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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 10+2
*** IMPORTANT: This campaign's topic was inspired from "Ikariam" that is an online browser game.

*** I suggest examing this online browser game at least for 10 minutes before downloading this campaign.

*** Click HERE to visit this online browser game.

=== STORY ===

- WARNING: While playing this fictional campaign please assume that the world occurs from a lot of islands only. Because the world occurs from a lot of islands only in this campaign. They are many city countries in every islands. By the way these city countries can create new city colonies in different islands or in the same island. There aren't any continents in this world. It only occurs from many islands.

- The scenario of this campaign is about the struggle for dominance of the city countries that have a city in "Tydios Island" or near the Tydios Island.

- There is a very big competition in Tydios Island and the around of Tydios Island in lots of sectors like war tech, the production of natural sources, cultures, prestige etc... The biggest competition is between of the Phaselis Country and the GrandTurk Country. "Phaselis" is the leader of Phaselis Country. (Same name) "GrandTurk" is the leader of GrandTurk Country. (Same name again) Phaselis is more mature, logical, realistic person than GrandTurk. GrandTurk is more cruel, selfish and imaginative person than Phaselis. Phaselis Country has a better situation than GrandTurk Country in every sector. But GrandTurk doesn't want to agree this situation. He creates an alliance named FORGT after he had started to have competition with Phaselis but any country doesn't join his alliance. Then GrandTurk attacks the weak city countries and makes them a vassal country for his alliance by telling the lies that have promissory. So these countries starts to work for FORGT alliance by producting of natural sources, training of their soldiers etc... Some of their workers are sent to construction camps in the capital of GrandTurk Country until they die because of being hungry or exhausted.

- "Hunter" is the president in the one of these weak city countries but he refuses to be a vassal country. So GrandTurk kills his community by torturing but Hunter goes the capital of GrandTurk Country for hunting. He becomes a friend with "Navi" who is a old president like himself in this timeline. By the way Hunter realizes that there is a competition that is with GrandTurk and Phaselis while he is hunting with Navi. He thinks that this is a opportunity to destroy GrandTurk. Because he knows about every detail of the vassal countries of FORGT alliance. If he can tell Phaselis about the situation of the vassal countries of GrandTurk, Phaselis will learn that GrandTurk has some vassal countries and will understand that GrandTurk will be stronger than himself by getting the contribution of these vassal countries. So Phaselis will destroy these vassal countries and GrandTurk Country. Because of this reason Hunter has to escape from the capital of GrandTurk Country to arrive to the Phaselis Country. While he is going to the Phaselis Country, Navi will go together with him...

=== FEATURES ===

* 3 dynamic difficulty settings:

--- STANDARD: You don't need any effort to finish episodes. You can finish episodes by trying one time. There are less enemy units and hidden traps than other difficulty settings.

--- MODERATE: You need somewhat effort to finish episodes. You can finish episodes by trying one time or two times. There are less enemy units and hidden traps than Hard difficulty setting.

--- HARD: You need too much effort to finish episodes. You can finish episodes by trying several times.

- 10 battle episodes and 2 animation episodes

- Dangerous hidden traps... Examples: Wall traps, mangonel traps, wolf traps, mine traps etc...

- Lots of local battles (Small area battles)

- 2 different very big area battles (Pitched battles)

- An absorbing and a long scenario

- Lots of different mission types... Examples: Covering an area, arriving somewhere, to rescue someone, escorting someone on the sea etc...

- 4 main characters: "Hunter", "Navi", "GrandTurk", "Phaselis" and lots of side characters

- Lots of enemy groups... Examples: Fighting against wild animals, fighting against country soldiers, fighting against mob members, fighting on the sea against ships etc...

- Lots of dialogues, cinematic events and cutscenes

- Contains RPG and Fixed Force game styles

- Lots of enemy military unit types... Examples: War elephants, gunmen, gunners, swordsmen etc...

- Lots of different war tactics that can be seen by player to finish all of episodes

- Lots of different original ideas... Examples: Mine control centers, wall traps, suicide soldiers etc...

- A detailed "Hints", "History" and "Scouts" parts that help people and provide understanding the scenario easier


Hunter Episode 1: The Escape
Hunter Episode 2: The paths that have lots of corpses
Hunter Animation 1: Hunter with Phaselis
Hunter Episode 3: Puss-in-the corner
Hunter Episode 4: The City that has 2 parts
Hunter Episode 5: A long sea voyage
Hunter Episode 6: The Surprise Raid
Hunter Episode 7: Farewell Navi!
Hunter Episode 8: Being between of the war of 2 mobs
Hunter Animation 2: The Keavios Plain Battle
Hunter Episode 9: The President Hunter is in meeting
Hunter Episode 10: The Last Battle (FINAL)

=== EXTRAS ===

- I know that character names and land names are extremely weird and confusing. But if players put aside these kind of flaws they can enjoy from this campaign. So I suggest not being prejudiced due to character-land names and symmetrical-square map design.

- You can play this campaign with "Fast" speed to skip dialogues and cutscenes faster. In addition you can finish this campaign with a shorter time period with "Fast" speed. (But I suggest players playing this campaign with "Normal" speed except long dialogue and cutscene moments.)

* I made this campaign with The Conquerors. (v1.0) (Not User Patch)

* This campaign is also playable with User Patch and HD versions. User Patch players and HD players can download this campaign. I suggest User Patch players playing this campaign by opening "Support" folder and after that choosing "The Conquerors v1.0c.exe" file.

* If you have the base version of The Conquerors v1.0 or v1.0c I suggest you playing this campaign with these versions instead of User Patch or HD versions.

