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Age of Empires 2: The Forgotten 1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is the my version of Age of Empires 2: the Forgotten Empires.

How to instal:

Step 1:
To use this mod, you will have to install the forgotten empires.

Step 2:
replace the data folder in the games map and enjoy.

Step 3:
to make the new civs available in-game, replace the XML file Age_x2

Version 1.0:

- Franks now have Bloodlines.
- Mongols recieved Ring Archer Armor and Chain Boarding Armor
- Britons recieved Thumb Ring
- The Imperial Camel is no longer a civ bonus for the Indians. Some other civs can use it as well. Download the mod to see which civs can.
- Janissary hitpoints and attack returned to values of Age of Kings.

New Civs added:

- Romans
- Russians

New technologies Added:

- Literacy
- Landownership
- Marksmanship
- Marching
- Royal Emissaries
- Improved Spears
- Pogroms (Russians)
- Tsar Defenses (Russians)
- War Tactics (Romans)
- Fieldmarshals (Romans)

New units Added:

- Legionary (Romans)
- Centurion (Romans)
- Cossack(Russians)

To do list:

- A unique unit for the Dutch (could use some help with that)
- Bug fixes for the Cossack
- AI changes so the new techs will be used by the AI

Version 1.1:

- Bugfixes
- Russians and Romans are now fixed
- Camel Training added
- Keep and Bombard Tower Added to Slavs/Russians.

To do List:

-AI files for new civs
-Dutch will be featured in version 1.2

Version 1.2:

-Goths recieve Plate Mail Armor
-Dutch Civ added

New Units added:

-Sea Beggar (Dutch) added
(credits go to Monsterslayer, levy swordsman was just what I was looking for. Created the icon myself.)

New Technologies added:

-Battleships (Dutch)
-Tower Guards (Dutch)

To do list:

-AI files for the new civs

Campaigns announcement:

I'm currently working on three campaigns to be added. maybe more to be added in the future

1) William of Orange fighting the Spanish. Force the Spanish to leave the Lower Lands. Support William in his task to defeat the Spanish.
2) Fight with Charlemange in his effort to conquer europe.
3) Drive the mongols back over the steps with Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Conquer the crimea and defeat the Ottomans.

Hope you guys like it. Credits go to Age of Chivalry from which I added most of the stuff.

Preparations for version 1.3:
I want to add an african civ. I'm looking for black civilians and a graphic set to add. If someone has ideas about this, share your thoughts in the comments.
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mrsars - Franks now have Bloodlines.
- Mongols recieved Ring Archer Armor and Chain Boarding Armor
- Britons recieved Thumb Ring
Those changes make that civ OP for sure :o
Mahazona - Romans (fully fixed, ready to use) Already in the game called Italians
- Russians (has some bugs) Already in the game called Slaves
- Dutch (not finished yet) Already in the game called Viking

Its nice to see people modding but does not make much sense on you concept or the things you have added.can you post a screenshot of the new units/buildings you have added?
File Author
Hey Guys. I added the bloodlines to the french because if you fight the spanish or some other cavalry civ you basically lose your advantage in comparison to the age of kings.

I added the Dutch because the vikings are from the northern lands (skandinavia) and are actually no Dutch. Im thinking to create a campaign about the dutch uprising agianst the spanish (late 1500).

The russian empire (1300 and later) is not featured in age of empires yet. The slavs are all slavic tribes referring back to the slavic empires back in 700-1000. My idea was to create the russians at the times of the tsars. That period lack in age of empires 2.

The lombards (Italians) are not equal to the romans. I developed the Romans (200 BC, - 400), because the western roman empire was not featured yet in age of empires 2. Sure the Byzantines were there, but the Byzantium was the surviving eastern part of the once vast roman empire. The lombards and romans are not the same civ. Also, The new Legionary and Centurion, launched with The forgotten empires were not yet featured. I think the legionary looks really great and should be added to the game.

PS. Sorry for the long post....

[Edited on 09/10/14 @ 06:02 AM]

File Author
Im currently updating the first version and removing some bugs and stuff. In a few weeks I'll try to update this version.
File Author
The Keep and Bombard tower slp files were missing for the Slavs. At this moment I'm working on those as well.
Bala Arizalu Suggestion: please remove "Allah's Blessing" or change its name, because it is insulting Islam.

[Edited on 09/10/14 @ 01:22 AM]

Hades85 Is every muslem a copyright holder of the islam?
File Author
I want to avoid any problems, so no worries. Ill adjust in the update. I'll rename that technology. it also has the wrong icon so I'll be working on that too.

[Edited on 09/10/14 @ 05:52 AM]

adamproxdude33 can u add more factions
Vampirus Mortem Downloaded this and you guys did great work.

"Suggestion: please remove "Allah's Blessing" or change its name, because it is insulting Islam."

Sorry, this is Age of Kings heaven, not a liberal media website. I've seen plenty of mods who make insults to Atheism and I haven't said a word.

[Edited on 09/15/14 @ 01:46 AM]

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