campaign starts right where The Rockspring Revolution left off. Our hero Immanuel returns to his home province of Gwynhill, and his soon-to-be-wife Emily. Immanuel longs for peace and quiet, and the opportunity to finally marry his beloved girlfriend, and for a short while it looks as if his dreams will come true. But a campaign isn't very interesting if it's all peaceful and quiet, is it?

Out in the ocean, at a top-security prison, five iron-clad, monstrous ships show up at the horizon. They blast a hole in the wall of the prison, and its most dangerous prisoner escapes. Xaphira, the former Queen of Xioché, is on the loose.

The news travel swiftly to Gwynhill, and the local priest and recovering alcoholic Father Garnas is very troubled by it. For the past two years he has been studying an artifact that was used in the war against Xaphira (as seen in "Gwyndlegard"), The Relic of the Rock, and he has made some astonishing discoveries. He believes that it is one of the four Relics of Athalën, immensely powerful artifacts created by the ancient king Athalën, the man who founded and ruled the Old Kingdom for a thousand years. Father Garnas fears that Xaphira knows of the relic, and that she is coming to Gwynhill to get it. He thinks that she too knows of the power of the four relics: that with them you can shape the world completely as you wish to see it, and possibly live forever. And indeed he is right, and Xaphira comes as a thief in the night and snatches The Relic of the Rock away.

It is now up to you, as Immanuel, to make sure Xaphira doesn't get her hands on all four of the relics.

Gates of the Old Kingdom | An army has amassed | An indoors scene | Up on a rooftop | Into Xioché | A peaceful monastery | Bigass Castle | An abandoned city | A faraway village | Naval action | A quick stop in Arthalien | A monument in the mountains | Mountain stream | Abandoned mineshaft


This campaign requires the 1.0c patch for The Conquerors to work.


Yes you can! For this you will need the AoE2HD Compatibility Patch, which you can download here. More information on how to install this for HD is included in the download.

This campaign is brought to you by StormWind Studios!
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
That's one problem I haven't heard of before, at least with this campaign. A crash that early on is probably due to a problem with the data files. Perhaps you forgot to install them, or perhaps they're just acting up. Try reverting back to the standard AoC data files, and re-extracting the RoA data files and see if that helps.

Or perhaps you're not using the 1.0c patch?
Great Deal I have the 1.0c patch installed. that's definitely not the problem.

I'll try to do what you just said but i need to know what Aoc and RoA mean (i know this sounds stupid :p)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
AoC = Age of Kings: the Conquerors, RoA = Relics of Athalën. ;)
Great Deal oh that's what it means? i already tried that, no results though :(
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Weird. :/ You're not using UserPatch? That's about the only other thing I can think of that could cause the crash.

If nothing else works, you could watch the entire first scenario on YouTube (link below), then use Campaign manager to remove the first scenario from the .cpx, and play from scenario 2 and onwards (unless it crashes there as well). It's quite a workaround, but I can't think of much else that might help.
Great Deal I'm not using userpatch. And about using the campaign manager I already did that too. It didn't work. I also tried to open the scenario in the editor but it crashed as well.

I realy don't know what might be causing this but if you can't solve this, thank you for the support anyway :)

i really wanted to play this :\

[Edited on 06/11/14 @ 04:13 PM]

SirJayko Hi Lord Basse,

I created a new account and I now can play the second scenario :D

Thanks ^^

But perhaps you still should upload the separate scenario's for those who still can't play the full campagin?

Sir Jayko
Jurugi So far it's excellent, but there are some crashes. My modded AOE and clean AOE1.0C copy couldn't seem to handle the first scenario without crashing, and I'm getting the annoying save-game bug on AOE:HD all of a sudden on the start of Scenario 3 as well as other scenarios now. Sometimes it works, depending on the scenario; it seems like some are just ultimately bugged and can't be saved on, whereas others it works fine. So, I can't even fully finish a lot of the maps a lot of the time. I see the work put into this, have played the other ones, and I'd give it a 5/5.

