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Siege of Constantinople

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my first campaign so i hope you like it!!
Cocopuff King
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Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
In this single-scenario campaign, you play the forces of Emperor Constantine trying to withstand the attacks of the Osman Turks as they attempt to take Constantinople in 1453. Although described as 'RPS' this is really a B&D.

This is a B&D with few flourishes and I have to say it is not particularly enjoyable to play. It is not very different from playing a standard game. In addition, the specific victory condition (killing the green shah) and defeat condition (the death of Henry V, rather incongruous and presumably meant to be Emperor Constantine - learn the change name trigger, it's very simple) are not referred to anywhere. I won by accident after I had already defeated two of the three other players. Also, if you're trying to depict historical events try to avoid anomalies such as berserks and samurai!

On hard this is quite a challenge as all three enemies attack almost instantaneously, although since the AI has a tendency to attack walls with mamelukes rather than siege weapons you do get some breathing space. On easier levels, there are fewer attacks so this works out fine.

There is little sign of creativity except for a bit of the map (see below).

Some thought has clearly been given to the design of Constantinople but unfortunately, the rest of the map is almost entirely grass with no elevation. On balance, it is inferior to a random map. A little bit of work on this would have gone a long way.

There is historical background which is fine (although I cannot vouch for its accuracy) except that you should correct a few grammatical mistakes. There are also some hints, one of which relates to a tribe whose intentions are unknown, but they do not appear in the scenario at all (unless the author has invented an invisibility trick). As mentioned before, specific victory and loss conditions are not shown. Neither is an objective specified so I assumed you had to defeat all three enemies.

In summary, it is hard to recommend this campaign. It is not significantly different from a standard game in style. I don't wish to deter the author from designing in future so here are some suggestions: look around AoKH's Scenario Design forum where there is lots of SD information, helpful people, links to other websites with design tips, and download some of the 'Best of' campaigns at the Blacksmith for ideas.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2

Though this was slightly fun to play, it wasn't designed that well to play easily. The byzantine civ would be better to use, and it is hard to gather resources(stone and can be found in one place on the map, in the middle of an enemy fort). You must trade at your market to get these. I would you learn more about the scenario editor, name change triggers and other things.

Balance: 3
Both sides stand a chance in this game, if you know what to do(see instructions). Though you start with an advantage, because you can just counter their mass mamelukes with pikemen, one of the only units you can make with the resources you can get. After the initial attacks, the enemy seems to weaken a lot.

Creativity: 2
I found there is little creativity in this game. There are not many triggers but winning and losing, and the enemies are not that creative either. It is nice to include different players for the turks, and making them more powerful though.

Map Design: 2
I did not like this map. It is all grass but a river and ,I think four forests. The placment of the enemies was unique though, and the forests and mountains north of the city was also good. A few elevations, forests, resources, and other elements of map design could be very helpful. This map also lacked accuraccy to what Constantinople looks like, look at a map.

Story/Instructions: 2
This was in my opinon the worst part of the game. They were good, but in the wrong places. What I though was the defeat messege was in the objectives. I didn't know what to do, so I destroyed the enemies. Another player should have been included for the undecided person too, who was not north of the city.(I checked later and used marco + polo, wasn't there.

Additional Comments:

This is alright for a first. It could be good if you just learned the editor a little better.

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Map Design2.0
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