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Daedric AI v1.9a

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Daedric is made with the intention to be used on my own lan-party's It can play in team-games aswell as 1v1's.

game-type: any (RM, PIDM)
Map: Any map expect migration
victory: any(conquest)
civ: random

Daedric is far from finished and is expected to improve and get more strategies.

Man-at-arms + skirm rush
mix-rush (skirms and archers)



Defensive castle boom





Any feed back is welcome and apreciated
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Thelightempire awesome ai, did a tg ai, bruteforce and daedric and promi vs snake and serpent and unfair, daedric ai pushed hard on snake and killed it, so awesome ai on flank, pocket is good too but can be improved,1v1 is not better then tg flank, but 1v1 can be improved too, i think is becuz it doesnt get units fast enough to protect itself or flush,but for ur first ai on here is decent and good :)
File Author
Daedric has been updated!

In this updates all notes i got from the reviews have been looked after and improved where i could / saw this fitting to do so.

Other updates:
Castle-age styles got major changes in their eco, to not stay stuck with 800+ resources anymore
Tributing system (imperial) improved (teamgames)
Gathering inside if seem to be losing (Not always working correctly)

Any more advices, reviews and so on are most welcome! It has helped me a great deal so far!
File Author
Daedric has been updated to version 1.2!

In the update i have smoothend the transaction from feud to castle, also no longer makes man-at-arms while going up to castle age.

I have added a new strategy "DoubleAgressive" currently only played by Turk flank players, created to deal with their trash weakness in castle age battles.

I have replaced my Boar luring code with The Horde's so my boar luring and dark age play improved (credits have been eddited)

Tribut requests over all ages but dark age improved / added (teamgames)

Added seperate tactic desision for flank and pocket players (flank more like for going archers pocket for knights)

Any feedback is apreciated as always. So far all notes i got have been extreemly usefull!
Thelightempire yay, gonna check it out!
File Author
Daedric has been updates to Version 1.3!

In this update i fixed the team-game bugg that it didnt do the upgrade for crossbow.

I have added deer luring (copy from the_Uknown which was aperiantly old copy from babarian, anyhow credits left - made minor changes to it.)

Pocket players now deer lure, flanks do not if flushing.

I have added a new strategy "Early-eagles" its for flank Aztec players only currently. (its currently set to load 100% of the time for Aztec flanks(1v1 = flank) if you wanne check it out, will be changed on next update)

Any feedback is always apreciated!

File Author
Version 1.3a is a mini updated, noticed some dangerously suicidal mistakes in Early-Eagles. Preformance should be alot better now.

Also Early-Eagles now doesnt always load anymore for aztec.
Tactic has been tested and added for Mayans also.

Feedback is always apreciated :)
CheeseOnToast Two things I've noticed so far:

- Daedric sometimes builds useless dropsites (such as lumbercamps say on 1 tree or no trees at all.
- Daedric does deer luring in 1v1.

I'll keep you updated if I find new things, otherwise this is a very strong and powerful AI.

[Edited on 11/18/14 @ 11:08 AM]

CheeseOnToast I noticed something else but it only happened once:

Daedric attempted to build a castle but lost all its villagers trying to do so which made it lose the match (When it had superiority in economy.) You should possibly take a look into preventing this in future.
File Author
Daedric has been updated to version 1.4!

In this update i have made imperial-age play better
-Trade carts more then 5-10 (25-40)
-Deleting excess villagers
-Restricted SKirmisher spamming
-Better market placement

Tributing system has been improved
Added rebuilding goals (Doesnt really work 100% proper)

And some other small stuff i don't exactly remember.

Any feedback / reviews / whatever is always apreciated!

- Thanks for the feedback toast not sure what caused the castle bug
File Author
Daedric has been updated to v1.4a

Mini update mainly fixing that it kept deleting and rebuilding villagers in imperial-age.
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