But.. I would rather have had it stable without mods than unstable with mods. So far I'd have to rate 4/5 until it's ported to AOE2HD properly or done without mod crashes. Most likely a lot of users don't know half the stuff I do, so good luck for them to mess with the files and get it to run if they experience these issues. There's some incompatibility with the mods, but hopefully these get fixed some time or another. Fixing it on AoE2:HD or on the user patch would be ideal, and once that's done it's definitely a good campaign. Too many users experiencing issues though to just blindly ignore it however.

[Edited on 07/13/14 @ 08:33 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Relics of Athalën is the long awaited finale to the Gwyndlegard trilogy by Lord Basse. In the works since at least 2011, The Relics of Athalën concludes one of the most enjoyable and creative campaigns I have ever played on Age of Empires. To add to the atmosphere and creativity this installment of the series concludes everything with a bang with the addition of a beautifully constructed Mod Pack. The Mod Pack which takes designs from this very blacksmith allows us to enter a whole new world that nothing the vanilla editor could ever offer us.

Playability: 5
First things first - The Relics of Athalën is by far the most enjoyable campaign I have ever played. I hope I'm not being too controversial when I say that it tops Ingo van Thiel's Ulio for the most enjoyable campaign in the Blacksmith here at AOKH, in my personal opinion. The campaign consists of seven different scenarios and each one is entirely unique. There's something for every player in this campaign, there's Build & Destroy, RPG, Puzzle, Cinematic and even some Fixed Force levels. I assure that no matter what your favourite type of game is you'll enjoy this scenario. The Mod Pack takes us to a whole new world that I couldn't have imagined ever being created in Age of Empires. There wasn't a point of the game where I wasn't on the edge of my seat seeing what the Mod Pack would show me next. The only slight problem that I encountered in terms of playability was a few minor bugs which just involved a restart to fix and a slight bit of lag at a couple of times. But that's something that I'm willing to overlook for such an incredible and enjoyable campaign. Anyway I blame the Mod Pack for those flaws, they can be temperamental things to design and play with.

Balance: 5
I found the Balance in the campaign perfect. No matter you're skill level in the game you'll have a fun challenge playing this campaign. Yes, there are some parts of the campaign which is very easy to complete, but then there are also some very challenging parts which will take you alot of saving and a couple of restarts before you move forward. The game has its own difficulty dynamics so depending on your set difficulty level you'll have certain advantages or disadvantages.
In the cinematic scenario the balance of the cut-scenes were perfect. When I'm talking about balance here, I'm talking about the flow of the cinematic. The music and text, and what was shown onscreen was in perfect sync and timing. There wasn't anything running off track and nothing overlapped. The text came up at the right speed and was slow enough to read but not too slow that you were there waiting for ages to read the next part. The camera moved at a good speed sop you could see everything that was going on on-screen.

Creativity: 5
Well, where do I begin? The Relics of Athalën was by far the most creative campaign I have ever played - mainly due to the Mod Pack adding so many different possibilities. But before I go into the Mod Pack, there are still so many creative parts to the campaign that can be done with the vanilla editor. I'll start with the creativity and beauty of the map design in the seven scenarios, as well as the thrilling and entertaining story that took you all over the known world through countries like Gwyndlegard, Xioché all the way to the Inner Sea and beyond to the Forgotten Island of whatever it's called. There are also some incredibly creative duel scenes, which is one thing that Lord Basse is best at, as well as some great dialect between characters and some interesting side quest and RPG bits.
Then there's the Mod Pack. Where do I begin with the Mod Pack? Apart from adding over 400 new units in it also allows us to create a whole new world and improve the RPG elements of the game especially. The game introduces new units such as Xiochian Infantry and Ori the Magician as well as hundreds of new eye candy objects. My favourite bit of the whole Mod Pack though is the special walls that have been included. Simple walls that are huge and create a more realistic scale to the game but they are also walkable which allows archers to stand on them and fire arrows at the enemy. The Mod Pack also improves various cut-scenes with the inclusion of indoor scenery. Other elements that I enjoyed from the Mod Pack are the falling rocks in the final scenario as well as the display of the magical abilities of The Relics.

