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Ultimate AI comeback

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Forgotten Empires 2.2 and UserPatch v1.4
This game proves that AIs should never resign while they still have a theoretical chance of rebuilding, especially in a free-for-all.

Game settings
Forgetten Empires 2.2 with UserPatch v1.4 (20140906-000000)
Game: Random Map
Map Style: Standard
Location: Arabia
Size: Large (8 player)
Difficulty: Hard
Number of Players: 7 (Free-for-all)
Resources: Low
Population: 200
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Standard
Victory: Conquest
Team Together: On
Locked Teams: Off
All Techs: Off

1: The Khanate v23
2: Barbarian v2.15b
3: Principality
4: Promi 1.4o
5: The Horde3.3beta
6: Crusade 4.42b
7: Standard AI

I recommend watching from the perspective of Promi.

Game Time
Around 4 hours

Overview (spoiler alert)
Under heavy attack by Promi, the Standard AI resigned, despite still having around 20 villagers and a Town Center.

After all its Town Centers were destroyed by Promi, Principality resigned.

After all its Town Centers were destroyed by Barbarian and Promi, The Khanate resigned.

Barbarian and The Horde destroyed all of Crusade's Town Centers and units, but Crusade refused to resign. Barbarian and The Horde gave up on attacking Crusade, and instead began attacking each other. Eventually, Barbarian decided to return, and struck the killing blow.

At this point, Promi was on top of the scoreboard, while Barbarian and The Horde attacked each other constantly. However, around the 1:45 hour mark, both Barbarian and The Horde switched to attacking Promi. Promi lost its home Town Center around 2:00 hours, and soon was reduced to a mere 10 villagers, but 1 Town Center and most of its military infrastructure was left standing. Promi seemed doomed, and Barbarian and The Horde switched focus to attacking each other once more.

Promi apparently saw no need to train new villagers, and just kept on training Elite Skirmishers and launching pointless attacks. However, around the 2:15 hour mark, Promi saw sense and began training villagers. It seemed Promi had a slight chance to come back, provided Barbarian and The Horde kept fighting each other.

However, this was not to be. Barbarian started attacking Principality for some strange reason, even though Principality had already resigned. After destroying Principality's Castle, Barbarian noticed Promi's one remaining Town Center, and destroyed it, killing most of Promi's villagers in the process. Promi was reduced to 4 villagers, 2 Cavaliers, 2 Siege Rams and 1 Monk. Promi's comeback seemed ruined.

Barbarian again switched focus to The Horde. This is where Promi started acting really intelligently (by AI standards). Even though it still had its military buildings, Promi stopped wasting its resources on training military units. It dedicated its villagers to farming (it still had several Mills and plenty of Farms) and woodcutting. A few minutes later, Promi used its Market (which was still standing) to buy the remaining wood and stone it needed for a Town Center.

Promi then built a Town Center in Principality's former Town, and sent its 4 villagers to gather wood. Once it had enough wood, Promi built a farm, and began working it. Once it had enough food, it trained a villager. Left undisturbed by Barbarian and The Horde, Promi's regrowth rapidly accelerated. By the time Barbarian and The Horde started attacking Promi again, it was too late; Promi had rebuilt.

The fighting continued for an hour or two, but Promi had a massive advantage: its new town was where Principality's town had once stood, giving it exclusive access to untapped forests. Barbarian and The Horde eventually ran out of wood, but still had large armies at their disposal. Promi and The Horde both attacked Barbarian, who resigned after losing its Town Centers. Promi and The Horde then fought each other, but only Promi could replace its losses, as The Horde's villagers stood idle. Promi soon destroyed The Horde's Town Centers, and The Horde resigned.

An interesting observation from this game is that if an AI loses all its Town Centers, and then builds a new Town Center, its town will refocus around the new Town Center, rather than remaining attached to the site of the starting Town Center.

Credit to the creator of UserPatch (who I will not name) for introducing the automatic game recording feature. I did not expect the game to be so interesting, so I had not ticked the "Record Game" box. However, thanks to UserPatch, I was still able to rescue the recorded game.
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