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Saving Arabia

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other

*Scenario has now been updated! Scenario is streamlined and much more consistent.

Here is my third scenario. It is yet another siege (more or less). I hope you enjoy and I would be happy for any feedback!

Any difficulty is fine. I managed to scrape by and barely beat the level on moderate so an increase may prove tricky to the skilled players out there. Level is not designed to have the map revealed. POLO is fine however.

You are a roving warlord! You are feared throughout Arabia! You are Heteppo the Marksman.

However, a time has come for the peoples of Arabia to unite. An army marches on our borders with one purpose. The extermination of the Saracen people. You, Heteppo are called to the great city of Sornaith to command the defense of the city in the face of invasion. It is by your competence that our people may survive. The forces of the enemy have cut us off before we reached Sornaith. It is important that we break through their lines and ride to the defense of the city and Arabia

We must strive to kill as many as possible before Sornaith falls. Kill 2100 enemies and they shall be forced to abandon the invasion from sheer lack of men. This is a war of attrition. Fight well.

*Just don't give up hope if you get ruined. It can be done.

**Also note that great efficiency and speed is required at the start of the game. A quick run of the scenario followed by an honest attempt is likely the best course of action.

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Rewaider Good job! It's quite fun to play (Y).
Well done scenario design too.
I just recommend you to use more triggers - they really improve your gameplay (Specially when you're doing a DTS/FF map).
For example, instead putting all units near your camp, you could send waves of them and after a certain time say you to run.

@EDIT: About how to make a campaign, just download the campaign manager ( ;) I had that problem before too.

[Edited on 05/28/14 @ 11:25 AM]

File Author
Great! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for your campaign creation advice, I implemented it immediately! Seriously thanks!

To anybody else who played the level. I would love to hear how it went!
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Saving Arabia is the third scenario by Sanchun1athon. It is a typical siege scenario where you must defend a city from a large number of invaders.

Playability: 3
While the scenario is generally fun to play I found it to be tedious and relatively boring at many points. The scenario is like an typical siege scenario; gain a large city, gather resources, build an army, and defend it against a mass attack from the invading forces. While this setup is fun to play on the odd occasion it needs to have something creative or interesting to make it enjoyable and to engage the player. Unfortunately I found the scenario rather boring because thats all it was. Just a large number of soldiers charging at my large heavily resourced and fortified city. It just didn't have anything to make it stand out from any other siege scenario and it was rather tedious and boring. I didn't find any challenge in it nor did I find any way that the scenario engages the player except telling them to"Defend the City". The target of killing 2100 soldiers is also a bit ridiculous. It takes a very long time, and after a while you are easily bored of building an army and waiting for the standard AI to attack you with a couple of units at a time. The sheer amount of units on the map at points also caused some lag. I would suggest having a smaller target but making it more challenging with a custom AI and also having a more creative element to it that would engage the player.

Balance: 3
The Balance was fair but I myself found it far too easy. The main problem I found with it was the AI. The scenario uses the standard ES AI. The AI acts the same as it would in a standard random map, build a base, collecting resources and attacking its enemies with small flanks of units not large armies, like it would in a real siege. I would either use of custom AI that commands the invaders to heavily attack their target, or not give the invaders villagers, but instead use triggers to create the armies and task them to attack the city. This can be simply done with a looping trigger. If you can't create your own AI then there are loads to choose from in the Blacksmith.
Another problem I found with the balance was the fact that when you get your large fortified city, you are given close to 100 villagers and twice as many resources. Every villager is already placed by there targets; farmers are already at their farms, miners are by their mines, etc. This made it easy to quickly gather resources and in my opinion slightly unrealistic. There are farm too many resources especially to start off with. What you could do is give the player less villagers and less resources, but use triggers to send them resources after they've killed a certain number of enemy soldiers. It could create an interesting turn of events for the players, they need kills to build defenses, etc.

Creativity: 2
This is the lowest score for the scenario. That is because I didn't find anything creative or interesting in this scenario. The few triggers that were used in the scenario didn't do anything amazing, nor did it do anything that really made the scenario function. There were some name changes, and a few bits of text that pop up now and again but apart from that there wasn't really anything that engaged the player. The map design, wasn't brilliantly done, as it was mainly just an ES random map with a few added bits of eye-candy and some towns/cities. There wasn't really even much of a story. I really suggest adding some more creative elements to the scenario to engage the players so that they will enjoy the map more and get stuck into it.

Map Design: 3
The designers has used an edited random map for this scenario. The use of an ES random map is nothing great but it does give an atmosphere of Arabia, the place this scenario is set. I'm also glass that the designer has also edited the map himself by adding various bit of eye-candy around the map. This includes rocks, mountains and other such GAIA objects. He has also built his own settlements, mainly a small central town and the main big city in the top right corner. However, because this is mainly an ES random map, there is little to no terrain mixing, or anything that makes the map look anything above average. It also doesn't look that realistic. There's nothing wrong with using a random map but they aren't great, but if you edit it to add some terrain mixing and eye-candy then it could look rather good and realistic.

Story/Instructions: 3
There is a story in this scenario, though it is rather short. There is an intro text in the bitmap window (though a bitmap would have been nice to accompany it as well) and there is various bits of dialog appear throughout the scenario itself. However there's not much detail in it and it could have been expanded alot more. Who was the warlord, why was he asked to protect the city, why is it being attacked, etc. There are alot of questions that the player might ask that you should answer. I was glad that you added a small bit of history in the history section as well. The instructions weren't the clearest but the objective was pretty obvious. The hints sections was also very helpful. Overall I think the instructions were good.

Additional Comments:
Overall the scenario is average. Its fairly fun but there are many flaws. There's room for alot of improvements and if the improvements are made this could turn into a relatively decent scenario.

Well done

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Map Design3.0
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