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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Island War v1.5 (Another Mega Update)

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Island War v1.5 (Another Mega Update)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 6
In this scenario, you start with the unique unit from your chosen civilization (detected via triggers) plus a builder, used to setup your Town Center.
Here you can explore, find treasures, battle in a wide battlefield, or even look at it's pretty scenario design!
Made and balanced for 3v3 games on AOK. No lag, no bugs! Just for fun.


This is my first multiplayer map. It's basically just a nomad map with some addons and a lot more fun! Here you'll can play with your friends 3v3 and 2v2 matches!


  • Civilization Detection: The scenario detects which civ you've picked and fires a trigger making you start with its unique unit plus a builder!;
  • Pretty scenario design (for a nomad map), with room enough to build and some bridges to allow your units to cross the rivers;
  • Many treasures to find, exploring is always a good thing!;
  • Balanced resources (like the ones from a normal RM);
  • Many strategical places with many elevations!;
  • 3 small pieces of land where you can fight your enemies and drain their resources!
  • No lag!;
  • 502 triggers!


    1.5 (HOT)
  • More than two hundred triggers added!;
  • Minor fixies;
  • Each civilization has its own bonuses! The gameplay is now completely different and much funnier!

  • Minor bugfixies.

  • Too-Early-Losses System added! Now, if you get your villager killed too early, you will receive another one;
  • Bugfixies.

  • Bugfixies;
  • Smarter Anti-Cheat.

  • Balancement changes;
  • Match detector added.

  • Minor bugfixies.

    1.0 (MEGA UPDATE)
  • Auto-Booter added;
  • Cheat detector added;
  • Truly treasures added (like the ones from AOE III);
  • Single player/multiplayer detector (Credits to JustTesting1234).

  • Some balancement changes;
  • Wolfs added;
  • Elevations added in the central island (I don't know how I forgot to do that before releasing :p).

  • Release.


    Please, if you find any problems or bugs with this map, report me and I'll fix them as soon as I can.
    Balancement suggestion are very appreciated as well!

    OBS: It's a 3v3 map. However, you can still play 2v2 or 1v1 (or FFA). But not 4v4.
    Hope you've enjoyed!
  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 3
    The game, was very fun to play, and somewhat easy, but sometimes when my villager was killed by a wolf, I basically lost. Sometimes, my special unit wouldn't even spawn. Otherwise, playing it was okay, but the other players need to have a boost as well, and whenever I select an AI file, it crashes. Overall, okay playability, but room for improvement is necessary.

    Balance: 4
    I felt like it was a good game in these terms, especially with the "anti-cheat" and the special unit, it gave a feel that normally, is hard to be recreated, but I'm talking about a good feel. It's hard to let go of your mouse on this one.

    Creativity: 4
    Very creative, and also original, yet it could be a little more creative because you based it off of a certain "Nomad" map type, which you put a lot of effort into, so I'll give you that. Maybe you could add a certain AI which you'll program for the game, then that, would be a 5.

    Map Design: 5
    Amazing map design. Wonderful way of using elevation, and I loved the eye candy around the shores, forests, and the animals scattered around the map, plus the size, which made it harder for you to make, I imagine, but better for people like me, to play.

    Story/Instructions: 4
    I mean, it could've been a little more detailed at the beginning of the scenario, but thanks for including the instructions on the website!

    Additional Comments:
    Hey, nothing can be perfect, only just really good! Here's a scale for you...

    bad okay nice great amazing
    Your project/file would go in the middle of great, and amazing! Keep up the good work.
    File Author
    A lot of thanks for the review, Rageofempires!
    I'm glad you liked it that much! And I also really appreciate your so-soon review!
    I will improve the file along the time, according the bugs reported ;)
    But could you tell me which civs don't spawn? And I didn't understand why the AI crashes... It works fine in singleplayer with the default one here. Feedback/bug reporting is always welcome.

    @EDIT: And which boost are you speaking? Like a bonus? Extra researches? Extra resources?
    @EDIT2: Just fixed the units not spawning problem :)

    [Edited on 05/28/14 @ 04:33 PM]

    Rageofempires Loved ur game, btw. I think the review disappeared or something, but maybe give more resources, and have each player research a certain technology that no other civilization will have.
    Just some ideas,
    File Author
    Ok, I will add those features in further updates, I just need to balance them carefully. Thanks for the suggestions!
    OBS: The review hasn't disappeared, I've read it in my email, because it still needs aprovement.

    NOTE: Another small fix - The third bandit hideout reward wasn't working, due a trigger problem. Now it's fixed.

    [Edited on 05/29/14 @ 04:40 AM]

    Rageofempires K! Thanks for fixing :) I'll definitely give it another download.
    File Author
    No prob! It will be constanstly updated (until the v2.0 perhaps?).

    And, if it wouldn't be ask too much, if anyone could write a list of civ bonus to add in, I would really appreciate (and include on credits). I'm saying that because it's my first multiplayer scenario, and I still don't know how balance civs very well.
    EDIT: Updated again!

    [Edited on 05/29/14 @ 11:57 AM]

    Rageofempires Np, I'll give you a balance list that might make sense, but email me @
    File Author
    Thank you for the willigness!
    My email is
    Feel free to send it whenever you want!
    Administrator's note:
    I have approved Rageofempires's review, despite my doubts on the validity of its scores. Awarding a 5/5 in map design for a map that is essentially just an edited random map is highly questionable to say the least. Overall I felt that it was not up to me to judge a user's scores when an adequate explanation is given in the review.
    File Author
    Dead_End, I must agree with you, but partially.
    I know it's not a "amazing" design, but in my opinion, it fits perfectly with the proposed scenario - A wide island, with ROOM to build and full of resources. And no, it's not an edited random map, I made it from scratch (because that would be rather noobish).
    It's not worth to make a detailed map design when you're trying to make a non-laggy gameplay, with space enought to explore. I mean, if I made a truly awesome map design, you all would be provably critizing the gameplay, which would be crappy, due the lag of many objects put togheter (and sometimes, going out of sync, which is not my intention). For me, it's a waste of time (and not much clever) to make a map like you said (or expected). No one would look for it, as it's not the main plot of any B&D scenario.
    Multiplayer scenarios MUST not have a not great design, due the lag. For example, check CBA - It's basically a flat grass 1 map, if they made any details it would lag like hell.

    [Edited on 06/01/14 @ 03:20 PM]

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    Map Design5.0
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