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Towton 1461 AD

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

Towton, 1461 AD
(England's bloodiest battle)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Unzip the campaign file and all soundfiles into your Age of Empires II folder. They should go into the right directories. All MP3 files start by string '1461-'; so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them.

There are two versions of the campaign- Towton 1461 AD and Towton 1461 AD (snow). The second one needs a mod (Towton-snow.akx), which is included in the ZIP file. If you are planning to use snow mod, you should have ModPack Studio 2.0 (MPS) or MPS 2.0 Lite installed on your computer. If you do not know how to use mods, find further information here: The Mod pack will slow down the game a little, therefore you should have faster PC, if you do not wish to experience a lag.


- Another approach to fixed force scenario (Increased HP extend the life of the unit and postpone the end of the battle, Extra attack value represents the morale of the troops, different events during the battle may change yours or your opponent's morale hardly.) Your tactical decisions are even more important then your skill of fighting!
- Challenging
- Detailed map based on real map
- Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
- More than 400 triggers for a single battle !!!!
- A lot of new sounds and music
- 3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
- Nice Intro scene
- All characters are based on true historical persons
- OPTIONAL: Snow mod for more realistic experience

The scenario is based on historical facts, although some events are not 100% historically accutare. The battle is supported by Osprey Military history book written by Christopher Gravett and ilustrated by Graham Turner.


The bloody Wars of the Roses drags on as the Houses of York and Lancaster vy for power. The Lancastrians are on equal terms with the Yorkists now, having eliminated the Duke of York from the scene at the Battle of Wakefield and been victorious at the second Battle of St Alban's. However, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, "the Kingmaker", occupied London and proclaimed the eldest of York's sons as King Edward IV. Edward himself decided to take the initiative and march north to Towton in the hope of inflicting a final defeat on his rival, King Henry VI.


- King Bob VI, the author of splendid FF campaign The Battle at Stamford Bridge 1066 AD - for playtesting and giving me very useful advice and suggestions.

- Revned, the author of the Rain and Snow mod. My mod (Towton-snow) is just a little modified original.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WildCardDoW Yay, its finally here, can't wait to play this one.
Duncan_Hardy This is a fantastic, incredibly atmospheric battle. Highly recommended.
River_Styx A very interesting campaign. Very fun, fantastic campaign.

Although when I played it on Standard, it didn't require much tactical thinking. Though, given, I haven't played it on moderate or hard yet, which I plan to do sometime soon.

But other then that I love the way the units were ser up and how the camp looked, very cool.
nathbert Good! River Styx's comment has been moved from the reviews section.

Or maybe I'm going mad, and it wasn't ever there... who knows?
venom25704 the playability is ok,you can only use certain command units,im not too shure about the balance as to how this will be used in the game,but this creativity of this campaign is absoulty awsome.i love the idea of having massive battle campaigns,i love the map design,i dont know on how acrate it is,but that dosent matter.story and instrutions,it had me in aww
brandonlavoie Awesome!!!
Official Reviewer
This is certainly brilliant. The camp scene was atmospheric and astoundingly created and the battle scenes were so realistic. A superb job, MCrnigoj!
Official Reviewer
Great game. I just finished it on moderate difficulty and will go on to hard. I noticed something.. I can't seem to surround the enemy captains and target them when they are behind their own lines. This makes it more difficult though. I also wondered how did the longbowmen disappear somehow? Anyway a very good FF game.
Official Reviewer
Sword of Storm the archers were tasked south beyond the Lancastrian camp where they were then removed.
Lord Korvus this is one of the best Ive ever played.
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