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Terror of the Dragon

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
First hunter / prey game in aoe2 which can be played in all random map (except nomad).


You can be Hunter if you choose the "Dragon" civilization at start.


- No Scenario need for the mod, you can play it in any random map which you like.
- Dragon players cannot make any unit or research original technologies just able to create one Dragon.
- In the reworked TC (Dragon Nest) Hunter players can research custom technologies for free, but it's really slow (for full upgrade 3 hour game need).
- Do not lose your Dragon, you cannot create again!


How to Win:
Preys: Kill the Dragon!!! (you can try destroy nest, but if the Dragon is dead, it will automatic destroy itself)
- Make sure if Dragon attacking you save time for your team mates.
- While Dragon busy at somebody else, you can build and upgrade
- Never give up! If just one villager alive, you still can with with your team.
- If Dragon don't wanna leave his Nest, build Wonder, get all Relics and win by that.

Dragons: Kill all Preys before it's too late!
- Try ruin their economy, but do not waste too much time at one player.
- Attack all of them! If you skip one player, he can be too strong later.
- Research always in Dragon Nest!
- All technology researching slowly, make sure you know when, what you want.
- Do not let them build Wonder or gather all Relics.


Version: 1.6 - 7 September 2017


1. Make backup file from your language_x1_p1.dll


in \Age of empires II\Data\ folder from your empires2_x1_p1.dat and gamedata_x1_p1.drs


in \Age of empires II\Sound\stream\ folder from your Aztecs.mp3 files

2. Download the file, and unpack to Age of empires II main folder and overwrite all. (the zip file contain all necessary folder)


As host you have several option in your hand to make the game easier/harder for humans or dragons:

Game type: Random map is the default now. While Deathmatch is the ultimate help for humans, Turbo random map helps both, but it favor the Dragons more than humans, specially at early game. NDA about other game types how it going.
Map type: More place to build, more helps for humans. Black Forest/Islands example really hard for them, not just because many forest and lack of space, but also roads help Dragons find your base. On other side, Arabia-like open maps helps them to hide better.
Map size: Smaller the map, more helps for Dragons, while for humans less place to hide.
Difficult: Don't have much affect on map, unless you not play with Ai.
Resources: More res, more help for humans. It doesn't help any for Dragons.
Population: Same with resources.
Reveal map: Explored compared to Normal helps the Dragons a lot.
Civilizations: There are several tactics available, but most of poeple are focusing on bbt civs (Turk, Span, Byz, Kor).
Numbers: +/-1 color can change a lot, but the how much is depends on many thing. I suggest try keep 3-4 human vs 1 Dragon, or 5-6 humans vs 2 Dragons. By changing other settings you can add or remove from this, it's all up to you.


- Thanks to tegla now you can play vs Dragon_Ai too!
- The Ai only works with Dragon civ (it will resign with other civs)
- It should create the Dragon, research and hunt.
- Difficult should affect on the behave, but the Ai cannot replace the tactic what a normal player can do.
- The Ai requires Userpatch

Gameplay and poem by: ['RB']nhoobish:

Well hello there stranger,
you seem like a versed ranger.
Put down your sword,
I only want to have a word.

Not many people come by these parts
and less of them need our arts.
If only visitors here were more,
I could rebuild my crafting store.

Oh, what happened to it?
A giant tail dealt a hit.
In a mountain, not far from here,
lives a black dragon who we fear.

Oh you, mighty warrior,
please be our saviour!
I beg you, hear my prayers
and return with dragon slayers.

We will reward you with gems and gold,
more than your strong hands can hold.
And if you succeed in killing the beast,
for you there will be a grand feast.

Also, there is strong magic in dragonleather,
it grants protection from very harsh weather.
Bring me some hides and I will craft you a tunic,
with the help of gemstones I can even make it runic.

You will wear black dragonskin
and become renowned amongst your kin.
Let us have a toast to your bravery,
so you could end my town's misery.

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- Rambit for base idea
- WBC3 for nest and dragon graphics
- Helm_Hammerhand for nice mod name
- tegla for Dragon_Ai

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Frentanus That's great! it is possible to have the dragon in the scenario whitout the rest of the mod?
File Author
Well, you can use mod for other scen, but cannot get dragon without mod.
Frentanus Okay sorry if that's a dumb question, is it possible to import the dragon unit with some mod tool? because i tried with the turtle pack and just cannot find all the animations in the mod files, just three...
File Author
You use the right tool and yes, it's have three animation only.
Frentanus Ok so probably it's just that i cannot make it work fine :p
thanks anyway!
File Author
The long waited Ai for the Dragon is here :)
dragontheworld This is the most beautiful, enjoyable and entertaining mod I ever played! Like, yo! The only hole in this game which bothered me a lot was the absence of the most majestic beast and just fill that hole! I ended playing it for 4 or 5 hours! Every time I destroy 4 computer players on hardest, I restart and restart and restart. I think I now I did everything in my life, I'm ready to leave to leave this world...this is "the deadly overjoy"...
genghis quan Hey Gallas, this mod is amazing. Do you mind if I extract it and use it in a Game Of Thrones scenario (GOT The Wars To Come)?

Will add proper credits of course. Just added you on Steam too, not sure if this site sends notifications.

ohwisesolomon I was wondering if it would be okay to use the dragon model from your mod in a mod of my own. I would give credit. Thanks!

[Edited on 03/29/19 @ 10:55 PM]

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