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Camel Archer

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Camel Archer unit made by mixing the Mameluke and the Cavalry Archer.Can be useful in any Eastern scenario or as a UU for a eastern civi such as berbers or moors.
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Bala Arizalu What software do you use to make this (Adobe PS, Paint, Corel, or other)?. :/

[Edited on 09/01/14 @ 04:58 AM]

Knaber i dont know what program he used but there is a great program called GIMP! it is free!
File Author
I use to use photoshop yo make mods but now I dont have it and use gimp.this is just copy pasted mod can do with any programme.I wanted to make the walking graphic better but could not get it right might try again later.
Official Reviewer
Camel Archer by Mahazona is a new copy and paste unit that adds an archer riding a camel into your game.

Usefulness/Novelty: 4.5
The unit is a very good looking unit. There are no camel archers in AOK currently so this mod is rather unique, I don't think I've seen one before but I may be mistaken. The unit is perfect for use in eastern settings. It is a very good eastern looking unit and can be used in scenario set in the Middle East, or the crusades. The camel archer can have many uses and it can greatly improve the diversity of your scenarios if used. The mod also comes as SLP so you can chose which unit you want to replace with the SLPs or with some DRS/DATA editing you can add it in as a whole new unit.

Quality/Instructions: 4
Being a copy and paste job the quality isn't perfect but its a very good attempt at a copy and paste unit. I understand how hard it is to do a copy and paste unit as I have tried numerous failed myself. The unit is very well designed and fits in perfectly with it's eastern theme. The frames are put together very well and there is no jumping between frames when the unit moves. The main downside of this mod pack is the lack of instructions for installing this Mod Pack. If a new user who has never downloaded a Mod Pack before wanted to use this there is nothing in the file to tell him how to install the Mod Pack.

Additional Comments:
Overall this unit is of very good quality and perfectly fits its theme as an Eastern Camel Archer. It allows for greater diversity in your eastern themed scenarios. The only downside being it's lack of installation instructions.

Good Job Mahazona
File Author
Thanks for the review sadly I could not do a better version with a different head or with a better walking animation as I planned.
Ultimatrix It looks great, but if someone is going to use it it looks so much like the normal Mameluke so it won't fit as a UU, can you pls try making it on a wild camel?

Probably something like what animal man was trying to do.

[Edited on 12/08/14 @ 02:41 PM]

File Author
I tried that while back but the death frames were giving me a hard time.Its very unlikely that I will make another camel archer.
Sayyed Hassaan how to sue mod packs i am new with it. thank u
File Author
This is just a slp for a new unit you will need data editing work to get this working.

Some slp mods can be used directly eg my crusader cavalry.You need to download turtle pack and open the graphics.drs using the drs editor there you can look through the slp files and replace the hero slps with the crusader cavalry.right click on the hero stnadiung slp and replace it with the crusader standing graphic slp.
Dave3377 Looks good. But here is my one problem (and PLEASE someone correct me if I am wrong):

The mameluke camel unit in AoK never made any sense. The mameluke were Turkish slaves/mercenaries fighting, often as cavalry, in the Caliphate's armies--not as camelry.

There are VERY few instances of record where anyone fought on camel back. Camels were used for transporting troops and supplies, not fighting.

And lastly, the mameluke unit in AoK (and the one in this mod) rides a Bactrian camel which is native to Mongolia NOT Arabia! All Arabian camel units should be on dromedary camels (one-humped camels).

But really camels should be used as trade units, not fighting units. Save for the Mongolian war drum which was carried on a camel and would have made a great Monk-like unit that heals allies and turns enemies.

I'd love to see trade-cart replacement with camels for the Persians, Mongolians, and Saracens, that also have a resistance to cavalry (which ARE reluctant to charge the strange smelling beasts).

That is my 2 cents. Love the job you did with the graphics, and encourage you to continue. But the whole camel concept in AoK is a bit misleading. :(
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