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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is a non-playable scenario that is only suposed to look pretty.

  • Pretty Towns
  • Pretty landscapes
  • an Amazing 14 triggers

    This is my first Scenario. Please tell me what you think and also what i can improve. :)
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Rating: 5
    I was really looking forward to the release of this scenario, and I wasn't let down. The terrain and elevation mixing was excellent. I really like how the terrain didn't jump from one to the other, it was a gradual flow making it more realistic. For example, the terrain didn't go from grass to snow, it gradually went to snow. The little camps set up throughout the map were a nice addition. I also liked the good use of GAIA objects and map-copying done throughout, nothing seemed out of place.

    The only thing I didn't like was some of the really open parts. I feel that another camp or small settlement could have been put there. But overall an excellent job.

    Additional Comments: A very good scenario that I would recommend to new designers for inspiration and too see good use of terrain mixing. Definitely worth a download!
    Rating: 4
    Tavania is a beautifully made map. The overall feel was that of mountainish highland feel, and it sure did do it's due purpose. The excellent use of elevation to give an off the ground vibe fit in perfectly with the vast expansiveness of the mountains and cliffs. The villages were small, compact and effective in their own way, even if there was only one major town. The use of foliage and tress are highly satisfying, and the addition of GAIA objects made it feel even better.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall, I am very pleased as to how well this scenario is laid out, and in general how effective it is in portraying the nature feel. As this is your first scenario, I am very much certain that you will do well with your other scenarios. However, a few things caught my attention. There are a few areas where it is vastly open and desolate, a prime example being at the very start of the map where your scout is located. I also felt that a few more things could have been named, like the lumber yard at the docks could have been called crane or something along those lines. It also came to my attention that there was a bit too much of the bush type jungle trees, at times they felt a bit overwhelming. The wonder also looks a bit out of place among the Aztec and Byzantine buildings, but other than those few points, the map is brilliant. Please take any negativity on this review as simply constructive criticism.
    Official Reviewer
    Tavania is a Showcase Scenario by Knaber. Showcase Scenarios are scenarios that require no playability, just viewing the map and looking at the beauty of it's map design. Some showcase scenarios such as this one give you a single unit to use to scout around the map with.

    Rating: 3.5
    Tavania is a nicely designed map of a small country which include large open grassy plains and small settlements and camps. The map has some good terrain mixing and a great use of elevation. The map is designed well with a suitable amount of GAIA objects used as eye-candy and a suitable amount of trees in the woodland areas, which makes it feel like a woodland but does not overcrowd it. The settlements and camps show some great eye-candy and cool little map design tricks, such as town centres without their middle building, a man repairing a ship and an archer firing at a target.

    Overall this simple map is designed nicely but it has many flaws too. The large grassy plains need alot more work done to them. Their a vast and bare, they need alot more terrain mixing and not just with the grass terrains, throw in some dirt and leaves too. The map also seems very empty. There needs to be some larger settlements and alot more going on. I found that there was little area except in the towns. You need more patrolling units and maybe have more interaction, such as talking to the unit when you select it. The map is just too empty and there isn't enough going on in it. I also found it odd that the Palace was in the middle of nowhere, not in a town or city, with no walls around it, just two simple guards. Doesn't seem realistic at all. I also found it odd that you had people sunbathing on the sunny beach and a couple of tiles away there was a large snowy plain.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall this is a great start to what could become a very beautiful and entertaining showcase scenario. It just needs a little bit more work to make it a bit less empty and more atmospheric and interactive.

    Good Work So Far

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