* I tested this campaign with "The Conquerors v1.0" version only. (Not User Patch)

* I can adapt this campaign to HD or User Patch versions by updating this campaign if this situation causes serious problems.

* If you very stuck in somewhere or have another problems (difficulty, bug, not understanding what to do etc...) you can leave a comment to this page.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "aokheavengames" projects.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "steam community" projects.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
HUNTER is a single player campaign by Hellknight61, set in an imaginary world. The protagonist, whose name is precisely Hunter (apparently because that's his job), runs away from his opressors (GrandTurk country) with his friend Navi and forges alliances with GrandTurk's enemies in order to bring down their evil kingdom. Admittedly, the names that the author chose are pretty weird and confusing, but if you put that aside the game itself is a pretty interesting experience. Though it has many flaws, its main highlight is its originality.

This is one of those AOK campaigns that have a very unique feel. The gameplay, even though it sounds like a run-of-the-mill fixed force/rpg, is pretty different from what you'd expect, and it reminded me of old side-scrolling platform games, or even older maze-like games, especially in the earlier scenarios. Most of the time you will be controling one or two archers, or at most a small group of archers, using hit&run tactics on melee or ranged adversaries which come at you one at a time or in small groups. The variation comes from traps set up by the enemy such as mangonels or bombards that appear out of nowhere or landmines (or sea mines) that kill you instantly upon touching them. These will keep you on your toes most of the time, but there will inevitably be some less exciting moments, such as the long boring cutscenes or dialogue scenes, which could easily have been shortened or just ditched completely without losing much of the story.

The challenge is one of the things that really kept me going when other things such as the map design or the long and boring dialogues were urging me to quit the campaign. The game presents a real challenge most of the time, and that's a real achievement considering the simplicity of the gameplay. You will need to use hit and run tactics and sharp micromanagement to get through some of the more delicate parts of the game, and almost every scenario presents a different kind of challenge. The author has tried to include somewhat of a learning curve in the campaign, with earlier scenarios being easier and getting progressively more challenging. Unfortunately, in the end this gets reversed, and the final battle, instead of being the main challenge of the game, is just a walk in the park that lasts 5 minutes.(NOTE: I played all scenarios on moderate.)

I loved some aspects of the game and hated others, but one thing is for sure: this is one of the most unique AOK games that I've ever played, for better and for worse. I already mentioned that some parts of the game feel like they've been taken straight from a side scrolling game, with a narrow linear path that you must follow and different areas ("levels")and enemies that you need to defeat. If some sections didn't drag on for so long it would be a really great experience for retro-gaming fans. I really believe that the first 3-4 scenarios would benefit a lot if they were placed on smaller maps, just so they don't give the player the chance to get bored. In the second scenario for example, the last part of the map was just filler, nothing even happened there, and other scenarios suffered from the same problem.
Another creative aspect is the traps you run into, which were present mostly in the latter scenarios and were a great way of refreshing the gameplay. The water mines though were horrible - it was impossible to know where they would set off and that's just unfair and will frustrate the player.
The totally non-creative aspects of the campaign were the cutscenes, which just dragged on for too long without giving the player anything satisfying or spectacular to see. No sound effects either, which didn't help the cutscenes.

This is the weakest aspect of the game in my opinion. Most of the earlier scenarios are long serpentined roads going slowly from one corner of the map to the very opposite (even the water scenario can be qualified as that), which wouldn't be a bad thing in itself,as it is in tone with the simplicity and retro-style of the gameplay, but the things that the player sees during his journey are not that nice on the eye. There is no real eye candy to speak of, and there are some objects and terrains being used obsessively and exclusively and you'll get really tired of them (the palm forest+leaves, the dirt, the forage bushes, the paths, the rocks and the dead trees). Everything is perfectly orthogonal and thus unrealistic. The cities and villages are probably the least impressive (just yurts and the occasional houses, trade centers and barracks). I really recommend to the author playing some high-rated scenarios or campaigns such as Lord Basse's, Julius999's, Andanu Trisatya's (to name a few), to see the high end of what can be achieved in terms of map design using the AOK editor.

There is almost nothing to complain about in terms of instructions. Each scenario has an extensive amount of info in the hints and scouts tabs, which will explain everything you need to know to beat the respective scenario. However, the story itself, which is pretty basic, is hard to follow firstly due to the very inaccurate English, and then due to the weird names that the author chose for the lands and the characters. Names like Grand Turk, Hellknight country (??), Fighter Country (????). It doesn't sound like a big deal but it really takes you out from the experience. It shoudn't take you so long to come up with some decent names, and I am sure you will get more people finishing your game as a result. (when one of the first things people read in your campaign is GrandTurk Country, many of them will assume your game is crap - trust me).
The real problem in this section, though, are the dialogues. Nobody will have the patience to read them, not only because of the grammar, but because they don't move the plot forward, and they are pretty boring. You could shorten most of them to two or three small sentences if you wanted to, and again, as a result I am sure many more people will enjoy and will finish your game. Also, please stop using "by the way" once every two sentences as it gets really annoying, and you could also use the term "vassals" instead of "subcontractors". It just sounds more authentic. It's Age of Kings!

Additional Comments:
This is a hit-and-miss kind of game. I absolutely enjoyed some parts but others were just a pain. I confess in some parts of the game I just kept going in order to give you a review, but ultimately I'm glad I played until the end, because you have many great gameplay ideas and you put a lot of work into this. I would advise you to work some more on the map design next time, and to shorten the dialogues and the segments of play that involve long uneventful walks. That said, I recommend this download for designers who are looking for some fresh gameplay ideas for fixed force and for people who want to get better at micromanaging ranged units in AOK.

[Edited on 01/01/15 @ 06:04 AM]

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