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Mare Nostrum RP (The Conquerors Version)

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 7

The Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion Version


Are you tired of being rushed, trushed and grfhrushed by ungentlemanly n00bs? Are you tired of the repetitive, harsh nature of Castle Blood, and the braindead slaughter of michi? Then this is a multiplayer scenario for you!

Inspired in particular by "Seas of Egressa", "Mare Nostrum" (from the old Roman name for the Mediterranean, "our sea") is a roleplay-driven build-and-destroy scenario, similar to your standard random map but with some key differences. You will assume the role of one of seven national leaders, three major and four minor, and you must guide your nation to glory through whatever means you see fit: diplomacy, trade and naval and land-based warfare. There are also rules for all players to follow: rules that govern declarations of war, handling diplomacy, and more. These rules will be enforced by the players themselves and not by a rigid set of triggers, allowing for more fluid gameplay; the host will of course have the option to boot any player who simply disregards the rules, but other than that it is up to the players to enforce and abide by the rules.

The scenario is set on a giant map, and some extra tidbits have been changed if you compare it to the map, or scenario 4 in "The Relics of Athal├źn": several small islands have been added to the Inner Sea and Southern Ocean to make gameplay more varied and allow for colonization and more conflicts for resources. The design of Yellowside and other locations has naturally been simplified.

The scenario centers on the Inner Sea and its surrounding regions, and it is set in the same universe as the Gwyndlegard series. All nations are at peace at the start of the scenario, but several hotbeds exist that may lead to conflict. You may then pursue each nation's interests however you see fit, forging alliances, inciting rebellion and shifting the balance of power in your favour.


The three great powers:

Player 1: Amaria; Saracens: controls the Straits of Ezul, the only passage into the trade center of the world: the Inner Sea. Amaria controls the island of Yellowside as a puppet and wants to preserve the status quo in the region: they want to stop the Arthalian southward expansion and solidify their naval supremacy by colonizing all islands in the region.

Player 2: Arthalien; Mongols: has a long-standing claim to the throne of its southern neighbour, Seragon, which it wants to pursue at all costs. They want a port on the shores of the Southern Ocean to get around the Amarian-controlled bottleneck at Ezul. They view the Amarians as their primary rivals, and the South Ondorians with suspicion. They also see a potential ally in Yellowside as both nations hold grudges against the Amarians, and with Yellowside's help they could end up breaking Amaria's hold on the Inner Sea.

Player 3: South Ondoria; Goths: has no immediate enemies in the area, nor any claim to the Inner Sea territories. Their primary concerns are that Seragon should remain independent, as they want a buffer state against Amaria and don't want a war on their borders, and with expansion into the uninhabited desert between them and Arthalien, a no-man's-land claimed by both countries.

... and the four minor powers:

Player 4: Yellowside; Byzantines: situated in the middle of the Inner Sea, they have every potential of becoming its sole ruler. They are currently in a forced alliance with Amaria, an alliance they intend to break whenever they get the opportunity.

Player 5: Berydia; Vikings: located on the western shores of the Inner Sea, Berydia is far away from the hotbeds of conflict. They have access to the sea, but no starting navy. To the north and south are unihabited lands, and off the coast are resource-rich islands waiting to be colonized. If the Berydians can get there before the Yelonese or Amarians, they too might become a naval power with their quick longships.

Player 6: Seragon; Turks: a relatively weak citystate crammed in between the greater nations of Amaria, Arthalien and South Ondoria, Seragon has stood the test of time due to the regional balance of power more than anything else. Now they face forced subordination or an all-out war. They must align with one of the great powers and turn their backs on the other two, and hope to the gods that their decision was wise.

Player 7: Gwyndlegard; Celts: situated at the far east corner of the map, one of the southernmost towns of Gwyndlegard makes it into this scenario! With vast woodlands at their command they can export what they gather to the poorly forested nations of the south, and thus make up for their lack of gold. As the country is allied to both Arthalien and South Ondoria, and has no interest in expanding into their territory, they think they are off to a peaceful, easy ride. But should their allies declare war upon one another, Gwyndlegard might be pulled into the conflict.


Berydian fort | Yellowside | Amaria | South Ondoria | Arthalian-Ondorian border | The uninhabited west | Gwyndlegard | Mapshot! | Mapshot with national borders and claims
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
John the Late
I just checked your scenario to see if you had a booter (working on a scenario of myself atm), and there I noticed that your booter is a fishing ship... you need to change this. Player 1 could try to gather all his idle vills in the late game by rapidly clicking on the minimap while pressing the idle villager hotkey (quite often done in RM), and this would cause the fishing ship to boot someone. It's more advisable to pick a unit that is not selected by either idle military or idle villager. Horses and sheep can be a good option for this, the latter only if the area is inaccessible to prevent an ownership change, but they also have the advantage of not being able to be deleted by accident..
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