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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » MGC14 - The Departure of Boromir

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MGC14 - The Departure of Boromir

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
~~The Departure of Boromir~~

HockeySam18's entry to the MGC'14

Based off the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as the films directed by Peter Jackson.

Background: Having reached the Falls of Rauros, the Fellowship prepares to cross the Anduin to escape the army of Orcs hot on their trail. However, temptation strikes as a semi-possessed Boromir waylays Frodo near the summit of Amon Hen, the 'Hill of Seeing,' an encounter that Frodo barely escapes, leaving a suddenly remorseful Boromir in his wake. As the Orcs approach, their close proximity unbeknownst to the Fellowship, Aragorn encounters a mortified and paranoid Frodo. This is where our story begins...

-A short intro cutscene, followed by fast-paced Fixed Force and RPG gameplay and fighting, capped by a final boss fight.
-Custom soundtrack, voice acting, and sound effects, courtesy of Howard Shore, the LoTR films, and TOAO DaVe (for one particular sound effect).
-Difficulty dynamism- three distinct levels of difficulty, guaranteeing that there is something for players of all levels.
-Realistic units- principal characters and unit classes are tailored (through use of triggers and unit/hero type) to have strengths and weaknesses befitting their roles in the LoTR canon.

Special thanks:
-To my comrades at Stormwind Studios, for general inspiration and providing excellent advice.
-To my playtesters: Cysion, Croatianboss, and Sir Dolphin 2.

Note: The latest version of the UserPatch is necessary to play this scenario. You can download it here.

See the readme that I've attached in this download for more info regarding the scenario, setup, etc. Enjoy!

A Stormwind Studios production.
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Official Reviewer
Congrats on winning the Minigame Competition!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks Possidon!
Knaber Gratz :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"The Departure of Boromir" is a short RPS-style minigame featuring a series of intense duels and small battles. It is also the winner of the 2014 Minigame Competition.

This scenario is a lot of fun. It consists of three small battles in which you use each of your heroes' strength to overcome the orcish onslaught. It's pretty simple, but it's a tightly packed, well-executed and well-balanced showcase of RPS fighting styles. The music and dialogue snippets also add to the experience.

All three battles are challenging, and it took me a few restarts to get through the scenario, but the scenario did become progressively easier. The first battle was, in my opinion, pretty much perfectly balanced, as my heroes were all down low HP levels as the battle wound down; by the last battle there was much less need to micromanage, and I was able to win this one without a single restart. All in all it's a mixed result, landing the overall score here at a 4.

As mentioned before, the scenario is a pretty simple but well-executed showcase of various RPS fighting styles, all requiring you to use your micromanagement skills to get through the challenges. The techniques have been used many times before, but the author still manages to mix them up to get a ratehr fresh feel to them. Apart from that, there nothing that really stands out. The map design is great, and here the author also uses known techniques to achieve great results. All in all, in terms of creativity this is a solid scenario.

The high point of the scenario. The entire map is very well-crafted, from the tighly packed bushes and rocks that serve as a battleground early on, to the abandoned ruin in the center, and to the little stream by the hills used in the finale. It's a gorgeous map, and well worth a top score.

The insructions are a bit lack-lustre, as you're thrown into each fight with no idea what to expect. I think it would improve the scenario to have some basic instructions and hints for each fight, while still not giving everything away in detail. The story, then, closely follows the scene from the Lord of the Rings in which Boromir, in an attempt to rectify himself after threating to take the ring from Frodo, sacrifices himself in saving Merry and Pippin. The scenario pretty much requires prior knowledge of either the books or the films; while I don't suggest you retell the whole story up until this point, a little more backstory would still be good for those who haven't seen/read LotR, or haven't done so in many years.

Overall, this is a fun, action-packed minigame, worthy of its title as winner of the MGC14!
Knaber Evry time i save the game it crashes :(

EDIT: managed to fix it, i installed Upatch the wrong way.

[Edited on 09/06/14 @ 06:57 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Good to know! And yeah, since UP gets updated all of the time, it can be a little touchy. After UP has seen its final release (hopefully never, lol, so the great work can continue), I'll update this with the final version to assure consistency.

Fyi this uses the UP version from August 15, I think.

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Map Design5.0
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