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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Ardar Diplomacy - Croboss version 1

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Ardar Diplomacy - Croboss version 1

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Version: Age of Kings HD
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
Welcome young adventurer, this is a war for only a few who can master the arts of diplomacy backstabbing treachery tactics, and loyalty. This scenario will test your strengths to the limit as you choose one of the eight races in the fight for Ardar:

P1 (blue) : The Capital (Teutons)
P2 (red) : The Nomads (Huns)
P3 (green) : The Elves (Britons)
P4 (yellow) : The Southern Kingdom of Men (Saracens)
P5 (teal) : The Northern Kingdom of Men (Spanish)
P6 (purple) : The Islanders (Koreans)
P7 (grey) : The Trolls (Celts)
P8 (orange) : The Outlaws (Goths)

~~Make teams unlocked~~

****** OFFICIAL MAP GROUP : or search Ardar Diplomacy when browsing for groups ******

/////please do not change in-game colour/////

---- --- ---- --- ----

The Lands of Ardar are gruesome and terrifryng so listen in closely for some tips of how to survive in the lands. Firstly the Capital can not ally with the Trolls nor the Outlaws so you have to choose one side to wage the war in, or maybe you can create your own federation of countries to make the ultimate alliance. Also make alliances with specific countries to exploit them, and for trade, the islanders have a good navy, whilst the southerners have great horses to kill Cavalry. Now that you know can become a tactical commander in Ardar I would like to tell you some more in-depth stuff you aid you in your travels or conquering the world.

~~The Capital (p1)~~
The capital should aim to eradicate the trolls (p7) and the outlaws (p8), while trying to maintain peace between the other players. Since the capital controls the land, they are able to tax other players in other to gather resources which can be used to protect other players from the trolls and outlaws. However, be careful to not over tax, as this could lead to an uprising from the other players.

~~The Nomads (p2)~~
The Nomads are spread around Ardar, but still posses a lot of power with their tarkans. Since they own large quantities of land, they should aim to build up and protect all of their settlements as this will give them a decisive edge in long-term conficts. They have the option of either siding with the capital or joining the trolls and outlaws in overthrowing the capital.

~~The Elves (p3)~~
The Elves are concerntrated around the mountains of Ardar with a foward base near a troll fortress. The forward base can be used to trade and to establish a vantage point from invaders. They should aim to protect their dwellings from invading enemies while trying to expand from the mountains into the forest which is abundant with recources. Another major aim is to keep control of the mountain passes, so they can control who goes in or out. They have the option of either siding with the capital or joining the trolls and outlaws in overthrowing the capital.

~~The Southern Men (p4)~~
The Southern Men reside in the deserts of Ardar and they have a great defencive positon due to the trecharous marshes. However, the outlaws have infultrated the desert and aim to claim their land, so it is advised to either make peace with the outlaws or eradicate them from the desert. Another aim is to develop their base in the forest which is under possible threat from the trolls. They have the option of either siding with the capital or joining the trolls and outlaws in overthrowing the capital.

~~The Northern Men (p5)~~
The Northern Men live on the plains and the northern wastelands of Ardar and are also currently sieging one of the Islanders forts. They should aim to seize control of the islands which are rich with resources and also to defend the northern bridge from the troll hordes. Once they loose control of the bridge the trolls have easy acess to the Men's stronghold. They have the option of either siding with the capital or joining the trolls and outlaws in overthrowing the capital.

~~The Islanders (p6)~~
The Islanders control majority of the islands of Ardar. They should aim to build a navy to protect themselves from the invasion of the Northern Men and also a strong land force to defend their northernmost fort. They should also aim to establish their forward base on the mainland and seek trade between other nations. They have the option of either siding with the capital or joining the trolls and outlaws in overthrowing the capital.

~~The Trolls (p7)~~
The Trolls live in the mountains of Ardar and have extremely fortified fortresses. Their major fortress is in the north of Ardar and the aim is to take control of the northern bridge or break through the Elven pass through the mountains. Once they have broken through these defences they should aim to destroy the Embassy's of the Capital so that the Capital cannot save the other nations from the might of the trolls. From there they can rampage as they wish. The southern troll fortress is in a thick forest and it should aim to take control of the surrounding areas and stop other nations from expanding. The trolls are sworn enemies of the Capital and will do anything to conquer it and take the land of Ardar for themselves.

~~The Outlaws (p8)~~
The Outlaws aim is simple, to destroy the Capital by all means possible. They should aim to destroy the capital's Embassys/Tax and siege the Capital.


Tax Collection

Every ten minutes the Capital (blue) receives 3 tax collectors, one in every embassy. The Capital can send these tax collectors to p2's - p6's castles to tax them. The type of tax can be changed at the bottom of the map, using the king. If a Embassy is destoryed no more tax collectors will spawn there. If a nation's castle is destroyed then no more tax can be collected from that nation.
Blowing up and fixing bridges

If there are flags at either side of a bridge that means that bridge is eligible to be blown up, and fixed. To blow up a bridge you have to put 3 petards on on one of those flags. Then everyone unit on the bridge will die, and it will become unpassable. The petards dissapear as-well. To fix a bridge you get one villager, with 200 stone and 200 wood, and put it on the flag near the bridge. You will lose the resources, and the bridge will be repaired.


The outlaws recieve gold for kills. This gold is taken from the capital's coffers.

20 kills - 100 gold
50 kills - 200 gold
75 kills - 350 gold
150 kills - 800 gold
300 kills - 1500 gold
500 kills - 2500 gold
If you have one or more barracks, archery, stable or siegeworkshop than your starting amount you will be charged with gold at 1 every 2 seconds. So if you have two extra barracks itll be 2 gold every two seconds. Siegeworkshops though also pay wood, and do it in 1/1. They also are limited to one extra, whereas every other one is limited to 5 extra. If you breach the limit then you will have to pay 40 gold every 4 seconds or 40 gold, and wood every 2 seconds. Units will also be damaged every for seconds as-well, though only for their class e.g. infantry, range, cavalry, siege.

Now there's one more thing to look at your loyal heroes. You should use them wisely to lead you and your armies to battle and turn the tide, they are powerful and can kill off armies by themselves so make sure not to lose them.

That's it and farewell young adventurer may the best procced in your travels.


As much eye candy as possible
378 triggers
38 heroes
Carefully thought out map
As balanced as possible

~~~Other Maps~~~

Europe in 1600s -
Lord Of The Rings -

****** OFFICIAL MAP GROUP : or search Ardar Diplomacy when browsing for groups ******
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