Map Design: 5
Seven Scenarios - Seven Eye-Opening and Beautiful Maps. The map designs in the seven scenarios are incredible and very, very pretty. The is beautiful terrain mixing and superb placement of cliffs and eye-candy objects that create a world that you'd want to slip into and visit purely to see the beauty of it, even if there's a war going on. The seven scenarios take us all over the world that Lord Basse has created and envisioned for his Gwyndlegard series. Starting in Gwyndlegard, we travel to Xaphira's home of Xioché, and then through the Underworld to the Inner Sea and the town of Yellowside, and then across the open water to the long forgotten island of name of which I cannot remember. We also visit Armaria and get to see glimpses of Elendor, or the Old Kingdom in cut-scenes. Throughout this journey we get to see many different climates of these different countries. We see the plains and castles of Xioché, and the Golden beaches of Yellowside. Then travelling to the island we see a lush mountainous haven which opens up to a jungle-ish centre of the island to the abandoned city from the Old Kingdom. We also get to explore the caverns and tunnels of the Underwold.
The Mod Pack allows this world to come to life. As I've said too many times already, it creates a world that the vanilla editor could never provide us with. The hundreds of different eye-candy objects that it gives us as well as new units and buildings create a unique world that you'll never see in any other scenario or campaign. The new buildings show us how these different countries have such different cultures. The eye-candy objects ranging from newly designed mountains to floating statues creates a magical world that I'd love to get lost in for a very long time. The Mod Pack allows for even a fairly plain and boring place, such as the caverns, to have an entirely new atmosphere that you can't build with the vanilla designer.

Story/Instructions: 5
This is where the Relics of Athalën really hits the top marks. The story really keeps you on the edge of your seat the entries way through. Even before you start, the cliff hanger at the end of the previous instalment, The Rockspring Revolution, has left you eagerly awaiting what lies ahead for Immanuel and the country of Gwyndlegard. The story is full of twists and turns and a huge backstory from thousands of years ago that keeps growing as you progress through the campaign. The story is full of thrills and humour that will keep you on the edge of your seat but constantly laughing. It's also quite emotional, with the emotional love story between Immanuel and Emily, as well as the tragic deaths of some characters, and the impact they have on others. I never wanted to turn the game off once I started playing; I got so stuck into the story and after even objective you complete, more and more mysteries of Athalën, The Old Kingdom and Xaphira kept cropping up. I couldn't stop until I knew all the answers. I particularly love the fact that you kept all of the main characters from the previous scenarios and the all appeared, even if it was just for a cameo appearance.
The instructions were as clear as gold. I always knew what I was doing and where I was going. Sometimes the Objectives page was not even needed because your mission was so clearly stated in the dialogue between the characters. The Hints were helpful but the one thing I would say is that for some parts there weren't hints when they were needed. I got stuck at a couple of places and the hints didn't really help at all. Apart from that though the instructions were perfect and I don't think that there's any reason to deduct from the score because of this.

Additional Comments:
Overall the Relics of Athalën is one of the best campaigns I have ever played. I urge you to download it and play it because you will not be disappointed. This is a game for everyone, and one that everyone must play. It goes above Ulio in my list of best AOK scenarios/campaign ever created.
Well Done Lord Basse for this fantastic and creative masterpiece. The most fun I've had in ages.

Thanks Alot

P.S: this is probably the longest review I've ever written.

Edited for Typos

[Edited on 08/24/14 @ 01:24 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Possidon! The forgotten island is called Kalpireia, although I can't blame you for not remembering all of the names I made up! ;)
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Map Design5.0
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